Series 34 G -Satya Prakash -History of Pirana Satpanth Guj


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Satya Prakash - A comprehensive yet brief book, in Gujarati language, on history of Pirana Satpanth

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  • Hello Satya Prakash, I have been looking for documents and text to find out about my roots, please connect with me on facebook Zahra Patel and email Zahra I would love to engage in friendly dialouge. It's amazing you published this, I am so glad you did all this research, thank you so much!

    Zahra Patel
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Series 34 G -Satya Prakash -History of Pirana Satpanth Guj

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  13. 13. Preface ° ð ° ð ° . È ° ì . ì ì .Everybody, at some point of time would be curious about one’s past and of his ancestors. Inschool we only learn about history of our Country and Society in general. Hence, myknowledge about the history of our community was limited to the knowledge I got fromacademics. ì , Ž ì , ð ° . , ° ì , ½ ½ , ° , ± , , ½ Ž ½ ½ . Ž ° Ž ° . ° , ½ Ž ,ˆ „ .  ½ ‡ .Our Community, Shri Kachchh Kadva Patidar Community, had never understood theimportance of educating its members about the true history. From the time I grew, the onlything I heard was that our Community, originally followers of Santan Religion (Hinduism),used to follow Satpanth religion, a nizari shia muslim sect, also known as ImamShahiSatpanth or Pirana Satapanth, advocated by a muslim, Imam Shah Bawa, who came fromIran. And of-late re-embraced Hindu religion few decades ago. The level of generalknowledge about religious history, amongst the masses, was astonishingly so poor, thatthere was no known source to know about the true history.
  14. 14. ° ì . , ì , . ˆ . ì . ° Ž ½ , , Ž Ž ° . ° ë ° . ½ ° ½ ½ ° . ˆ ° ° . ° ì , ½ .I always felt that the words ‘Community’ and ‘Society’ were one and the same and usedinterchangeably. On the other hand I used to hear about Sanatan Samaj and SatpanthSamaj (both separate societies) within our community. But I never bothered to put enoughefforts to understand the intricacies of the words ‘Community’ and ‘Society’. On the otherhand, I started noticing the cries in our society about the systematic atrocities caused bypeople from Satpanth Samaj. Literally every village, in Kachchh, was victim of the verysystematic atrocities (planned in a way that the victim gets entangled in false police andcourt cases) caused with the aim to create an environment of fear amongst the people whowork and speak for the interests of the Sanatan (Hindu) Religion. These cries becamelouder and louder. To my great dismay, I learnt that our community was not united and ithas two societies, the other being Satpanth Samaj, following the religion preached by ImamShah called Satpanth. , ‡ Ž , ½ ½ ½ ˆ . . .  ° ½ .
  15. 15. Of-late, during the eve of 50th anniversary of the constitution of our Samaj (society), ShriAkhil Bharatiya Kachchh Kadva Patidar Samaj, (“ABKKPS”) the number of instances ofatrocities caused by people from Satpanth Samaj, increased dramatically. The pain causedby these atrocities was so high that it touched the nerves of common people. The feelingsof ordinary people were hurt. There was tremendous uproar amongst the ordinary peopleagainst Satpanth. My curiosity to know religious history increased and thus lead me to doresearch on Satpanth to understand its basis, fundamentals, principals and values. ° Ž ° , ,“ ˆ ” ° , ° , ° °. ˆ , , , , ˆ „ ½ Ž Ž ½ . ½ ,  , ½ ° . ˆ . ° . ° ° ° , ì ˆ ° , ˆ „ ½ , . ‰ ˜ ½ Ž . ì ½ , ˆ .ì  ° ° ½ . ± . ° ½ Š , Ž ° .I was shocked to learn that Pirana Satpanth uses the most dreaded and effective weaponof Islam, the Taqiyaa, to confuse, divide, conceal and to fool people to make them believethat Satpanth is a Hindu sect. Satpanth also advocates paying tithe (“Dasond”), (10% ofannual income) to its religious heads. Nobody has right to question the use of this money.Naturally more the number of followers, the greater would be the share of moneyreceived each year, by its leaders/preachers. The ulterior motive came out very clear and
  16. 16. that was to save its dwindling number of followers from drifting away from PiranaSatpanth, by bringing in new followers from our Community, by fooling them to believethat Satpanth is a Hindu sect. This would not only give social security, but also financialsecurity. The use of Taqiyaa was very successful mainly because very large portion of ourcommunity was ignorant about its religious history and registration of new (formal)Samaj called Akhil Bharatiya Kachchh Kadva Patidar Samaj, in 1960, by the people whoquit Satpanth and embraced Sanatan Dharm. A point worth noting here is that areenough documents suggesting that informal Samaj was already in existence way backduring late 1930s and early 1940s, which was later on given a legal format, in 1960. , , ° ½ ° ‡ „ , . ˆ , ½ °, . Ž, Š Ž . .This is the point, where several likeminded people, whose hearts burnt for the cause andinterest of Sanatan (Hindu) religion, came together and started raising voices, as a jointeffort, against the atrocities caused by Satpanthis. Atrocities were part of Taqiyaa exercised,so that people do not raise questions about its Islamic connection. I personally was deeplydisturbed upon learning the modus operandi and objective of the people behind theseatrocities. These are the people who are solely responsible to disturb the peace andharmony of our Samaj. Ž ½ ˆ ° . . Ž ° Ž . Ž ° , ° , Š , ° . ° ˆ ° Ž Ž. .
  17. 17. ½ ½ ½ Ž Ž ° ° ° Ž . Š ½ ˆ ° ½ ½ ¿ ½ .Within our Samaj, supporting the cause of Sanatan religion meant working against theinterest of Satpanthis. That means inviting trouble from people of Satpanth Samaj. I wastaken aback by this hard reality and felt like shying away by finding some good excuse likelack of time, somebody else would do, why me… etc. But, I always had a burning desire todo something for the interests of ordinary people. For days together, my thoughts neverallowed me rest in peace. Taking clue from the bad experiences of other Sanatan Dharmworkers, I wanted to shield myself from the systematic atrocities caused by use of falsepolice and court cases. Also, being an ordinary person of the Samaj and having no backingof leaders of ABKKPS, I felt it would be utter foolish and suicidal to come out openly insupport of Sanatan religion. Š Ž ° . Ž Ž ½ ˆ ° ° . . “Real Patidar” (“ Ž Ž ”) Ž , Ž , . ¿ ° Ž ° . ¿ Ž ° ‡ . ° , °, .Amongst these circumstances, I found an idea that was most suitable for me. I felt thatthere was an opportunity, whereby I could work for the interests of Sanatan Dharm and atthe same time need not reveal my true identity. The idea was to use the internet to thebest possible extent. I created an online identity using pen name called “Real Patidar” andstarted educating people of our Samaj about the true facts and its history, by way ofsending emails. My initial email id was, but later on as the load ofemails increased, I switched to This turned out to be most ideal and
  18. 18. suitable solution as I could sit from my home, work voluntarily, and keep the members ofour Samaj, updated and educated, about the happenings and history of our Samaj and itsreligion. Ž ¿ ˆ ì ½ . ¿ ˆ Ž . ¿ ° ° ½ . . ( ¿ , °. ° ½ . “ Ž Ž ” Ž ° . ° Ž Ž .Toying with the idea, I started sending educative emails and in process started researchingon the community’s religion and its history. The outcome of my research work formed theemails giving full particulars of information and its basis. Slowly my work got noticed andalso appreciated. Many people started supporting and joining me. Later I created a group( on internet where ordinary people could also contribute.The magnitude of public participation went up so high that it became a people’s movement.I call this movement as “Real Patidar Movement”. Today thousands of people eagerly waitfor the emails from Real Patidar and its online group. . ° ° ½ , , ì ° Ž ° . ° ° Ž Š . ° ˆ ° , . - - , ½ ( ° ˆ ) Ž . .
  19. 19. ° . ïŽ ¿ Ž ë .From the people’s response to the emails, two things became apparent. Firstly, that though peopleof our Samaj were aware that Satpanth was a Muslim religion, they were ignorant about its roots,how were the people of our community deceived etc. Secondly, on occasions when there was needto explain to the people outside our community about the facts of Satpanth, there was no singlebook which presented in a systematic way with solid documentary proofs. Hence some days back on20-Apr-2011, I created a presentation (which could be run on a computer or in a video player). Theresponse to the presentation was overwhelming and beyond all expectations. The response was sogood that people started demanding a presentation in a book format. Hence I have created a bookwhich contains the slides of the presentation and am presenting it before you. , ° Š Ž ° , ½, ° ½ ½ . ˆ ° ½ ° . ° ½ Ž Ž Ž “ Ž Ž ” Ž ° Ž .I sincerely thank all people (without naming anybody) for participating in the online group,giving suggestions, forwarding research material and supporting this noble cause for thebenefit of the ordinary people of our Samaj. Without the help and support of people fromthe ground, this movement would not have been so successful and would not have beeneligible to be called a “Real Patidar Movement”. ° ± Ž , ˆ . ° Ž ð . ° Ž , . . , ° °, , ë , . ½ Ž ° ½ ° ,
  20. 20. ° . Ž ° ½ .I am personally extremely happy that my long and hard efforts have been fruitful in guiding,inspiring and instrumenting by the people and the leaders of the Samaj to take the steps inright direction. Also I am equally happy to note that I have been successfully able to makeuse of latest technology, the information technology, for the benefit of the ordinary peopleof our Samaj. Many people who were completely computer illiterate, started following theemails. Some of them actually learnt and started sending emails. Many such benefits willcome to light in due course. Surely, the benefit of this movement is multifold, with a hugepotential ahead. I am confident of getting more and more support and encouragement forthis noble cause. Equally I am confident that many more people will join the movement andreap its benefits. °... ½ . ½ .Concluding, we should not forget that…. the struggle is not over. The struggle is ON and it’sa long way ahead.|| ½ || || |||| Jay Sanatan Dharm || || Jay Laxminarayan Bhagwan || - - 18-May-2011 Ž Ž Real : Series 33 from the presentation: Series 33 from
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  31. 31. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ :h bheWj liDh Z :h bhe [h^S XhJh a ]h 7Wp kW K^hS S^Y ^ahWh T]h Z :h bhe 7UhahUWj Zh k h5 Fj^hTh FhWh Zeh^ Xj^hRhh5 S_Z Xj^ Dh k 8Wh 8ajWp Th]j T]h 8 K ]hWp :h ^h :h l^Ž XR De°ahh5 8ap Jp Z [h^S 8ajWp SpWh iXSh 7Wp UhUh k 5 7 l 5k ^e° k5 Dh 8F` aVh^ah k 5 Ih k ^h k5 Z I Dhˆ^D bŠ SWj UUTj GRh eŽ k BWp dSX5T V½ S^Y aN_ha ]h Z ~{ ac½Wj ;^h5 SpB k K^Ž F]h 7Wp SpWp Xj^hRhWj U^Fheh5 UYW D^ahh5 8 ]h Jp k k Z SpWj FhUŽWh ; ^hiVDh^Ž S^ŽD° SpWh UŽD^h ^ e U bheWp Wjahh5 8ap_ Jp k SpWh Wh 8F` ^ b U ? Ubh½ap Jp D° Xj^hRh X5TjB Xj^hRh dSX5TjB hN° SpB :h eSh Ih^ X iS sXF5Ph3URSDJDQGD
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  35. 35. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sXF5Ph ia Ws W Z 7^Zj d5 m iS W V^aSh U° bsh5 9 _hWp D° ah ia WsWs dhWs D^as XPÈs SpWh X^ WK^ WhEj? k ?D 7 ]h]jWp iaU° bj [hchh5 Ubh½ap_ VhiD iaIh^sWp SpK iaU° bj VhiDhX U5 P 6WDQGDUGV
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  37. 37. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sXF5Ph ²ia WsWs ;Xh] W Z ]Š SFS V½ Xˆ^aS½W 7Wp dh ˆk eD V½ Xˆ^aS½WWh Dh^Rp V½ Xˆ^aS½W D^Wh^Wh m Œ N? Z k sNs Y^D XP° Jp dh ˆk eD V½ Xˆ^aS½WTj _sDsWp ik aVh ^e° Jp SpK d5FSWj 7d^ [haWh Dh^Rp V½ Xˆ^aS½W de° 5k T: ] Jp Z dh ˆk eD ^ŽSp V½ Xˆ^aS½W T: bD° Sp hN° SpWh V½Wh d5SsWj I Dhˆ^D ahSh½B De°ahh5 8ap Tj SpWj 7_tˆDD bŠ SWj ahSsh5 _sDs d5D`h: ] Z 8aj ^ŽSp Wah 7 ]h]j XsShWh 7RFs 7Wp ia^sV JsPŽWp S^SK k5 dSX5T V½Ws ?D diW O 7Wp k S 7 ]h]j ZWj ] 7Wp V½ k Ih^DWj ahSs Xh`ah Sq]h^ T: ] sXF5Ph ²ia WsWs ;Xh] Z W 7_tˆDD bŠ S 7Wp X^IhB ah`Ž ahSh½BWj UUTj Wah 7 ]h]jBk K_UŽTj Was V½ 7XWhaj _p 7Wp XsShWh 7RFs 7Wp b5DhB JsPŽ U° Spaj ]a Th D^ahh5 8aj Jp k k Z 9 _hWp Jp _s F ?N_p D‡_ FWs V½ S^ŽD° _sDs dë k DahWs ]W D^ahh5 8ap Jp Z ˆe„ k V½Wh id h5SsWp 9 _hh5 [p`aahWh sXF5Ph id h5S KZ Xe°_s k :h 7_j Sh‡_Z Wp [FahW ia Ws Uds 7aSh^ S^ŽD° _sDs dë ^ k k D^ahh5 8 ]h Z SpajK ^ŽSp : h:_j d5ZV `ajWp :hWp b 8STj K [FahW 5 k ia Ws 7aSh^ ZShahh5 8 ]s Jp 7Wp SpRp Wh^h]R 7Wp iW D_5DŽ 7aSh^ S^ŽD° Wh 8Xj B`Ehaahh5 8ap Jp Page 11 of
  38. 38. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sXF5Ph ²ia WsWs ;Xh] Z W k ^hWWp 8E^Ž apU 7Ta½ apU S^ŽD° e°^ D^ahh5 8 k5 Jp 7 ] VhiD k SDs 7Wp dhˆe ]sWp ^ D^ahh5 8 ]h Jp Sp k5 e°^ D ¿ k Jp Z Zj Zh k [FahWWh 7aSh^Wj ˆe„ k X^5 X^h Ih k ^hEj Jp Z ahSh½ 8F` aVh^ah ? k5 ZShaahh5 8 k5 Jp D° 7_j Sh‡_Z yxs 7aSh^ Jp ? Ds: dhVh^R VhiD Wh]D WesSs D° 9iSehdh5 FN T9 XsShWh I Dh^ ZShajWp 7W5Sh5 Fh]Z T: F]s Z 7_jWj U° aj bŠ S SpWh5 ; ^hiVDh^Ž :hh5 De°ahSh iW^5 S^ Xp 7aSh^ _jVh ^hEp Jp sXF5Ph ² ˆQahUŽ 9 _h dhTp d5_ W k 5 ;X^ KRhap k5 sXF5PhWh Dh^Rp Was V½ Th ]s Jp ! 8 sXF5Ph ˆQahUŽ 9 _h dhTp D°aj ^ŽSp d5_ W Jp Sp Ks: 5k Page 12 of
  39. 39. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sXF5Ph ² ˆQahUŽ 9 _h dhTp d5_ W 8F` KRhap_ W sXF5Ph d5 lR½ ^ŽSp 9 _hWh id h5Ss dhTp d5_ W Jp Z 8XRp Rj? JŽ? D° 9 _h e5pbh U° aj 7aSh^Wp @iSehidD 7Wp ˆY_sdsˆY u id h5S dhTp KsPŽWp [FahWWj 7aSh^ Vh^R D^ahWj ?DK ˆ ]h Jp Sp k5 hWah k 5 Xd5U D^ k5 8 k 5 Jp Z 8 Z k5 Xe_h 8ˆU hWa ZhZh 8U dhTp b T k 5 Wp [FahWWs ?D ehW XqFZ^ 7Wp Ih^D Jp Sp k5 ZSh k 5 Jp 5 Z ThiWD iaIh^Vh^h 7Wp Xˆ^Š TiS dhTp 7PIR TahWj eh_Sh5 ?ah id h5SWp 8F` D^ahh5 8ap D° Wh hRp ˆe„ k V½Wh U° as 7Wp ehW d5Ss Ss [FahW h^h V½ Ih^ D^ah hN° 8 U° bh5 sD_ahh5 8 ]h Jp Sp k5 ZShaahh5 8ap sXF5Ph ² ˆQahUŽ 9 _h dhTp d5_ W W Z iac]Wp ?D DU 8F` aVh^ah ˆe„ k V½Wh iaDhd I Wh 8E^Ž I^Rh5 9 _hWp FsOap 5k Jp Spas Ih^ D^ahh5 8 ]s Z k ^hW Jp _s 7Wp iWRh½]D apU 7Ta½ apU Jp Sp k5 ZShaah _h ]h Z Wh Dh^Rp 8Fh; T]p_ 7aSh^Wj ;X^aN K:Wp ^ D^Ž Wh ]h 7Wp [FahWWh 7aSh^ I Wp lR½ Tah k5 e°^ D k¿ Z dhIh V½ ?N_p dSX5TWp FN D^ahWj ˆ ]hh5 ?as id h S ^ k D^ahh5 8 ]s D° :dh: ] UŽ ah5 7 ] V½Wj ˆe„ k V½Wp l XR 8 ˆ ]hh5 h^5 ‡[D I^R 7Tah la½Sq]h^Ž Xp ^ k D^ahh5 8 k5 Page 13 of
  40. 40. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sXF5Ph ² ˆQahUŽ 9 _h dhTp d5_ W Z 8 ^ŽSp k 9 _hWj WK^Tj Ks:? Ss 9 _h 7Wp ˆe„ k V½ W a IpWs S^ BJs D^ah hN° : h:_j V½ Ih^Ds? X iS 7XWhap_j eSj Sp 9 _hWh ˆQahUŽ id h5Ss 7Wp iaIh^ Vh^h dhTp ðh5] ND^hSj WTj l Z 5Dh5 sXF5Ph ?aj ^ŽSp Sq]h^ D^ahh5 8 ]s eSs Wh TDŽ ˆe„ k BWh V½Wh l ]s id h5Ss 7Wp 8Ih^iaIh^sWp O D^Ž XsShWh V½ X^ ia hd NŽ ] Z 8 ^ŽSp ˆe„ k BWp 8E^° 9 _h S^Y KSh ^ Sh X^ Ih_Sh D^Ž U° ah d5U[½ W Z : Sj8D kdW k ^°bj k SD ´Vj Šk _ D liWNŽ BY Vj 9 PsXhD q dZD ˆNWN D^hIj SS
  41. 41. h5 _pEp Jp D° ´U ShapKsh5 ?ah GRh UhE_hA Ksah `p Jp D° h5 : h:_j V½ Ih^Ds ?D h R D° ˆe„ k ^sˆeS k 5 X 7XWhajWp e°^ ˆe„ k id h5SsWs ia^sV W D^Sh5 ˆe„ k V½Wh k Xh]hWj Vh^RhBWp h ] ^hEj : h:_j h ]ShB X^së 7Wp Xj ^ŽSp k dhPŽWp Vj^° Vj^° V½ Xˆ^aS½W hN° ^ Ss Sq]h^ D] Z d5 lR½ 7Wp d S Xh_WWh 7[haTj 9 q_jB ðh^° ] ‡I„iSS W eSh5 Dh^R D° k SpBWp l^Ž EhS^Ž eSj D° 8E^° 7 ]h]jB V½Wp d5 lR½ ^ŽSp 7XWhaj _pbp K Page 14 of
  42. 42. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ d5U[½ W Z 7_j 7eU seŽ ˆe N^Ž BY N Z NsWd eµU^hZhU SS
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  44. 44. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^ dU ŽWWj X iS Z W k 9 _h 9W WsT½W :Œ P]h 7_jFQ S
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  46. 46. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^ dU ŽWWj X iS I^R ] 7a Th Z Zj I^Rh5 ib ]sWp ?Dh5Sh5 V^h p KX D^ah hN° W k k 5 dS b U 8Xahh5 8ap Jp k Z ib ]sWp R D^ahh5 8ap Jp D° [FahW ia Ws Uds 7aSh^ 7_j Xp 7^Z E5Ph5 K j lðs Jp 7Wp eh_p 9h Wh Xh5 :^hWh5 adp Jp Z 5Dh5 Wah 7 ]h]jB dSX5TWp XsShWj lWj l k hWp l^s XhP k 5 ?D l^D S^ŽD° KsSh5 T: ] Jp se U XpFZ^ 5 7Wp 7_jWp XsShWh la½KsWj X^5 X^h dhTp kdFS d Jp 5 Xj^ dU ŽWWj X iS I^R X^ŽaS½W 7a Th W Z ib ]sWp ]hWh5 _jW D^Ž U° ah X^ [h^ 8Xahh5 8ap Jp Z Sq]h^ XJŽ Wah 7 ]h]jBWp SpWh lWh ^ŽS ˆ^ahKsTj ia E D^ah k 5 Dh k k Xj^ dU ŽW? b D k¿ ˆe„ k BWj ˆ ]hBWj SD½ Wh 8Vh^° iW„Uh D^ah k 5 b D k¿ ah D° aR½ [pU ik S k VhiD WhW ˆe„ k ˆY_sdsYŽWj ~ k ] iaIh^ ah`Ž bh`hB d ]hd 7Wp ]hFWj X^5 X^h aFp^° Z E^° E^ Xj^ dU ŽW? _sDsWj h k 5 dt ] ^ŽSp 9 _hj D^R D^Ž Wh k 5 e k5 XR SpWj dhTp dhTp SpRp _sDsWj d5 m iS dhTp ðh^° XR 7PIR [j WesSj D^Ž 8Wh Dh^Rp ˆe„ k KW d Uh]p [h^Sj] X V^haSh 9 _hWh id h5SsWp k 7XWhaj _jVs Page 17 of
  47. 47. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V½ Xˆ^aS½W l 5k W Z: eh: DsN½ Ws y€~~Ws ia ]hS 8Fh EhW D°dWs iW Dc½ Z V½ Xˆ^aS½WWh k Xp : h:_j Uh:BWp V½ Ih^D iWU² bW 8Xahh5 8 k5 e k5 D° Ks SpRp ?D :dh:Wp [hah5 _:Wp V½ Xˆ^aS½W D^ k5 es] Ss SpRp ] UŽBWh l ŽXRh 7Wp d_hWsWh 7ìhW ;X^ _h5Zj I PŽ ahSs D^aj :dh: V½Wh k ] k h ]ShB X^ h Ubh½ajWp Vj^° Tj :bh^s lDŽ U° as D° ? Z k5 dh5D°iSD Jp 7Wp Sph5 D5: sNs ^e ] Jp Sp k5 Ihaaj SpWj dhIj eDŽDS Y S : h:_j V½ 8Xj bD° Spaj ahSs k D^aj :dh:B? ðh5D dhIj ahS dKahh5 l_ D^Ž Jp 7Wp dhIs V½ ?K Jp : h:_j V½ Ih^D ZShap Sp Z SpajK ^ŽSp Ks ?D ] UŽWs V½ Xˆ^aS½W D^haas es] Ss SpRp Xe°_h5 :dh: 7Wp l k d_hWs ia Zs_j SpWs ia hd SjWp De k5 D° dhIs hid]h 8abp 7Wp ? Ds: Wˆe XR 7_j Jp Z dh^ ]sKWh ?aj Jp D° Xe°_h5 7 ]h]jBWh XsShWh k Wh V½Ws Ih^ D^as 7Wp SpWj k dhTp [`Ž SpWs ia hd Sj SpRp Vj^° Vj^° ? d a 5k D° ? D5 : V½ X`p Jp ? Y S k dh5D°iSD Jp dhIs [FahW 7_j Jp 7Wp dhIs V½ ib]h d_hW V½ Jp :h 7Wp 7E5P ]sS D° k 9 _hj ^ XhJ`Wj Vh^Rh k [FahW ia Ws aSh X FRhSh :hsWj E_h W k5 7Wp h5PWj ; Xi k 5 l` V^haSj k 7E5P ]sS Rp 9 _hh5 ^ De°ah] Jp XhJ`Wj Vh^Rh Page 18 of
  48. 48. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ :h 7_j ia k Ws yxs 7aSh^ 8 ‡I WjIp KRhap_ 9N_j apZdh:N X^Tj _pahh5 8ap_ Jp KWWSZZZWUDGL]LRQHVDFUDLW LPDPDOLNULVKQDYLVKQXKWP :h 7Wp 7E5P ]sS Z b 8STjK 9 _h 7Wp 9 q_j h5 XpFZ^ 7Wp :hWp 5 W hVh ] 8Xahh5 8 k 5 Jp e aWh Dh hN° [_p SpRp [FahW ? Xd5U D]h½ eSh5 XR SpB dhVh^R WhbahW hRd K eSh Z dhVh^R hRdTj Y S IˆP]hSj k Ws Y^D eSs Z d] KSh5 8 IˆP]hSj k Vj^° Vj^° a k Wp a k Uµ aj TSj F: 7Wp 7 ] iaIh^ Vh^hBWh [ha SpK 9 _hWh5 ^e ]] id h5SsWh Dh^Rp ? 7E5P ]sS ?Rp 7^Zjh5 l^ De°ah] Jp ZWj F: Page 19 of
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  50. 50. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ lYŽ 8a^R W lYŽ id h5Ss k 5 k5 eR D^ lYŽ 8a^R W Z dSX5T V½Wh dhˆe ]h5 Xe°_hTj Sq]h^ [ha ] S D^ahWj lYŽ ^ŽS 7XWhajWp _pEDs? XsShWj [haWhB 7Wp WqiSD l ]sWp ^ k D]h½ Jp Z ]h^ XJŽ lYŽ Sj ahU VPEROLVP
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  52. 52. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ lYŽ 8a^R Z dSX5Tj Xj^ h^h dhh ] WaWh5 XR lYŽ 8a^RWs dY` ;X]sF D] Jp k Z 8 XR b d SZ^° L D° Wp _ShWh5 Xj^ b d De°ahh5 8ap Jp edW U]h½ edW DZj k ŽW 7Wp ;IWj Zh k Wh eh dU^ bhe Xj^ dU k ŽW Wp lYŽ Xj^ S^ŽD° hWahh5 8ap Jp Z Xj^hRhWh :h bheWp XR lYŽ Xj^Wj ;Xh 8Xahh5 8ap_ Jp lYŽ [ha W lYŽ [haWh Yh]Uh 7Wp Fp^Yh]UhB Page 22 of
  53. 53. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ lYŽ [ha Z ;XU° bWp e a FR k 5 Jp W lYŽ [hah5 Zh 8I^R X^ ðh^° ] [h^ 8Xahh5 8 ]s WTj epbh5 lYŽ Z VhiD aWh5 WqiSD 7Wp 8 ]h‰ D X`s X^ ]hW 8XjWp lYŽ [hah5 ðh^° XR Zh 8I^R X^ Ds: iabpc _ë WTj 8Xahh5 8 k 5 Z 8 a k ?D Zh k Yh]UhDh^D eSj ]h^° Zj Zh k ?N_jK KsEj eSj Z Wj Uµ iWD hT½WhWs XhO D^ah hN° Ds: Z5VW W esahWh Dh^Rp ˆe„ k k 7 ]h]jBWp aN_haah k 5 Dh Z k d^` ZWj F k 5 k Z XR 9 _h dhTp d5ZV V^haSh Zh ‡I esWh 7[haWp Dh^Rp ˆe„ k V½Wj XDP 5 SpWh X^ Dh] ^e° Spaj bðShB ZWj ^eŽ lYŽ [ha Z 8Wh Dh^Rp k W 7 ]h]jB E^h : h:_j iaIh^ Vh^hWp hWSh eSh UhE_h S^ŽD° Es B Spah _sDs Y°^Yh^ D^ShD^Sh IsEs 9 _h V½ 7XWhaSh F]h 7Wp ˆe„ k V½ 7Wp SpWj ^ŽS ˆ^ahK JsPSh F]h Z Zj Zh k _sDs :hbheŽ Xj^sWp hWSh eSh Es Tj 7_F T]h XJŽ ˆe„ k aWh iW]iS UZhaWp Dh^Rp 9 _hTj _h5Zh ^e°ah _h ]h Z 8h5 k ] k s ? Jp D° 9 _h dhTp d5ZV V^aSh Zh 5 8I^RWh 7[haWp Dh^Rp _sDs ˆe„ k V½ S^Y a`ah _h ]h Z 8 k hWh _jVp Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ;X]sF D^ŽWp XsShWs V½ aVh^ah hN° D°as ;X]sF D^° Jp Sp 8XRp 8F` Ks 5k Page 23 of
  54. 54. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V½ id h5S W dSX5TWs V½ id h5S X^ ?D 8JŽ WK^ V½ id h5S Z W k ^hWh5 KRhap_ id h5S hRp dSX5T XR ?DK [FahW Œk NWh ^IqShWp hWp Jp Z XR SpK d]p dSX5T ˆe„ k [FahWWh 7aSh^Wh id h5SWs XR ajDh^ D^° Jp k Z 7E5P ]sS D° ^ 8Fh; KRhap_ hRp aW 7Wp S^h h k 5 l` Jp ? ?D aSh ]Š S X^ D°Œ S Th] Jp Z 8 hRd b^Ž^Tj dhVh^R hRd asK es] Jp Page 24 of
  55. 55. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V½ id h5S Z XR ? 7E5P ]sS 7ia[h S esahWh Dh^Rp 7_F7_F K ]h? W k DPhh5 W ^eŽ bD° ?N_p [FahW 7Wp ]sSVh^D ]Š S a Ip d5 lR½ djD^R es] Jp Z 8 ˆU ] ]Š S ZjKs Ds: Wˆe XR :h es] Jp k 7_jWs e U XpFZ^Ws Kh: a5bK 7Wp djVj ^° EhUs^ŽWs ; ^hiVDh^Ž es] Jp 5 Z :hWp ?D ˆU ] SpK V^haSs _sDsWh WpSh S^ŽD° hWahh5 8ap Jp 7Wp k iW]hh5 e5pbh :hWj e]hSj es] Sp k5 XR hWahh5 8ap Jp V½ id h5S Z eŽ k BWh Ih^ k W FsWs id h5S _:Wp d] I Wp | k Fh5 ia[h S D^ahh5 8 k5 Jp k Z U^° D FWp 7Wp Dh`h5 [hF_h D^ahh5 8 ]h Jp k h5 [FahWp 7 D Xh5 7aSh^ _jVs Jp Xe°_s k k F dS F 7Wp SpWh Ih^ Dh`h5 J D J a^he 7Wp W^id„e 7aSh^ T]h k ZjKs pSh F 7Wp Sph5 R Dh` 7Wp SpWh5 k R 7aSh^ ahW X^ ^h 7Wp ^h 7aSh^ T]h jKs hX^ k Fh5 Zp Dh` h5 m R 7Wp k V 7aSh^ T]h Jp _s 7Wp iWRh½]D k k Fh5 D`Ž Fh5 ?D Dh` Jp Sph5 ?DK 7aSh^ 7_j Ws Jp Z 8aj ^ŽSp ˆe„ k BWh yx 7aSh^Wh id h5SWp d aahh5 8 ]s Jp 7Wp Jp _h Dh`h5 9 _hWp K hRd SWs V½ ZShaahh5 8 ]s Jp Page 25 of
  56. 56. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V½ id h5S Z U^° D 7aSh^ _pah XhJ` [FahWWs W k ] e° k Ds: Ehd Uµ ]Wp h^ahWs Jp k Z ?ajK ^ŽSp D‡_ Fh5 D‡_„Fs WhWh Uµ ]Wp iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]R :h 8ajWp h^bp k Z D‡_ F hN° 7Ta½ apU ^Iahh5 8 ]s Jp 7Wp Zj 7 ] apUsWp ^ D^ahh5 8 ]h Jp ? De°ahh5 8 k5 Jp 7aSh^ _ hSh _ iXSh _ X Wj _ k k _ SjT½ _ ëp _ Uµ ] _ apU _ [ S_ mS _ k F _ 5 Page 26 of
  57. 57. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ˆe„ k V½h5 ah^Ž ]ì 5k D5 : WTj V½ id h5S Z FjWhW d5U[½ W hRp WD_5DŽ 7aSh^ Xi Tj 8abp 7_hS :^hW S^YWs Z Sp k 5 k ] Dh]½ UhWas dhp _Pah k 5 Jp 7Wp Ehd D^ŽWp D‡_„FhD‡_„Fs 7Wp SpWj k N 7Wp XhXj D Ws S _haahWs Jp Z :h eUŽWh ehTp D‡_„FhWs S ? 7aSh^ _pah XhJ`Wj k ] liDh k ^e°b Wh Dh^Rp D‡_ FWs S 8abp p Z ]h^ ZhU iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]R ia k 5ah^ŽDh k 5ahˆ^Dh V^Sj dhTp _ W D^bp Z K ]h? _ W Tbp ? K ]h k 5ahˆ^Dh ëp S^ŽD° B`Ehbp 7Wp ]h5 :h bheWj DZ^ ebp Page 27 of
  58. 58. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V½ id h5S W Z D‡_„FhWp Uµ ]sWh ^h S^ŽD° ^ k D^ahh5 8ap_ Jp XR SpWj X Wj ^ ^hRj ˆe„ k D DŽ ^hRh5 SpWs ; _pE WTj VhiD Jp 7Wp k k V½ Xˆ^aS½W D^ŽWp dSX5T V½ 7XWhap_s Jp Z XsShWj KahZUh^Ž l^Ž D^Sh k aYhUh^ 7 ]h]jB Jp SpB ZIj Kbp 7Wp ?D k S X^5 X^hWh d ] ZWbp 7Wp SpRp ^ŽEjd^ 7Wp sWjW De°ahh5 8abp Z yz D^sP hRdsWp yz D^sPŽWj dsZS së `bp 7Wp k Wh k ZShap_ ^ Sh X^ Ih_jWp 7^h ^Ž iabpc aF½ `bp ]h5 Y S dhIh dSX5TjBK K: bDbp V½ id h5S k Z aYhUh^ dSX5TjB e ^s ac Vj ^hK D^bp [FahW ZVh W asWh D Ws ˆedhZ ^hEbp 7Wp SpWh hRp SpRp d D^bp D° dh^h 9Wh 8Xbp Z ^ 7Wp Xˆ^[hch ˆe„ k Xt^h‡RD DThB h5Tj _pahh5 8aj Jp XJŽ k k k [_p Sp D DŽ ^hR es] D° XJŽ [hFaS ^hR ah 7 ] ^hR k Z [h^S ;Xeh jXh5 iWLh^Ž X^5 X^hWh ^ŽahK hRp 8ah ˆe„ k l ]sh5 ZU_ha D^ŽWp SpRp 9 _hj ^5 F 8Xj U° ahh5 8 ]s Wh Dh^Rp V½h5 9 _hj l ]s bhp_ D^Ž bDh] Page 28 of
  59. 59. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V½ id h5S W Z ;X^h5S SpWj XsShWj 7Wp 9 _hj Xˆ^[hchWs XR dh5S^ aX^hb Ih k ^h ]s D° iW D_5DŽ 7aSh^ Wp eUŽ 7Wp Dµ ] XR Deahh5 8ap Jp ahj ^h bhe ^ŽEjd^ aYhUh^ sjW aFp^° Z iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]RWj dpWhh5 ˆe„ k Xt^h‡RD DThBWh Xh s 7Wp 9 _hj ]Š SBWs bhapb Jp Z ˆe„ k Bh5Tj eh[h^SWh Xh s D° Xh5I Xh5Pas k 5Sj tXUŽ aFp^° 7Wp 7 ] DThBh5Tj ^h e^ŽbI5 7Wp [ S e_hUWs XR dhapb Jp V½ id h5S W Z []hWD d Tj ZIah hN° ?D aYhUh^ dSX5TjBWj KahZUh^Žh5 W Xha` Xjah k 5 8ap Jp SpK W :hWUh^ŽTj VhiD D^ ?N_p Uds U 7Wp _hFhB 7 lD lDaah k 5 XR 8ap Jp Z [h^Sj] iWL^ŽB h^h dhIap_h ^RsX^h5S ahSs 7Wp Sh^Reh^ _pEs X^Tj R Th] Jp D° ˆe„ k V½Wj @iSehidD 7Wp ^hRjD ahSh½B k X^Tj p^Rh _pahh5 8aj Jp X^5 k SpWp 8E^Ž 7Wp k ] bq_j 7Wp ˆUbh Y S : h:_j iaIh^Vh^h ˆY_sdsYŽ 8Xp Jp Page 29 of
  60. 60. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ud 7aSh^ dSX5Tj 8 mi