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Audience feedback


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Audience feedback

  1. 1. FEEDBACK FROM PERFORMANCE ON WEDS 22ND FEB 2012I just wanted to say what a fab performance it was last night. I am really glad Imade the effort to come along. The students were really professional, theacting was superb and the storyline was great.WELL DONE ALL !Debbie Bartley(Student Support)I think the group did an amazing job, to think they did all of it themselves! Ithoroughly enjoyed the show, I thought it was imaginative, funny and touchingand that all the students gave a fantastic performance.Please congratulate your creative and media group for meMiss Lodge(Yr11 Tutor and ICT Teacher)It was such an honour to be part of the audience yesterday and such a joy asHOY.The performance was amazing and it was evident that all the students werepassionate in what they were doing. The storyline, the characters and theproduction as a whole ticked all the right boxes and was full of emotion. As amember of the audience I did not want to take my eyes of the stage and washooked throughout. It had it all – humour, seriousness, a deeper meaning, andwas very thought provoking. It is fantastic to know that students can produce,direct and write such a mind blowing production and more so to feel proud ofall their hard work. I was so moved by all of the team yesterday and was intears as I was so overjoyed.My final sentence would be…..The whole team were truly inspirational and I admire everyone of them andknow they will be successful in whatever they do – I love them all.Kuljit Suri (Head of Year 11)
  2. 2. FEEDBACK FROM PERFORMANCE ON THURS 23RDFEB 2012It was fab!! Really put a smile back on my face after a difficult day and I was soimpressed by the music and choreography (as well as the comic timing of thepolice!!) What a talented bunch – very well done to you all!Rob Ind (Head of Pastoral Team)I thought it was fabulous and really enjoyed myself. I really liked the mix ofhigh tension scenes between some of the girls, mixed with the exceptionallytimed comedy from the boys. The scene changes were very slick and I thoughtthe backdrops were very innovative.Brilliant performance, well done to all involved!Christophe Guiterez (Head of Year 7)I was truly amazed at the standard of performance by the students who tookpart. They were all very convincing and professional. I forgot I was in aclassroom and really became captivated by the storyline.I am so glad I came to see the performance and look forward to the next one.Please pass on my appreciation to the performers.Bernadette Moir (PA to Headteacher)Wow what a fabulous performance by all. The hard work that went intothe performance was tremendous and it makes me proud to say I workin a school where students work so hard and give up their time toprovide entertainment for us to enjoy. I cannot believe that students(not professionals) could put on such an incredible performance that itwould give me goosebumps and tears in my eyes.Well done everyoneDawn Knock (Head of SEN)
  3. 3. Overall this was an excellent performance and very enjoyable. This waseven more the case seeing as the C & M group wrote, directed andproduced the performance from start to finish. Very impressive indeed.All the performers did a good job but some of the leads in particular: George Streather – very convincing in his role with definite acting talent PamyanIslamzadeh – superb as the prison boss Michael McCauley – excellent with a range of skills and talents Logan Jones – really good, funny, taking role in his stride Sara Khan – stunning all round Zahra Printer – excellent RajanHanda – really goodAnd the Year 7 boy was brilliant.Please pass on my thanks to all the performers.Peter Stumpf (Deputy Headteacher)The performance was amazing. I am so proud of all the year 11 students whowrote, performed and directed it. It was very moving to see them all up there,and enjoying what they were doing. They should all be very proud ofthemselves and use it as a lesson to know that if they want to do somethingthey can achieve it, whatever it may be.The performance itself had a brilliant message and I would love for moremembers of the school to be able to see it, as I think a lot of our students couldlearn a great deal from it.Thanks for a very enjoyable evening.Kirsty Foy (Year Manager for Yr11)