Series 43 Gazetteer of bombay presidency -vol IX -part II -year 1899


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Series 43 -Gazetteer of Bombay Presidency -Vol IX -Part II -Year 1899 - Government Gazetteer records show that Pirana Satpanth is a Muslim religion formed by Imam Shah to convert Hindus to Muslims

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Series 43 Gazetteer of bombay presidency -vol IX -part II -year 1899

  1. 1. This gazetteer contains information on Muslims and Parsi Population of GujaratThe Gazetteer is prepared andpublished by BritishGovernment of India
  2. 2. Muslims are there incommunities having Hindulike names.
  3. 3. See Below"Khojahs" and"Pirana Satpanthis"share largely manythings in common.Imam Shahs fatheris a Khoja Pir
  4. 4. See how the words"Assassins" & "Fidai" began.An very interesting story ofHasan Sabah. PiranaSatpanthni Pol Book also hasthis story mentioned in it.
  5. 5. They dressed like Hindus
  6. 6. Sadruddin started the concept of "Khanahs" Pirana Satpanthis also have such "Khanahs", which of-late have been renamed to "Nishkalanki Mandir" Ali is presented as Lord Vishnus avatarHindu Gods Brahma, Vishnu& Mahesh are corrupted.Isnt this "Blasphemy".The last of Imams, i.e.,Imam Mahdi is Nishkalanki"Shaktipanth" is renamed to"Satpanth". See page 48.Imam Shahs Father isKabiruddin and his GrandFather is SadruddinImam Shah founded a newsect with was a Ismaili sect.
  7. 7. Imam Shah was boycottedfrom Khojah community
  8. 8. In Pirana Satpanths Ginansyou will find the word "Panjtan Pak", which meansMuhammad, Ali, Fatimah,Hasan and Husein.
  9. 9. Khojahs read Das Avatar (thisDas Avatar is not Hindu DasAvatar)See how"Samarchhanta" ("Paval" ofPirana Satpanth) is made Khojahs and hence Pirana Satpanthis, are Shiah Ismailis
  10. 10. Religious books were changedImam Mahdi (avatar of Ali)is Nishkalanki NarayanNur-Satgur presentedhimself as BrahmaSee how Bhakt Prahlad &others story is corruptedGhat-Pat ritual is followed "Shaktipanth" is renamed to "Satpanth", by Pir Sadruddin
  11. 11. Ramazan Prayers are recited See how people greet each other. Even today we find this system followed amongst "Pirana Satpanthis" See how "Paval" is made
  12. 12. See BelowMatia Kanbis are people fromKanbi community who followSatpanth "Mat".In English "Mat" means"Opinion" and in case"belief" Leva Kanbi caste was the first group to largely embrace Pirana Satpanth, the religion professed by Imam Shah and his son, Nur Muhammad Shah
  13. 13. People near Faizpur (which isin Khandesh) who followImam Shah are largely LevaPatidarImam Shah converted Hindusto Muslims The followers of Pirana Satpanth are looked upon as source of revenue Momnas (followers of Imam Shah, see ahead) remain in their Hindu castes, without changing their Muslim religion. "Outward" appearance is of like Hindus. They follow Hindu customs, but at the same time bury their dead. This is an example of use of TAQIYYA
  14. 14. See next page
  15. 15. Momnas are Hindus convertedto Shia Islam by Imam Shahof Pirana and his familySaiyeds They dress like Hindus Story behind how Imam Shah converted Hindus
  16. 16. Momnas are Shia Muslims It is clear. In those days every body practiced Circumcision ie.,"Sunnat" in Gujarati They follow Hindu practiceNA