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  1. 1. Satrujeet Sahoo 10DM092
  2. 2. Agriculture financing is of two types:- (i) Direct finance to farmer for agriculture. (ii) Indirect finance to agriculture.
  3. 3. Short- term loans for raising crops.In addition, advances up to Rs5 lakh tofarmers against agricultural produce for aperiod not exceeding 12 months, where thefarmers were given crop loans for raising theproduce, provided the borrowers draw creditfrom one bank.
  4. 4. Medium and long-term loans are also provided directly to farmers for financing production and development needs.(a) Purchase of agricultural implements and machinery.(b) Development of irrigation potential through construction tube wells, boring wells, construction of lift irrigation project etc.(c) Construction of farm buildings and structures like bullock sheds, tractor sheds etc.
  5. 5. (d) Construction and running of storage facilities.(e) Payments of irrigation charges.(f) Development of dairying and animal husbandry.(g) Financing to small and marginal farmers for purchase of land for agricultural purposes.
  6. 6. (a) Loans to farmers for purchase of shares in co-operative sugar mills and other agro based processing unit.(b) Loans to farmers through PACS, FSS and LAMPS.(c) Credit for financing the distribution of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc.(d) Finance for hire-purchase schemes for distribution of agricultural machinery and implements.
  7. 7. (e) Subscriptions to bonds issued by NABARD with objectives of financing exclusively for agricultural activities.(f) Loans to individuals, institutions or organizations who under take spraying operations.(g) Lending to Non Banking Financial Companies(NBFCs) for lending to agriculture.