Pilgrimage to lourdes christianity -full


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  • My friend – rugby player – broke his back – only 25!! From the neck down he was paralysed. Devout Christian. Heard of Lourdes and heard the stories of people being healed from terminal cancer, being able to walk again etc. Went to Lourdes, prayed – wasn’t healed. Still paralysed.This affected his faith to the point he was always questioning – Why didn’t god listen to my prayers? Why wasn’t I chosen to be healed? He turned atheist.
  • Pilgrimage to lourdes christianity -full

    1. 1. Date:Aim: To understand why Christiansgo on pilgrimage and the religious significance it has for themDo now: Write down whatthese 3 pictures have incommon.
    2. 2. What is a pilgrimage?• A pilgrimage is a journey to somewhere religious or with moral significance.
    3. 3. With a partner, make a Spider graph of the reasons for why people might go on pilgrimage. To meet To feel similar more people. spiritual To be Just for fun/ closer to Adventure God A Religious Duty/ Commandment PilgrimageTo see a holysite/building/ To see arelic. miracle. To gain a blessing
    4. 4. Silent Conversation
    5. 5. What do you think is happening? What kind of pilgrimage is this? Is there anything you can see which you are familiar with? Why are there lots of people?
    6. 6. The French town of Lourdes is the most important Christian pilgrimage.It was here that a girl called Bernadette, born in 1844, had a series ofvisions of Mary the mother of Jesus between February 11th and July16th 1858. There were eighteen appearances in all.The first occurred when Bernadette was playing with two friends. Theyhad gone ahead of her and she was about to follow when she becameaware of a movement, then of a golden cloud of light, and finally, toquote Bernadette, of a lady, young and beautiful, exceedingly beautiful,the like of whom 1 had not seen before.When Bernadettes friends returned to find her praying they teased her.When her mother learned the story she scolded her and told her neverto go near the grotto again.The young girl felt called by an inner voice to return to the grotto and atlast her mother gave her permission. Her sister, her mother, and auntand various other people accompanied her on her visits, and as therumour spread crowds waited at the cave for her arrival. No one sharedher experiences, and on 16th July they came to an end.Only two pieces of evidence survived - a spring of water which hadbegun to flow at a place indicated by Mary during the ninth apparition,and Bernadettes conviction that she had really met the Virgin. Thosewho questioned her on behalf of the church authorities eventuallyaccepted her account of the events she described.
    7. 7. Many of the pilgrims who go to Lourdes areseriously ill or severely handicapped, forLourdes has become a place where innumerous cases the sick have been restored tohealth. Why does one person get healed and another person not get healed? How do you think a Christian may respond to this question?
    8. 8. Level 3 stories: Level 4 stories: Level 5 stories:Who is your Who is the person? what does the person believe Will be able to explain whatvictim? What’s wrong with in? influences the persons belief them? system. Do they go to Church every week? Do they read the Bible?What event What happens in How did the event affect their Will explain the impact thischanges their the event? life? event has on their life after thelife? event. What pilgrimage did Explain what they prayed forWhy do they they go to? and whether their prayers How did the experiences in yourchoose to go were answered or not. victims life make his beliefagainst their system stronger/weaker.beliefs?Remember to make your story very detailed and explain HOW the event has changed theirlife.
    9. 9. PlenaryStory telling.2 stars:1 wish: