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[第6回 Machine Learning 15minutes!] 機械学習サービス「Azure Machine Learning」(+ Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) も少しだけ)

機械学習サービス「Azure Machine Learning」(+ Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) も少しだけ)

第6回 Machine Learning 15minutes!

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[第6回 Machine Learning 15minutes!] 機械学習サービス「Azure Machine Learning」(+ Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) も少しだけ)

  1. 1. 第6回 Machine Learning 15minutes! 機械学習サービス 「Azure Machine Learning」 (+ Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) も少しだけ) 佐藤 直生 (@satonaoki) エバンジェリスト 日本マイクロソフト株式会社
  2. 2. Platform Services Infrastructure Services Web Apps Mobile Apps API Apps Notification Hubs Hybrid Cloud Backup StorSimple Azure Site Recovery Import/Export SQL Database DocumentDB Redis Cache Azure Search Storage Tables SQL Data Warehouse Azure AD Health Monitoring AD Privileged Identity Management Operational Analytics Cloud Services Batch RemoteApp Service Fabric Visual Studio Application Insights VS Team Services Domain Services HDInsight Machine Learning Stream Analytics Data Factory Event Hubs Data Lake Analytics Service IoT Hub Data Catalog Security & Management Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication Automation Portal Key Vault Store/ Marketplace VM Image Gallery & VM Depot Azure AD B2C Scheduler Xamarin HockeyApp Power BI Embedded SQL Server Stretch Database Mobile Engagement Functions Cognitive Services Bot Framework Cortana Security Center Container Service VM Scale Sets Data Lake Store BizTalk Services Service Bus Logic Apps API Management Content Delivery Network Media Services Media Analytics
  3. 3. Action People Automated Systems Apps Web Mobile Bots Intelligence Dashboards & Visualizations Cortana Bot Framework Cognitive Services Power BI Information Management Event Hubs Data Catalog Data Factory Machine Learning and Analytics HDInsight (R Server and Spark) Stream Analytics Intelligence Data Lake Analytics Machine Learning Big Data Stores SQL Data Warehouse Data Lake Store Data Sources Apps Sensors and devices Data
  4. 4. Azure Machine Learning
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Bing maps launches What’s the best way home? Microsoft Research formed Kinect launches What does that motion “mean”? Azure Machine Learning GA What will happen next? Hotmail launches Which email is junk? Bing search launches Which searches are most relevant? Skype Translator launches What is that person saying? 1991 201420091997 201520102008 Machine learning is pervasive throughout Microsoft products.
  7. 7. Fully managed Integrated Best in Class Algorithms + R Deploy in minutes No software to install, no hardware to manage, and one portal to view and update. Simple drag, drop and connect interface for Data Science. No need for programming for common tasks. Built-in collection of best of breed algorithms. Support for R and popular CRAN packages. Operationalize models with a single click. Monetize in Machine Learning Marketplace.
  8. 8. Blobs and Tables Hadoop (HDInsight) Relational DB (Azure SQL DB) Data Clients Model is now a web service that is callable API Integrated development environment for Machine Learning ML STUDIO
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Azure Machine Learning Demo
  11. 11. •
  12. 12. Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  13. 13. 28.2 25.8 16.4 11.7 7.3 6.7 3.5 ILSVRC 2010 NEC America ILSVRC 2011 Xerox ILSVRC 2012 AlexNet ILSVRC 2013 Clarifi ILSVRC 2014 VGG ILSVRC 2014 GoogleNet ILSVRC 2015 ResNet ImageNet Classification top-5 error (%) Microsoft had all 5 entries being the 1-st places this year: ImageNet classification, ImageNet localization, ImageNet detection, COCO detection, and COCO segmentation
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Theano only supports 1 GPU Achieved with 1-bit gradient quantization algorithm 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 80000 CNTK Theano TensorFlow Torch 7 Caffe speed comparison (samples/second), higher = better [note: December 2015] 1 GPU 1 x 4 GPUs 2 x 4 GPUs (8 GPUs)
  16. 16. Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Demo Jupyter Notebook on Azure Notebooks
  17. 17. •
  18. 18. Microsoft Cognitive Services
  19. 19. Microsoft Cognitive Services Give your apps a human side
  20. 20. Roll your own with REST APIs Simple to add: just a few lines of code required Integrate into the language and platform of your choice Breadth of offerings helps you find the right API for your app Built by experts in their field from Microsoft Research, Bing, and Azure Machine Learning Quality documentation, sample code, and community support Easy Flexible Tested GET A KEY
  21. 21. services/ •
  22. 22. machine-overview
  23. 23. Thank you!