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U.S. Steriles


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We introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of various water treatment chemicals. Our eco-friendly chemicals are being acknowledged for their effectivity & userfriendlyness.

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U.S. Steriles

  1. 1. U.S. SterilesCooling Tower ChemicalWe provide our clients with chemicals & services for cooling towers at highly competitive prices, as per therequirements of our clients. We supply these to many companies across all industries. The various formulations weoffer in this category are as follow:View Enquiry Basket Cooling Tower Chemical An ecofriendly way to solve multiple problems of cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensors, cold storages, ice factories with a single chemical. GRAMICID - C is a multi component product, which is performing multiple functions at the same time. The advantages are as follow: Most Economical. Biocidal, Fungicidal, Algaecidal & prevents biofilming, due to Gramicid which used as a base in the preparation of Gramicid - C. Has killing action on protozoa. Prevents Scaling & Fouling. Prevents Biocorrosion and Chemical corrosion. Good dispersant. Can be used in all conditions & convenient to handle. Even accidentally excessive quantities do not harm the system. Reduces power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system. No need to use acid to bring down the pH to neutral level. Reduces the plant shut down time. Offers multi protection with a single chemical. Universal use. Totally ecofriendly & Biodegradable.
  2. 2. Economics Increases the life of the equipment and saves considerable amount of money by keeping the equipment maintenance free for long periods. Is most economical as compared to other products available in the market as a single product is doing multifunction. The quantity required is at P. P. M. level hence very economical. Keeps the heat transfer surfaces clean & optimizes heat transfer efficiency. Brings the temperature down faster. The antiscalant added in Gramicid - C prevents scale formation for long time so also the anti foulant of Gramicid - C helps in the water remaining clear from fouling. Shows a wide range of biocide activity both for gram +ve as well as gram -ve bacteria. Prevents sporogenesis, prevents yeast formation, fungal growth, and algae growth. Can be applied at temperature ranging from 0 oC to 95 oC, the efficiency increases at higher temperatures. It can be also used in liquids contaminated with organic matter. It is tasteless & odour less when added to water. Does not affect the pH of the treated water, in effect it helps in maintaining the neutral pH.Add to Enquiry BasketCorrosion Prevention ChemicalGramicid-25 is a combination of latest Antiscalent,Dispersants & Corrosion Prevention Chemical Speciallyformulated for Cooling tower water treatment.The advantages are as follow: Prevention of corrosion, Scales and non-biological fouling by a single chemical. Working as a water softening agent. Most economical. Affords multimetal protection. Excellent control of carbonate, silicates, sulphate
  3. 3. & iron fouling. Acid dosing is unnecessary in most instances as it is effective over a wide pH range. Keeps heat transfer surface clean & optimizes heat transfer efficiency. Contains no toxic chemicals and can be discharged into effluent without any pollution problem. Excellent thermal & hydrolytic stability. Reacts with silica and ensures their removal during blow down. Disperses and removes old deposits of scales gradually over a period of time. Easy to handle being a liquid product. Antiscalant & Corrosion Inhibitor for oil field water treatment. It’s also compatible with other oil field water treatment chemicals.Add to Enquiry Basket Descalant Chemical Gramicid-17 is a complex formulation of a descaling agent, a surfactant and corrosion inhibitor compound. It is ideally suited for removal of scales from Cooling Towers, Boilers, Coils, Heat exchangers, Chillers and a wide range of heating and cooling systems. It becomes a versatile descaling agent which is safer still in terms of equipment corrosion and safety of personnel. Conventional descaling is a specialized job, it involves considerable time, energy, money and expertise. The descaling is done with acids like hydrochloric, the risk involved in damage to equipment are considerable. Personnel safety is also less. The inherent safety of ‘Gramicid - 17’ makes descaling a simple and routine maintenance job. The features of these are as follow: Easy to handle Harmless to equipment & personnel Dissolves scales rapidly Offers uniform descaling Prolongs equipment life Non-hazardous
  4. 4. Non inflammable Does not pave the way for pitting corrosion CONCENTRATION: Gramicid- l7 is a powder, before use, it has to be dissolved in water. An accurate estimate of the quantity of Gramicid- l7required will depend on the actual quantity of scale and the nature of scale that is present in the equipment. A 3% - 10% w/w solution of Gramicid- l7 in water is generally recommended. The total quantity of this 3% to 10% descaling solution will be about 10% higher than the filled volume of the equipment to be descaled. This formulation is recommended for scales containing high silica for example scales found in sugar evaporators, caustic evaporators in the aluminum industry and black liquor evaporators in the pulp industry.For More Details kindly Visit on ----http://www.biocide.comU.S. SterilesJayesh Bldg., Near Royal Medical, Waliv, Vasai (E)Thane - 401 208, Maharashtra, IndiaPhone: +(91)-(250)-2454203 / 2456032Fax: +(91)-(250)-2453781Email:;