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Pgl honda


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Pgl honda

  1. 1. Opensource communications presentsA brand and sales promotion campaign for PGL Honda
  2. 2. Present market conditions Due to the ongoing slowdown, rising fuel prices and sluggish growth ,demand for automobiles is on the decline. Entry of new players and new models have intensified competition and new customer acquisition has become a challenge
  3. 3. Scope for growthDespite the overall ambience of a slump, there isstill a rise in prospective customers owing tosteady increase in disposable incomes in themiddle-upper middle class bracket. Theseupwardly mobile people have aspirational needsthat could be met by products of your category .
  4. 4. How to identify customers Your target audience is spread across adisparate geographical territory. It is wrong toassume that the major market lies in big citiesand people in small cities and rural areas havelittle or no demand for your products. It is that it ismore obvious in cities and hidden in other areas.
  5. 5. Mapping the target groupYour target customers are not a homogenousgroup, but people with different socio economicprofiles and located at areas with different levelsof income distributions. There are people whodon’t have an express need for your product, buta desire could be ignited in them through a welldriven communication campaign.
  6. 6. Building goodwillGoodwill and a general sense of empathy withyour business or products could be systematicallybuilt through sustained interaction with the targetgroup and carrying out activities with theintegrated objective of community welfare andbusiness promotion.
  7. 7. How to approach them A sale which is the ultimate outcome of a marketing process is achieved through a well managed marketing and communication campaign. Communication plays a key role in conveying the customer the comparative advantages of your product, creating brand awareness and developing a bond with them.
  8. 8. Planning communication Whether it is an advertisement in TV, newspaper, magazines, outdoor or in the digital medium, your communication with the public must be clutter free, unambiguous and captivating. Where, how, when and to whom the message are to be delivered are the key concerns of the communication planning process.
  9. 9. The messageThe core message that various communicationmediums carry should be an impassioned appealwith a compelling call to action. The messageshould strike an emotional chord, bear thepromise of the most convenient and fastersolution to their problems and align with theircultural sensibilities to be more receptive,memorable and capable of eliciting response.
  10. 10. The platform
  11. 11. Selection of the right platform is of criticalimportance as optimization of marketingexpenditure depends on this. Depending uponthe profile of the target audience and theirdistribution across various geographies, differentplatforms are selected to carry out thecommunication campaign.
  12. 12. Print Utility of print and its potential impact on target customers depends upon its reach and format. Content and visual presentation has a key role in enhancing the efficiency of this platform. Depending on product profile and the profile of the target group, various variants of print communications are used.
  13. 13. Print communications andautomobile industry Given the profile of the prospective target group of auto products and their accessibility to various forms of print communications, strategy is formulated to reach them through different formats of print media. As the TG of four-wheeler auto segment is chiefly in urban areas and industrial townships, newspapers, magazines with high circulation in those areas are chosen.
  14. 14. Electronic media Advertisement of Automobiles in electronic media gets optimum result when carried on channels having national coverage. Besides the quality of the commercial is of paramount importance. However electronic media could be leveraged at the local level by covering promo events and through endorsements by local celebrities in various programs either through direct or surrogate mention.
  15. 15. Events Events are the most powerful platform for automobile showrooms and their commodities due to their focus, visibility and instant call to action. Events can be customized to propagate the core marketing message in a more amplified and intensive manner than other mediums because of its capacity to generate buzz and capture attention for a longer period of time.
  16. 16. Type of eventsThe type of event is dependant on a number ofvariables like place, socio economic profile of thearea and media consumption pattern of theaudience . Another factor that impacts thenature of the event is the theme which shouldreflect any current subject of interest or of popularconversation.
  17. 17. Format of the event The event should be an entertaining participative show, interactive program or performance centric show involving national or state level celebrities. Indoor competitive events combined with entrainment programs could be ideal for top bracket target customer segment.
  18. 18. Digital The most powerful emerging platform growing at an exponential rate is digital. With a growing online population, digital is the future media which customers are going to use the most .
  19. 19. Advantages of digital media Cost effectiveness Instant customer feedback Faster crisis resolution Strategy agility Brand strength reinforcement Exponential reach Scope for faster experimentation
  20. 20. Digital media and auto industry Auto industry can reap major digital dividends if adopt digital campaign in a structured and organized way. The major reasons being concentration of target audience in various digital media, especially the social media and its ability to serve as a potential customer engagement platform. Brand awareness building and strengthening is also faster on the digital platform.
  21. 21. What we can do for youWe can help you plan and element the abovementioned programs that could benefit yourbusiness to a great extent.
  22. 22. Thank youOpensource communications (p) ltd655,Saheed nagar, Bhubaneswar-751007Ph-0674-2540116,