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Bangalore finals


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Bangalore finals

  1. 1. The 3rd “Asae” Bangalore Quiz ------Rahul Dravid, Dr. Vijay Mallya and Everything else !!! Finals
  2. 2. Round !Write Bros
  3. 3. Rules• Written round• 8 pictures on the slide.• +5 for each correct answer• +10 bonus for getting all of them correct.
  4. 4. 1.
  5. 5. 2.
  6. 6. 3.
  7. 7. 4.
  8. 8. 5.
  9. 9. 6.
  10. 10. 7.
  11. 11. 8.
  12. 12. Round !!Honor Thy Clock
  13. 13. Rules• 6 questions• Infinite bounce and pounce• +15/-10 on pounce. ( You can pounce on your own question)• +10/0 on direct.
  14. 14. 1.• What did Jamsetji Tata after an idea that took birth during a visit to Japan start in Bangalore in 1902 (a good 7 years before he set up IISc) with aid from the Maharaja of Mysore?
  15. 15. Tata Silk Farm
  16. 16. 2. Connect
  17. 17. Y.G Siddhartha
  18. 18. 3. Put Funda !!• Though double decker trains are now in operation on 4 different routes in the country, the one between Chennai and Karnataka has caused much controversy of late.
  19. 19. • The color scheme of the train is in yellow and red. The colors of the Karnataka Flag.
  20. 20. 4. X ?X was established by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, andVineet Saxena in February 2007.X is headquartered in Bangalore and has been funded byVenture Capital funds like IndoUS, IDG & Accel Partners.The company started off in the business of personalization ofproducts. It began its operations in the B2B (business tobusiness) segment with the personalization of gifts, whichincluded T-shirts, mugs and caps to name a few. However, in2010, the company shifted its strategy to becoming a B2C(business to customer) oriented firm, expanding its catalogueto fashion and lifestyle products.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. 5. What are all these ?• Here Comes the Sun• The Magic Faraway Tree• Windmills of your Mind• Lost in the Greens• Raindrops keep falling on my Head• Footprints• Van Gogh’s Garden
  23. 23. 6. Put Funda !• Razack Palya, a small sleepy settlement near Bagalur is quite famous in the sea food circles. Cat fish are reared here in large grounds and are mostly exported out of the country.• This settlement has been making it to the national news once every two years as it gets involved in a controversial matter at that period of time.
  24. 24. • The Cat fish rearing ensures the presence scavengers and Predatory birds throughout the year. These become a cause for concern during the Aero India that happens every 2 years. !!
  25. 25. Round !!! List It
  26. 26. • List all the Multiplexes In B’lore.• The list should contain the name of the multiplex and also its location.• There are 20 of them.• +4 for each correct answer.
  27. 27. 1. Inox – Garuda Swagath2. Inox – JP Nagar Central3. Inox – Mantri Square Mall4. Inox – Garuda Mall5. PVR – Forum Mall6. PVR – Orion Mall7. Gopalan Cinemas – Arcade Mall8. Gopalan Cinemas – Grand Mall9. Gopalan Cinemas – Innovation Mall10. Gopalan Cinemas – Legacy Mall11. Q Cinemas – Park Square Mall12. Fun Cinemas – Sigma Mall13. Cinemax – Soul Space Spirit14. Cinemax – Soul Space Arena15. Fame Cinemas – Lido Mall16. Fame Cinemas – Forum Value Mall17. Rockline Cinemas – Rockline Mall18. Innovative Multiplex – Maratahalli19. Cinepolis – Royal Meenakshi Mall20. Vision Cinemas – KH Road
  28. 28. Round !vDishonor thy Clock
  29. 29. Rules• 6 questions• Infinite bounce and pounce• +15/-10 on pounce. ( You can pounce on your own question)• +10/0 on direct.
  30. 30. 1. Which layout ?• In the late 1980’s, the area near South End circle was turning into a shanty as it become the dwelling ground for a lot of labourers. To avoid this, The then government sanctioned a new layout where all these people were to be alloted sites and were asked to move out. The layout can still be recognised as thus by the small dimensions of the roads and the sites in the area. Due to a fallout in succesive governments, this idea never materialised though people were successfully cleared from that area.
  31. 31. KumaraSwamy Layout
  32. 32. 2. Print ad for ?
  33. 33. 3.• Thayappanahalli was one of the many old small villages around Bangalore that got swallowed up by the city as it expanded. But it still lives on in the name of the locality that gobbled it up thus. How?
  34. 34. 4th ‘T’ Block
  35. 35. 4. Statistics of which B’lore cricketer ?
  36. 36. 5. FITB• One afternoon in 1999, when the world was worrying about Y2K, Brinda Jacob was planning how to bring about a change in society. She had a simple idea – engage with young people and channelize their passion and energy to create change in their communities.• Soon, 11 others joined hands. Young marketing officers, management graduates, software engineers, chartered accountants, future business tycoons, photographers, ad professionals, a contemporary dancer, all huddled in a garage to discuss the idea.• There were many dreams; many suggestions. They were bound by a single thought: give back to the community and unleash the ‘power of one’. The result _________ was born in November 1999.
  37. 37. 6. Id and Connect
  38. 38. • Ananth Kumar• P C Mohan• D B Chandre GowdaThe Three MP’s elected from B’lore into the LokSabha.
  39. 39. Round vAye to Zee
  40. 40. Rules• +5 for each variable.• +10 bonus if you get more than 15 variables.• +15 bonus if you get more than 20 variables.• 15 minutes on the clock.
  41. 41. • A was recently appointed as the Special Traffic Warden of police in Bangalore. B has also been used by the Bangalore traffic Police to educate commuters to make way for ambulances. B’s hometown lies a little outward of the NH-48 connecting Bangalore and C.• A did his schooling in D. The college D is widely known among student circles for its rivalry with an institution E which was recently given the Deemed university tag. The only other deemed private institution in the City is F.• F has produced many sportsperson over the years. The F cricket team recently won the G (tournament) telecast live on Star Cricket. F played its home games at the Chinnaswamy stadium. In 1996, the stadium played host to another major event H along with the cricket world cup. I, a similar event was won by J in 2000. J is now married to K.
  42. 42. • J has acted in a 2010 Bollywood movie L along with another Bangalorean M• M’s first movie was alongside N who resides in Katriguppe( :P ). N was a part of the first Kannada full length 3D movie O. P who also starred in the movie O is rumoured to be the love child of Q. R, the vice chairman of KSRTC was initially a pert of Q’s party, though he isn’t now.• P is also the brand ambassador of a team owned by S. S also owns a stud farm in T. U, S’s father has a road named in his honour. A stadium on this road was the where V’s life ended tragically after a football incident during W (Event).
  43. 43. • Football in Bangalore is usually played near the X circle. X was also the name of a Blockbuster movie shot in Y near Bangalore. Z currently represents Y in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.
  44. 44. • A – Rahul Dravid• B – Dr. Veerendra Hegde• C – Mangalore• D – St Joseph’s• E – Christ University• F – Jain University• G – Toyota University Challenge Cup• H – Miss World contest• I – Miss Universe contest• J – Lara Dutta• K – Mahesh Bhupati• L – Housefull• M – Deepika Padukone.
  45. 45. • N – Olympic Gold Quest• O – Katari Veera Surasundarangi• P – Ramya/Divya Spandana• Q – S.M Krishna• R – Jaggesh• S – Dr Vijay Mallya• T – Kunigal• U – Vittal Mallya• V – Christiano Junior• W – Federation Cup• X – Shoolay• Y – Ramanagar• Z – H.D Kumaraswamy