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Nobel prize

  1. 1. SHORT NOTE I joined research in order to keep my studies continue. Feeling that I am a student makes me complete. I will continue to learn till the end of my life. A life without study would make me feel that I am lacking. To do something significant for biological science is my objective. I am enjoying! Why are Indians not getting Nobel? Ans: - There are multiple reasons that I think are responsible for this, some of which are mentioned below: 1) Insufficient Investment. 2) Students more focused to get job than knowledge. 3) Inability to asses self interest 4) Politics in Academics. 5) Love for title “ Dr.” 6) Lack of interdisciplinary approach. Etc. 7) Undesirableness of collaborative research. I think the biggest drawback in India is that we are not doing with pace with other leading countries. I mean the investment in science is very low. For e.g. NGS (Next generation DNA sequencing) is a very powerful tool. But in comparison to china (4%) which is at the 4th position among the list of major users, In India it is performed less than 1% times (Definitely due to lack of no. of Instrument). Low salary of scientists / researchers/ students is another consequence of poor investment supporting the curtail of research quality. India is a developing country. People are victim of inflation and unemployment. A student is worried about his/her job right from the school level. I feel it to be unfortunate especially for the field of science. It is a big resistance on the way of true learning. Among the above discussed reasons of the concerned issue, another important factor is inability of learners to determine self-interest. This shortcoming may be due to the problem ( pressure) discussed in the above paragraph. I just completed my masters in botany and would like to share that many of my friends are confused whether to do research or go for civil. Beside all this, another important player is poor politics. Politics of vote bank and resulting poor policies are the reasons why the field of science is struggling. Lack of members from Science Field In different governing bodies makes the problem inevitable. Major amendments are required in the reservation system. Reservation should be utilized only to provide economic support (No reservation in promotion/ admissions/ placements).
  2. 2. Some of us are doing PhD in order to get prefix “Dr.” Students should stop thinking like this and try to explore something they have deep interest in. Promotion of interdisciplinary approach would certainly enhance the level / quality of research in India. Introduction of outdoor sports at even research level would raise the mental and physical health of researchers. I end it here to make it brief. Q: - What can I do at personal level? This is a difficult question to answer for me. At individual level I would work to omit or support the groups working to omit the restrictions before a high level research. Guiding junior students and promoting true lovers of science in research would be an appreciable job. Submitted to: Submitted by: Dr. Renu Deswal Satya Prakash Chaurasia Molecular Plant Physiology and Proteomics Laboratory (Lab. # 21) Room # 12, Botany Department, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007