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Sola ppt

  1. 1. STATE OF LOCAL ASSOCIATION State of Local Association
  2. 2. iGCDPState of Local Association
  3. 3. VISIONTo create social relevance through sustainable quality experiences. State of Local Association
  4. 4. ACHIEVEMENTS• Raise- 481• Match-173• Realizations-195• Fixing quality complaints. State of Local Association
  5. 5. INFERENCES• Client relations integral part of project delivery.• Increase in emphasis on quality important for increasing efficiency of experience delivery• Partnerships with Companies for Projects must be delivered better State of Local Association
  6. 6. CLOSING THOUGHTS• Increased focus must be placed on quality experience delivery.• More LC involvement in delivery.• Making trainee management a behavior not an activity. State of Local Association
  7. 7. iGIPState of Local Association
  8. 8. VisionTo achieve maximum market capitalization across sectors and being relevant to the market. State of Local Association
  9. 9. R-M-R• Raises- 61• Matches- 3• Realizations- 17 State of Local Association
  10. 10. Key Inferences• Enough forms on the system to shift focus to matching.• Member contribution is a necessity.• Need to focus on collaborations with external organizations.• Need better IR.• Need better IM processes.• Need a CRM Tool in place for efficient delivery to clients.• Need to capitalize on the market present in the city.• Need to match all current forms within the next week for December realizations.• Need to raise only match able forms.• Stats show good scope for growth in pipeline.• Experience Delivery needs to be a focus area in December, considering it is a peak realization cycle. State of Local Association
  11. 11. Closing Thoughts• Contribution from members is a necessity.• Learning Networks can drive growth in iGIP.• External Collaborations can help in market capitalization.• Should look at showing presence in all corporate events.• Need to work as a team for more productivity.• Need to act fast for capitalizing on current supply. State of Local Association
  12. 12. ETState of Local Association
  13. 13. Vision• “A step to attain higher grounds in International Education and Cultural Tolerance within the students, to challenge their worldview, promote peace and diversity” State of Local Association
  14. 14. Achievements• Raises – 55• Matches – 30• Realizations – 29• Delivered good experiences. State of Local Association
  15. 15. Inferences• Better CRM• Clients are split in GIP and GCDP• Department Culture State of Local Association
  16. 16. Closing Thoughts• Focusing on raising and matching.• Raising with clients outside Pune. State of Local Association
  17. 17. oGIPState of Local Association
  18. 18. VISION• Pioneering International Entrepreneurial and Corporate Experiences for Graduates, in the city. State of Local Association
  19. 19. Activity• Raises- 40• Matches- 6 [Total 11 in the Year]• Realizations- 6 State of Local Association
  20. 20. Inferences• Good Department culture and activity level. • One of the maximum revenue generating departments of the LC!! • Focus needs to be more on conversion.• Focus on LNs to ensure raising and delivery.• Need to focus on LC-LC partnerships .• Alumni Market needs to be tapped.• ET/IT Eps are the best for 2012.• Need to focus on University Relations. State of Local Association
  21. 21. Closing Thoughts• Focus on LNs to convert from Raises to Realizations.• There is a High Demand of IT and ET pool from Pune.• Currently 5th in the Network!! State of Local Association
  22. 22. oGCDPState of Local Association
  23. 23. VISIONDelivering quality experiences while capitalizing on the student market of the city efficiently. State of Local Association
  24. 24. Achievements• Raises – 51• Matches – 10• Realizations - 19 State of Local Association
  25. 25. INFERENCES• The market has to be approached college wise.• Rock solid research• Matching needs to prompt• Approach the end step by step State of Local Association
  26. 26. CLOSING THOUGHTSoGCDP drives through long term processes.To drive it in any university a structured planned is to be followed. State of Local Association
  27. 27. BDState of Local Association
  28. 28. Vision• Maximum market capitalization towards financial sustainability and efficiently boosting ELD programs. State of Local Association
  29. 29. Achievements• 12,30,000• Addition of a new LBOA• Transformed GCDPi into a income generating dept State of Local Association
  30. 30. Inferences• Better Synergy• Better CRM• Sticking to timelines.• Better follow-up• Better communication State of Local Association
  31. 31. Closing ThoughtsBusiness Development is not only FundRaising,It is there to boost programs across all sectors State of Local Association
  32. 32. MARKETING State of Local Association
  33. 33. VISIONTo be the backbone that supports and drives every ELD programme in the LC. State of Local Association
  34. 34. ACHIEVEMENTS• Highest EwA in the national network• 12 GIPi raises, Over 25 OGX raises• Most Successful Recruitment• Establishment of media relations State of Local Association
  35. 35. INFERENCES• Strong synergy with every department needs to be established in order to ensure fruitful conversion of efforts.• Focus needs to be shifted towards programmes. State of Local Association
  36. 36. CLOSING THOUGHTS• Focus in the next year needs to be on converting EwA to ELD.• Marketing needs to evolve as a function that emphasizes on growth of programmes. State of Local Association
  37. 37. TalentManagement State of Local Association
  38. 38. VisionTo engage, empower and develop every memberof AIESEC in Pune State of Local Association
  39. 39. Member Experiences on the system• Team Member Experiences – 655• Team Leader Experiences - 178 State of Local Association
  40. 40. Inferences• Manpower Planning• Allocations• Mentorship Groups• LEAD• External Speakers• Associate Membership (OGX cells)• Alumni Relations• TMP TLP management• Virtual Roles• Performance Tracking• RnR• LC Forums State of Local Association
  41. 41. FinanceState of Local Association
  42. 42. VisionTo make finances of the LC Stable State of Local Association
  43. 43. EXPENSES 1027395 INCOME 924282.17 How has the year been Global Student Exchange Program 639650 Global Student Exchange Program 617585 Incoming GIP 262800 Incoming GIP 90100 Outgoing GIP 3000 Outgoing GIP 88000 Incoming GCDP 372850 Incoming GCDP 270285 Outgoing GCDP 1000 Outgoing GCDP 169200 NEP Expense 0 NEP Expense 0 Support Expense 340745 Support Income 193600 Promotion & Marketing 50400 Funds 108400 Human Resources 110360 Events 85200 Administration 179985 Financial Income 897.17 Financial Expense 0 Interest on FDs 0 Bank Charges 0 Interest on Bank Account 897.17 Misc Expense 14800 Misc Income 63200 Conferences 3000 Conferences 0 Others 11800 Others 63200 Expansion Expense 32200 Expansion Income 49000 Exchange Expense 0 Exchange Income 49000 Support Expense 32200 Support Income 0Gross Profit c/o -103112.83 924282.17Nett Profit -103112.83 -103112.83 Total -103112.83 Total -103112.83 State of Local Association
  44. 44. Current DebtMC Recon : ` 6,28,500ASD Venue : ` 1,05,00Internal Debt : ` 78,500 ReceivablesMC : ` 1,80,000 – ` 2,00,000Trainee Rent : ` 30,000Bank Balance : ` 81,300 State of Local Association
  45. 45. Debt Cleared This Year :` 4,08,000 State of Local Association
  46. 46. INFERENCES` ICX Departments have not been financially sustainable` iGIP has to boost their income` We need to work on Delivery! Major Financial losses on Trainee cases` Structured base needs to be set for iGCDP Income through maintenance` Huge amount of Receivable from the MC State of Local Association
  47. 47. Closing ThoughtGet more Money LETS BE SUSTAINABLE  State of Local Association