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OE 45 clever strategy to bring out mulband and satpanthi atharv ved


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Published in: Spiritual, News & Politics
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OE 45 clever strategy to bring out mulband and satpanthi atharv ved

  1. 1. OE 45 -Clever strategy to bring outMulband and Satpanthi Atharv Ved /Posted on 21-May-2012 21-May-2012 || Jay Laxminarayan || || || om .c ar , . tid ? For past several days, I am reading pa about the requests to bring the Mulband before public. But, al unfortunately there has not been e hoany positive response and there is no hope in sight. Under these circumstances what can .reone do? w . . ? wThese circumstances pre nces present us with an wounderful opportunity. We know that Satpanthis w weaksuffer with the weakness of being unable to bring Mulband before public. How can one takeadvantage of their weakness? … / Some simple answers could be… ) , . ( , ) .1) All those people against whom, Satpanthis have filed court cases, can speak to theiradvocates and try to create a situation whereby court summons Shri Nanakdas Kaka to bepresent in court. Once the court summons Shri Nanakdas Kaka, then to twist the case where
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  3. 3. that Saiyyeds have filed many court cases against Shri Nanakdas Kaka and Piranainstitution. So, please try and spread this message so that it reaches Saiyyeds with the aimthat they can help us bring out the truth before public.UPDATE: 22-May-2012 om ( ) , , . .cThis is to request all to kindly contact the people associated with Brahman Samaj associate ar(Parshuram Sena ane Vedic Sanatan Pratisthan) and explain to them the issue regarding ndbringing out Mulband. tid , pa .People residing near Surat have got an wounde wounderful opportunity and reason to get in touch alwith people of Brahman Samaj and improve their contacts and raise their social status. nd improv .re , . wA special request to not to miss this golden opportunity. ot w wPrint / Download: htt Patidarwww.realpatidar.comDi l i