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OE12A -ABKKPS -membership forms -with email -d

OE12A -Membership form of ABKKP Samaj

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OE12A -ABKKPS -membership forms -with email -d

  1. 1. ABKKP Samaj -Membership Forms OE12A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. ABKKP Samaj -Membership Forms OE12A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 2 of 2
  3. 3. 5HDO 3DWLGDU 0DLO 2( $%..36 0HPEHUVKLS )RUPV 7[hDDXhd p Z^bj 3DJH RI 5HDO 3DWLGDU PDLO#UHDOSDWLGDUFRP! 2($ $%..36 0HPEHUVKLS )RUPV 7[hDDXhd p Z^bjX Ys½ 5HDO 3DWLGDU PDLO#UHDOSDWLGDUFRP! 7XH -XO DW 30 To: 27-Jul-2010 Hello/[h:B, K] _ jWh^h]R / Jay Laxminarayan K] dWhSW V½ / Jay Sanatan Dharm 8XRh d eh_h5 SX p K^Ž D 5k e k 5 7Wp ]h^ ZhU eh_h5 SX p Wh 7_ hN° 8U° b Zeh^ XPÈs eSs, Sp KZ p Z^Wp D°Œ ] dhKh5 ( k Wh SpK Wah) k k Vh^° _ p Z^bjX Ys½ [^Ž 8XahWj Y^K Wj R D^ahh5 8ap_ eSj. Our Samaj had recently issued White Paper and followed it by an order to implement the white paper. Accordingly every member (including existing members) had to fill up the revised forms and compulsorily submit to the central samaj. Sp hRp dhK h^h Zeh^ XP°_h Wah k Vh^° _ Ys½ 8 email dhTp KsP°_h Jp . SpK WjIp KRhap_ _ D X^ Tj XR download D^Ž bDbs. Accordingly the new revised forms are attache with this email and can also be downloaded from the above link. Ehd W V pS X , 8U° b 7Wp Ys½ h5 KRh ]h hRp Y S dWhSWj [h:B K p Z^ ZWj bDbp 7Wp XsSp dWhSWj ˆe„ k V½ X`p Jp Sp k 5 hR 7Wp D° j] dhK h5 p Z^bjX hN° Wj [_hR SpWh LsW Wh k E D° 5 j Xhdp Tj _pahWj ^ebp. SPECIAL NOTE: As mentioned in the White Paper, implementation order and the form, only Sanatanis can become the member of the ABKKP Samaj. A assurance that the applicant is following Sanatan religion and a request to accept his membership has to be counter signed in this regard by President or the Secretary of the zone in which one is resident. h^Ž d k [h: SpK Ze°Ws Wp iaW5Sj Jp D° a k d5 ]h h5 p Z^ ZWj Wp D° j] dhKWp K lS ZWhaj?. I request every member of our community to join ABKKP samaj and strengthen the whole samaj. Real Patidar ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- - Views expressed here are for the sake of discussion and knowledge only - To fully understand the contents of this email, you may be required to read email with Series 1 in the subject line. - See here for Series 1 email: - To know more visit or send a request-mail to - To receive emails send a request to ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- 2( $%..36 0HPEHUVKLS )RUPV 'SGI 1524K -XO