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4th annual india leadership awards 2014


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4th annual india leadership awards 2014

  1. 1. India Leadership Conclave 2013 21 May 2013 ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT 4th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2013 NEW INDIA : AGENDA FOR CHANGE 4th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2013 When Common People Don't Listen To The Establishment, Leaders.. The Society Head For A Change! 60 Leaders60 Leaders 6 Sessions6 Sessions 6 Million Votes6 Million Votes Friday,21st June 2013 ,The LaliT,Near Airport,Mumbai,India SETTING THE INDIA AGENDA
  2. 2. India Leadership Conclave 2013 22 ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT Satya Brahma Chairman & Editor-In-Chief Chairman’s Message TheRealIndiaAgenda s we enter into the 4th edition of India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2013, Indian Affairs has witnessed a sea change in the overall aspects of Indian Economy, Political Set Up, Economic Reforms, Judicial Empowerment & Social transformation. India today is on the threshold of major challenges as it is confronting both in domestic as well as out of the Boarder. The biggest change is the Change Of Thought Process of the rising Indian Middle Class & the recent events unfolded in the length & breadth of the country clearly indicate that India is indeed heading towards a bigger experimentation in its outlook post independence. Keeping in view the latest trends in Economic, Political, Social, Cultural & other pressing issues, Indian Affairs have decided to keep the theme of the 4th edition of India Leadership Conclave as “New India -Agenda for Change -” A Raising Voices “Give me all the power you want – give one individual all the power you want, give him everything, he cannot solve the p r o b l e m s o f a b i l l i o n p e o p l e , ” Rahul Gandhi,VP,Indian National Congress In India we are worried about Ganga. Ganga was pure till we considered it Mother. World taught us to see it merely as water. Development needs to be inclusive, not exhaustive. Trust is the most important thing. And because of some people at the top, the trust of 120 crore people has been broken. India happens to be a rich country inhabited by very poor people. We are a coalition government, and that limits our options in some ways. Privatization happens to be one such area. We are confident that growth in 2013-14 will be better than 2012-13 and could exceed 6%. 8% growth rate is possible if the Congress-led coalition is voted to power again next year the biggest hurdle IAC faces as it transitions from an NGO to a political party. AAP did not come to existiance as a natural political party as we were never intersted to plung into politics, now India will know how ordinary people like me can make a difference. Special Issue
  3. 3. India Leadership Conclave 2013 23 ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs has been slowing, mainly because investments Business Leadership Awards organized by have slowed. We have been arguing for a while Network7 Media Group's Indian Affairs that the main reasons for slowing growth are Magazine,is arguably Asia's biggest analytical structural in nature, more than lack of financing. news Magazine, And is one of India's Things like getting projects approved–and prestigious & coveted title, over the years, cleared and implemented–really seem to have Indian Affairs has established a credible slowed down. That is the top priority, to find a platform of serious discussion where Brand way to balance competing interests: India's most illustrious Leaders & icons Environmental interests against growth; land assemble to discuss the roadmap for India's rights, especially among the poor. The Truth is growth trajectory. The last three Annual Affairs India needs to grow faster than this. The current at the India Leadership Conclave Platform, we rate is too low. Indian Affairs forecast that India have witnessed some of the biggest think-tanks will make 5.9% expansion in 2013 and 6.4% in of the contemporary leaders in society from 2014. We do envisage some recovery in this social to political & from business to cultural has fiscal year and a gradual pickup over the next addressed, deliberated & opened up the new year or two. If they are able to address the mantras of developments. While more than 200 structural challenges, the economy should start Leaders of Indian mainstream polity have to gradually turn around. India we think is not spoken, the platform has recognized & necessarily under taxed but we think is under honoured more than top 300 Leaders & resourced. If you compare India with other Enterprises over the last three annual editions. Asian countries, it doesn't have enough general Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards government revenue. And that is a source of 2013 are set of prestigious awards developed vulnerability. It won't surprise that the concern by the eminent Juries & bestowed to the about inflation, again from a current-account deserving Leaders & Enterprises after a standpoint and from investment-sentiment through screening of their landmark standpoint, is real. We think it's important for the achievements for their significant RBI to continue to keep a close eye on inflation. accomplishments in their own fields who have consumer price inflation is up over 10%.Most performed under tough conditions imbibing people seem to think that the slowdown in innovation in their business approach. Clearly investments is driven more due to structural India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs issues than by tight financing conditions. Business Leadership Awards 2013 are India's Marginal movements in interest rates aren't most eagerly awaited & prestigious title in going to boost investments so much as recent times as you can see in various media addressing the broader structural regime.The reports government could use the cabinet committee on investments to get investments going, boost India must balance competing interests such as growth, and give the RBI room to cut rates. the rights of the poor and the need for land to set up industries to help boost its economy and When it comes to food security, India fares what the government needs to do to boost poorly in global rankings. According new food economic expansion and keep its widening security index that looks at food affordability, budget and current-account deficits in. Growth availability as well as its quality and safety, India Chairman’s Message Special Issue
  4. 4. ranked 66th out of 105 countries. According to state level, was passed in the lower house in the Global Food Security Index, released earlier December 2011. The recommendations still this week by the Economist Intelligence Unit, need approval from the federal cabinet before the magazine's research group, India scored parliament can even start discussing especially low when it came to the affordability them.Tough Rape Law: This was considered of food. India has a terrible record when it after huge protests following the fatal gang rape comes to malnourishment, especially with of a young woman on a moving bus in Delhi at children. Is the solution to greater food security the end of last year.The bill that aims to growing more food grains?, that is a bigger strengthen the country's law on sexual assaults question mark. The Congress party's ambitious against women with stringent punishments for food security law, and main campaigning plank, offences like rape, stalking, voyeurism and acid guarantees cheap food grains to about 70% of attacks, was cleared by Parliament in March. the Indian population, or roughly 900 million The law, however has come under scrutiny by people, but was put on hold once again last rights groups. They say it opens the way to month after more than a year going through more abuse and doesn't address marital rape, P a r l i a m e n t . T h e L a n d A c q u i s i t i o n , or rape against men. Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill: The bill I hope your expewriance at the 4th edition of that seeks to address the mechanism of buying India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs land for public purposes, including Business Leadership Awards 2013 will be a compensation levels for displaced farmers. It is rewarding onr. pending approval in the Lok Sabha, India's lower house of Parliament, where it was Satya Brahma introduced two years ago.Lokpal Bill: The bill, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief, Network 7which proposes an independent federal Media Groupombudsman and parallel anti-graft agencies at Chairman’s Message India Leadership Conclave 2013 24 ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT Special Issue WHY DOUBLE STANDARDS MR. PM? The Big Debate At ILC 2013The Big Debate At ILC 2013
  5. 5. India Leadership Conclave 2013 ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big AgendaPROGRAMME 0830-0915Refreshment & Registration 0930-0940 INAUGURAL SESSION Welcome Remarks Mr. Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief, Indian Affairs 09.15-09. 30 Opening Address Mr S. Krishnakumar, Head – Future steps, Moderator 0940-1000 Theme Address Mr Mayank Gandhi, Member, National Executive – Aam Admi Party Is there a place for Ethical Politics in New India? 1000-1030 Keynote Address Rajeev Kapoor, Managing Director, Coprat Inc. Virtual Bidding – Gateway to Furure Markets (Ask Questions) 1030-1100 Keynote Address Dr. Lalit S. Kanodia, Founder Chairman. Datamatics Group of Companies. Impact of Obama Administration's Outsourcing Policy : The Roadmap of Indian Software Companies in 2020 (Ask Questions) 1100-1130 Keynote Address Kewal Handa, Founder Chairman, Salus Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Why CSR in India is not a Serious Issue?. Corporate Governance in the light of India's Growth Story. (Ask Questions) 25 Special Issue
  6. 6. India Leadership Conclave 2013 26 ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda 1130 -1200 Keynote Address DR Mukesh Batra, Chairman, Dr Batras, Recent Innovations in Homeopathic & Alternative Medicine : Can India Lead in the World market, A Case Study of Dr Batra's. (Ask Questions) 12.00-12.30 Keynote Address Dr Mukesh Hariawala, Healthcare Economist, Indian American Cardiac Surgeon, Boston, US. " Barack Obama 2nd Term - Business Implications on Indian Healthcare " (Ask Questions) 12.30 – 01.00 Keynote Address Arvind Kejriwal : Swaraj : Redefining Indian Political History, Reforms & Roadmap for Democratic Revolution. (Ask Questions) LUNCH BREAK 01.00-2.00 Special Issue
  7. 7. India Leadership Conclave 2013 27 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda Post Lunch Session: Debate, Discussion & Open House 02.00-2.30 Indian Telecom Policy: Challenges & Opportunities, Agenda 2020 Roadmap Of Mumbai to a Global Destination : Challenges & Opportunities Mr. Aaditya Uddhav Thackeray, Yuva Sena President Mr. Vimal Wakhlu, CMD,Telecommunications Consultants India Limited. (TCIL) 02.30-3.00
  8. 8. India Leadership Conclave 2013 28 ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda The Healthcare Debate: India's Prowess as Rising Super Power Ahead of China & US Moderator Wellness Consultant &Practice Advisor, Healthcare - Vito India Panelists 1.Dr. Kannan Vishwanath, CMD, Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd., 2.Mr Kewal Handa, Managing Director, Salus Lifecare 3.Mr Ashok Jain, Director, Microlabs Ltd. 4.Dr Ajit V Dangi, President, Danseen Consulting 5.Dr Nidhi Saxena, MD, Kramic Lifesciences. Special Issue 03.00-03.45
  9. 9. India Leadership Conclave 2013 29 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda 6.Mr D.G.Shah, President IPA 7.Mr Ranga Iyer, Director, Salus Lifecare 8. Dr. Ruchi Dass, CEO, HealthCursor Consulting Group 9. Mr. Alok Saxena, Jt MD, Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  10. 10. 03.45-04.30 India Leadership Conclave 2013 30 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda Moderator: Mr R . Jagannathan, Editor-in-Chief, Firstpost 1. Dr. indu shahani, Principal of H.R. College & Former Sherrif of Mumbai 2. Rahul Narvekar, Spokesperson, Shiv Sena 3. Dr Jayshree Sharad, Vice President,Cosmetic Dermatology Society India 4. Mr Alyque Padamsee, Ad Guru & Theatre Personality 5. Dr Kaushal Pandey, Cardiovascular Surgeon 6. Mr.Jaaved Jaffrey, Actor, Director & Producer. The Mumbai Debate : Mumbai VS London VS Sanghai : The Terror Fear
  11. 11. India Leadership Conclave 2013 31 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda 7. Mr. Agnelo Rajesh N. Athaide, CMD, St. Angelo's 8. Mr Mayank Gandhi, Social Activist, Member (AAP) 9. Ms Nisha Jamwal, Celebrity Columnist & Social Activist 04.30-05.00Networking & Refreshment Break
  12. 12. 05.00- 05.30 India Leadership Conclave 2013 32 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda The Economic Debate: Indian Economic Reforms: The Unfinished Agenda Moderator R. Jaganathan. Editor-In-Chief, Firstpost Panelists 1. Mr. Captain G R Gopinath, Chairman, Deccan Aviations 2. Mr. M.D.Mallya, CMD, Bank of Baroda. 3. Dr. Lalit S. Kanodia, Founder Chairman. Datamatics Group of Companies 4. Mr. Anand Trivedi, Managing Partner, DSK Legal 5. Mr Ajit Joshi, CEO & MD Infiniti Retail Limited, Croma ( Tata Enterprises)
  13. 13. India Leadership Conclave 2013 33 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda 6. Mr Asif Khan, Director,Indo Arab Chamber of Commerce 7. Mr Rajeev Kapoor, MD, Copart inc India.. 8. Upinder Zutshi,Managing Director & CEO Infinite Computer The Medical Debate: Advantage India – Booming Medical Tourism in India Moderator: Dr S. Srinivasan 1. Dr. Sergio Lais-Suárez, Oncologist & Honorary, General Consul of India in Argentina by the Government of Republic of India. 05.30-06.45 Wellness Consultant &Practice Advisor, Healthcare - Vito India
  14. 14. India Leadership Conclave 2013 34 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda 2. Dr Rashmi Shetty, Cosmetic Dermatologist, India 3. Dr Mukesh Hariawala, Healthcare Economist & Cardiac Surgeon. 4. Dr. Mukesh Batra, Chairman, Dr Batras 5. Prof. Dr. Nandkishore Shamrao Laud, Chairperson &Orthopedic Surgeon, Laud Clinic 6. Mark Adams, CEO,Anglo Arabian Healthcare, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7. Dr. Ravindranath, Chairman & Managing Director, Global Hospitals Group.
  15. 15. India Leadership Conclave 2013 35 Special Issue ASIA’S BIGGEST LEADERSHIP EVENT The Big Agenda 06.45 - 07.15 07.45-09.00 07.30-07.45 8. Dr Harish Bhende, Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon, Laud Clinic 9. Dr Kaushal Pandey, Cardiovascular Surgeon Keynote Address Brand India – Agenda For Change Mr Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept Limited Vote of Thanks 4th Annual India Leadership Conclave's Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards followed by Cocktail & Dinner with scintillating Cultural Performance 07.15 - 07.30 Biotech Address Ms.Nidhi Saxena, Chairman & CEO, Karmic Lifesciences "Subject Compensation – Science vs. Humanity – Arriving at a balanced formula" (Ask Questions)