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Scene 3 written by me


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Scene 3 written by me

  1. 1. Scene 3 –written by Sathma[Girls sit around the therapist’s room waiting for MrMoorland to arrive. Moorland walks in the room andsits down. He takes a deep breath and begins tospeak.]Moorland: hello ladies, who wants to start us offtoday? Is there anything anyone wants to share?Andy:I had toast for breakfast, with jam on top,yummy....Moorland: thank you Andy but thats not quite what Imeant. Last session we were talking about respect.Andy:(towards audience) so it’s about respect thisweek!Whitney: yes I loved that session!Andy: oh Whitney, can you stop flirting with MrMoorland and stop talking about respect.(Sarcastically) we can always see it when we’re inour cells, (to audience) especially between Carla andNicole.Nicole:oi, if you gotta say something just say it outloud, init!Carla: I’m getting bored, can we just carry on-Moorland: yes thank you! So we were talking aboutrespect. How to get it, what it means and how we feelabout it. Has anyone had any thoughts?Nicole:(aggressive tone) yeah. We dont have it andit’s never going to happen-Carla:(towards audience) I swear I just said I’mgetting bored so why is he carrying on this respectthing?Sasha: (to audience) you don’t want to see her whenshe gets mad.Moorland: -and why is that?Carla: cause were nothing but criminals now. -(looking at nail tips not actually interested)Whitney: I’m not a criminal!Nicole: oh just shut up!Moorland: -that’s not true; you’ve all got a secondchance!Carla:oh really? You think anyone is going to giveme, (pointing at herself) me a chance when i get outof here? Youre dreaming man!
  2. 2. Andy :( looking confused)(to audience) now it’s aboutdreaming?Moorland: you have to earn a second chance. Start bylearning respect, you know what they say; respect isthe key to success.Cash: yeah well somebody stole the key.Whitney: considering your history, are you sure itwasnt you?Cash: are you accusing me of nicking stuff?Nicole: (laugh out loud) I swear that’s why youre inhere?Cash: mistaken identity. DahhWhitney: tell it to the judge.Cash: I did!Nicole: yea, after you bloody nicked his wallet.Carla: shut up you idiot.Nichole: how about you shut up first.Carla: do you want a punch in the face.Sasha: (to Nicole) back off or well get you!Tasha: just watch![Nicole can’t be bothered to start and sits downkissing her teeth.]Moorland: ladies, ladies! Keep it together. Look, Iknow youre angry but fighting each other is notgoing to help! Respect is the key... (To audience) nolet’s not start all that again.Carla: why the heck am I even in here?Nicole: shut up you knows why you’re in here!Sasha: you can’t talk to her like that!Nicole: I am, do you have a problem with that?Carla:I do init!Moorland: alright ladies cut it out, god I need toget a vacation. Look, thats the end of the sessiontoday but maybe next week we can talk about writing aletter to the governor about conditions? We can tryto make a positive change.Carla:whateverNicole: get lost Carla![Nicole and Carla storm out in opposite differentdirections. Others follow. Mr Moorland holds his headin his hand.]
  3. 3. Moorland: oh god!Lights black out.