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  1. 1. CRS ASSIGNMENT CRS PAPER 1 1.) Give the command to book 2 seats from line no 7 with M class in both the legs. Ans:- SS2M7 2 .) Enter the name of Mr. AroonTripathis (35yrs) traveling with his son Kamal Tripathi (05yrs) Ans:-NM2TRIPATHIS/AROON MR/KAMAL(CDH/05YEAR) 3.) Enter the contact no of Mr. AtulSinha's Business 452 425 252 extension is 498 and who is residing in London (LON). Ans:- APLON 452 425 252X498-B/P1 4.) Give the difference between TKTL and TKOK Ans:- TKTL is an ticketing element where "TK" transaction code stand for "ticketing", and the ticketing Action identifier "TL" for "time limit". TKOK is also a ticketing element where transaction code "TK" stand for ticketing and Action identifier "OK". 5.) What is the significance of RF command? Ans:- Reference of person actioning booking
  2. 2. 6.) Difference between ET and ER. Ans:- ET transaction code used for end and ignore PNR ER transaction code used for end and redisplay PNR 7.) Give the format of priority waitlist? Ans:- SEGMENT SELL ENTRY SS1V4 "/" / STATUS CODE PE 8.) Give the format of Open segment Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE SO AIRLINE LH BK CODE C DATE 25NOV CITY PAIR JFKTXL 9.) How we enter ARNK segment? Ans:- The following is an example of a discontinuous itinerary: SEG 1 NRT-SFO SEG 2 LAX-NRT To make this itinerary complete, you would enter an ARNK. The same itinerary would then look like this: SEG 1 NRT-SFO SEG 2 ARNK SEG 3 LAX-NRT Segment 2 informs Amadeus, and anyone who views the PNR, that the passenger's mode of transportation between SFO and LAX is unknown. Inclusion of this ARNK segment enables you to end the transaction normally. 10.) What is the command to get the Return Availability?
  3. 3. Ans:- TRANS CODE AC LETTER "R" R DATE 18MAY TIME 1000 11.) Change the date of existing availability to 9 days future.(1) Ans:- AC9 12.) Change the city pair of existing availability to KTM SIN. Ans:- ACKTMSIN 13.) What is the difference between TN and AN?give the format of the same Ans:- TN transaction code is used for to display the timetable of airlines. Itcontain important information regarding each flight's frequency of operation. TRANS CODE TN DATE 10AUG DEPARTURE AIRPORT LHR ARRIVAL AIRPORT MUC TIME 1400 AN transaction code is used for to check the neturalavailability of flights. It notonly do availability displays show important scheduling information for flights, they actually list available seating on each flight. TRANS CODE AN DATE 1JUL DEP AIRPORT MAD ARR AIRPORT MIA TIME 1200 14.) Explain MPTN and MOTN (2) Ans:- MPTN – Redisplay the previous neutral timetable. MOTN – Display the original screen of a neutral timetable. 15.) Give the indicator of the following Direct Access Ans:- (*)
  4. 4. Standard Access Ans:- ( ) 16.) Amadeus Access Update means a)Real‐time bookings b)Real‐time availability and real‐time bookings c)Real‐time availability d)No real‐time availability or real‐time bookings Ans:- c 17.) How you will display only the information field and contact field of the PNR? Ans:- RTP 18.) ON and OS stands for? Ans:- OS stands for “other service” ON stands for 19.) How you will get the Airline Record Locator? Ans:- RL 20.) Define AAA? Ans:- Agent Assembly Areas 21.) How You will check the status of all six work areas? Ans:- JD 22.) Encode the city name Newyork (NYC) and the Airport name Heathrow(LHR) Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE DAN COUNTRY NAME OR CODE NEWYORK
  6. 6. 25.) Answer the following question on the basis of above PNR display a) How many passengers are traveling in the above PNR?Is there any child passenger is traveling? if yes then give the names of the same. Ans:-Five passenger are travelling on this PNR and two children are travelling and there name is (Miss Ellen and Miss Shannon) b) On which airline the passengers are traveling? Ans:- The passenger are travelling on British Airways Airline. c) What is the time limit? Ans:- 09 July d) What is the Form of Payment? Ans:- CHEQUE e) Is this PNR is valid for E‐ticketing? Ans:- Yes f) On what date and time passenger is reaching back to LHR? Ans:- 07 August 13:15 g) What is the booking class? Ans:- B class h) In which travel agency the reservation is made? Ans:- CHESHIRE TRAVEL i) What is the contact no of MR ARNIE MALLONE? Ans:- 0171 445 4261 j) Is this PNR has been gone to Airline Database or not? Ans:- NO
  7. 7. k) What is initials of the travel agent who had made this reservation? Ans:- LHR l) What is the Fight no? Ans:- BA 84 CRS PAPER II 1.) what is the difference between AM and AB? Ans:- Transaction code "AM" for "address mailing", followed by the passenger's name and address The transaction code "AB" for "address billing", followed by a firm or person's name and the address. 2.) can we give the Passenger association in AB or AM command? Ans:- Yes 3.) Define Frequent Flyer Programme. Ans:- Frequent-flyer clubs are a popular feature of the travel industry. Almost all airlines have some kind of frequent-flyer or mileage membership programme. When passengers join these clubs, they are given a membership number, and every time they fly on the airline, miles are added to their accounts. When a certain level of mileage is obtained, the passenger is given an award, such as a free return trip ticket or an upgrade to first class. 4.) What is Alliance airline Frequent Flyer No. Give the format of the same.
  8. 8. Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE FFN AIRLINE BA HYPHEN - FREQUENT-FLYER NUMBER MC22359 5.) What is the PNR that "The Passport details are required" Ans:- 7.) Give the format to enter the OSI element in the PNR. Ans:- TRANS CODE OS AIRLINE CODE LH SPACE FREE TEXT FIRST TIME FLYERS 8.) What are the mandatory elements in the PNR? Ans:- 1. Name element 2. Reservation (itinerary) element 3. Contact element 4. Ticketing element 9.) What is the difference between XE and XI? Ans:- XE transaction code used for cancel the segment or a specified segment. XI transaction code is used for accept all status updates and redisplay. 10.) can a rcvd ‐ from element be cancelled once it entered? Ans:- NO 11.) XE1, 3, 4‐7. Explain Ans:- Canceling of mutilple segment simultaneously.
  9. 9. 12.) can you cancel a name element and a contact element simultaneously? Ans:- NO 13.) Amadeus will never let you cancel the last name element from a PNR.TRUE / FALSE? Ans:- TRUE 14.) In what situation you can cancel the name element from the PNR Ans:- We cancel the name element in either a new creating or a retrieving PNR. 15.) What is the command to Remove the passenger association from contact element 5. Ans:- XE5 16.) what is the command to cancel the element no 2, 3,6,7,8? Ans:- XE2,3,6-8 17.) 10 OSI BA MRS LINDA IS A FORMER EMPLOYEE 11 OSI BA MRS LINDA HAS A BROKEN FOOT 12 OSI YY 1CHD/P3 Can you cancel all elements shown above in the display? If no, which element you cannot cancel? Ans:- No, we cannot cancel all the elements which show in display because OSIs are not used to request services that require advance preparation by the airline. 18 .) 9 SSR FQTV BA HK/ BA908311391/P1 If you do XE9 what will be the status code of the above element? Ans:- If we do XE9 it will remove the “special service request” from the PNR of passenger.
  10. 10. 19 .) 9 SSR SEAT BA NN3 LHRORD/N/S4 Explain the above element no. 3 Ans:- SEAT: The four-letter SSR seat request code BA: The airline code NN3: Status code "NN" (for "need need") and the number of seats requested LHRORD: The city pair N: The non-smoking designator S4: Segment association (flight segment 4) 20 .) write the command for the smoking window bulkhead seat for the segment no 4 Ans:- ST/WB/S4 21.) what is the difference between seat wish and seat request? Give the format of the both? Ans:- Seat Wish - Some airlines do not allow advance seating. A seat wish is entered when advance seating isn't allowed, in order to indicate a passenger's first choice of seats. When the airline does begin assigning seats, they will give preference to the passengers that have made a seat wish. TRANSACTION CODE ST OBLIQUE / FOUR-LETTER SEATING CODE NSST Seat Request - Seat request is to indicate the passengers' seating preference if an advance seating request isn't possible. TRANSACTION CODE ST
  11. 11. CRS PAPER III 1.) Give the entry of Neutral Availability for 15 Sep TYO to MNL 1750hrs. now give the entry to get the seat map in business class for the flight located on line no 8. Ans:- AN15SEPTYOMNL1750 AN15SEPTYOMNL/J,C,D/S8 2.) Book 2seats from line no 4in K class (Ist leg) and L class (IInd leg) Ans:- TRANS CODE SS NMBR SEATS 2 1ST LEG BK CODE K 2ND LEG BK CODE L LINE NUMBER 4 4.) Enter the contact no Mr. Sahil who is residing in Kolkata 253 252 2589. Ans:- TRANS CODE AP LOCATION CODE CCU SPACE PHONE NMBR 253 252 2589 "-" - ID H 5.) Enter the names of the passengers as Mr. SahilAroraMrs.suhaniArora and there 2yrs sonSuhanArora and 10yr daughter Jewel Arora. Ans:- NM4ARORA/SAHIL MR/SUHANI MRS/SUHAN MSTR(CHD/02YEAR)/JEWEL MISS(CHD/10YEAR)
  12. 12. 6.) Refer the above details to "MR SAHIL" Ans:- YES 8.) 2 AA 767 C 10NOV 4 CHI HKG HK1 1505 0040+1 *1A/ 3 AA 757 C 20DEC 7 HKG CHI HK1 0115 0740 *1A/ If we do CAS2 for the above itinerary the car availability displayed would be for‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐? Ans:- The above entry would display car availability for segment 2 9.) Write a command to get the Multi‐Company car Availability for the segment no 4 and the passengers are coming back on 18 Sep. Ans:- CRS4-RT18SEP 11.) Write a command to display single company availability that vehicle type. For the above passengers from Hertz (ZE) for the duration of their stay in HKG with an intermediate sized car (ICMN) Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE CA CAR COMPANY ZE LETTER "S" S SEGMENT NUMBER 3 CAR AVAIL ENTRY CAS3 "/" / "VT" VT "-" - VEHICLE TYPE ICMN 12.) Decode the hotel "SI" Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE DNH HOTEL NAME OR CODE SI 13.) Encode the Car "HERTZ" Ans:-
  13. 13. TRANSACTION CODE DNC CAR COMPANY NAME OR CODE HERTZ 15.) Request multi‐property hotel availability for Double occupancy level for segment no 4 Ans:- MULTI-PROP AVAILABILITY ENTRY HAS4 "/" / LETTERS "RT" RT "-" - OCCUPANCY 2 16.) Write the Codes for the following Hotel Access Level a) Dynamic Access Ans:- ! Dynamic Access(All data comes directlyfrom the hotel's own reservation system;bookings are confirmed immediately) b) Complete Access Ans:- + Complete Access Plus (Data can come from either the Amadeus system or the native hotel system depending on the display type; bookings are confirmed immediately) 18.) How to sell the hotel? Give format Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE HS LINE NUMBER 2 TRANSACTION CODE LINE NUMBER GUARANTEE
  14. 14. HS 2 /G-CCAX370011112222555EXP0614 19.) HF, HFAB, HFS3 what is the purpose of all the three commands Ans:- HF- Hotel features display from availability HEAB- HFS3- Hotel features display from PNR segment 20.) HS2 /G‐CCCA5293000022229999EXP1210. Explain Ans:- The transaction code HS for "Hotel Sell" for segment 2. separated by an oblique. It consists of the letter G for "guarantee" an credit card (CCCA) expiring in December of 2010. 21.) 4 HHL TS SS1 ROM IN19SEP OUT03OCT 2A2TRAC EUR142.03 DLY 259 RELAIS I DUE LAGHI ‐ ANGUILLARA SABAZIA/BS‐05917461 /CF‐............/SI‐REQUEST LOW FLOOR/P1 SEE RTSVCH a) What is the status code for this booking? Ans:- SS b) What is the rate code? Ans:- 2A2TRAC c) CF‐............. What is the significance of the same? Ans:- The CF field, shows the confirmation number for this booking. 22.) ‐A‐ ‐BCAT TYPE INFO RATE TYPE INFO RATE RAC 1) A2TRAC A D 1480.00 / B2TRAC A D 1180.00
  15. 15. a) Book a superior room for Mr. JOHN (P3).He will use the VISA card no 4895 9999 52536363 expiring in Jan of next year, to put down a deposit (/DP‐) Ans:- HS1/G-CCVS4895999952536363EXP0117/ 23.) 3 HHL HL HK1 MUC IN07AUG OUT21AUG 1A1KRAC EUR240.00 DLY 838 HILTON MUNICH CITY/BS‐05917461/CF‐3088725193/ID‐28881 *HL/ a) Enter the command to delete the ID from this booking. Ans:- 3/ID- b) What is the confirmation no of the same? Ans:- CF-3088725193 CRS PAPER IV 1.) Make the entry for neutral availability for 14 Feb DEL to SIN for 1717hrs. Ans:- AN14FEBDELSIN1717 2.) Make the fare display for all the Airlines from DEL to SIN Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE FQ LETTER "D" D CITY PAIR DELSIN 3.) Display the SQ and YY fares for Children (CH) flying from DEL to LON for 3week range starting on 17Oct. Ans:-
  16. 16. FARE DISPLAY ENTRY FQDDELLON/ASQ,YY "/" / "R" R COMMA , HYPHEN - FARE TYPE CODE CH FARE DISPLAY ENTRY FQDDELLON/ASQ,YY "/" / DATE RANGE 17OCT**08NOV 4.) Make the entry to change the existing fare display to show fares for outbound travel on 17 Oct and inbound travel on 21 Oct. Ans:- FARE DISPLAY ENTRY FQDDELLON "/" / OUTBOUND DATE 17OCT "*" * INBOUND DATE 21OCT 5.) Make the entry to change the existing fare display to show the fares after taxes. Ans:- FARE DISPLAY ENTRY FQDAMSFRA "/" / "R" R COMMA , LETTERS "AT" AT 6.) Make the basic itinerary pricing itinerary. Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE FX LETTER "X" X 7.) Make the entry to issue the electronic ticket. Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE TT LETTER "P" P
  17. 17. ‐‐‐ RLR TST ‐‐‐ RP/SFO1A2005/SFO1A2005 RJ/GS 07SEP09/1012Z GL0J0N 1. CHOO/ARTHUR MR 2 UA 1 H 16SEP 3 LAXHKG HK1 1320 1855+1 *1A/E* 3 UA 2 H 23SEP 3 HKGLAX HK1 1315 1125 *1A/E* 4 AP 213 312 273 6224‐ELDON TRAVEL‐A 5 AP 213 998 2283‐B 6 TK OK09SEP/SFO1A2005//ETUA 7 FA PAX 016‐1082983921/ETUA/USD767.00/09SEP09/S2‐3 8 FB PAX 8932830282 TTP OK ETICKET OFFER ITIN/RCPT*ADV PHOTO ID REQUIRED/S2‐3 9 FM 10 10 FP CCVI4273075029735112/X1008 ) 8.) Which statement is true concerning this PNR? A. Tickets have not yet been issued for this PNR B. Tickets were issued 9 September C. Tickets were issued 8 September Ans:- B 9.) Make the entry to void the ticket. Ans:- TRANS CODE TW LETTER "X" X 0940 09SEP QUEUE....SFO1A2005........Q/TTL. Q 1.CONFO .................... ..................C1.D2. 1. ..................C1.D3. 2. ..................C1.D4. 3.
  18. 18. 10.) How many PNRs are there on queue1, category 1 date range 4? Ans:- 3 11.) Make the entry to access queue no 3 category no 7 and date range 2 Ans:- TRANS CODE QE QUEUE NUMBER 3 LETTER "C" C CATEGORY 7 DATE RANGE D2 12.) Make the entry to send the particular PNR to the end of the queue. Ans:- 13.) Make the entry to delay the particular PNR until 21 Oct. Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE QD DELAY DATE 21OCT 14.) Make the entry to ignore the PNR and remove it from queue. Ans:- QN 15.) Make an entry to determine what date it will be in 254 days. Ans:- DD/254 16.) Make the entry to add 55 and 75 and then multiply the result by 7. Ans:- DF55#75*7 17.) Make the entry to go to the main AIS index. Ans:- GGAIS
  19. 19. 18.) Make the difference b/w FXA and FXR? Ans:- FXA transaction code is used for display a list of lower fares. FXR transaction code is used for rebook to the lowest fare and do not create a TST. 19.) Make the difference b/w FXP and FXB? Ans:- FXP is used for itinerary pricing with TST creation. FXB is used for to find the lowest fare for an itinerary, rebook the itinerary in the required class of service, and store this fare in a TST 20.) Sign out from the System. Ans:- TRANSACTION CODE JO "*" *