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Shrewsbury and Telford Health Libraries

                       Cochrane Library
How are the results displayed?

Results are shown grouped by database.

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Cochrane Library Quick Reference Guide


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Cochrane Library Quick Reference Guide

  1. 1. Shrewsbury and Telford Health Libraries Cochrane Library Quick Reference Guide What is the Cochrane Library? For best results, use a few keywords from your search question. It is a collection of databases covering evidence-based healthcare, containing For example, if your question is ‘Is information such as systematic reviews, physiotherapy effective in lower back pain?’ clinical trials and economic evaluations. your search query could be: It is updated quarterly. How can I access it? Access the Cochrane Library at You can register to save searches and Enter your keywords and click on ‘Go’ or access other features, but it is not press ‘enter’ to begin. necessary. Note that it searches for items that contain Are there other alternatives? all the words you type (by treating searches as ‘and’ searches by default). If you want to Cochrane has excellent coverage of high- search for synonyms, put brackets around level evidence, particularly systematic and ‘or’ between each word for example: reviews, and is a good place to start a search. Other databases you could use are NHS Evidence ( or the TRIP Database ( If you wish to carry out a search for journal articles, you can also access Medline and You can also browse by topic for Cochrane EMBASE, along with other databases via Reviews from the front page. the NHS Health Information Resources site ( using your NHS Athens account. How do I search? You can use the main search box on the home page to carry out a simple search. April 2010
  2. 2. How are the results displayed? Results are shown grouped by database. We recommend using MeSH Searches for the most accurate search results. Click on the name of a database section to How can I view the full text of an item? see the results for that section. Cochrane Reviews are available in full by Cochrane Reviews contains full-text clicking on the title link (protocols will not be systematic reviews by the Cochrane in full). Collaboration (these may sometimes be protocols of reviews in progress). Other Reviews contains details, and often abstracts, of quality assessed systematic reviews published in healthcare journals. You’ll be able to Clinical Trials provides references, and view the different often abstracts, of clinical trials published in sections of the healthcare journals and some unpublished review using the trials. Many of the trials indexed here are left-hand menu, or also indexed in Medline or EMBASE. download PDF versions to save or Technology Assessments provides details print. of ongoing and completed assessments of the medical, social, ethical, and economic implications of healthcare interventions. Economic Evaluations provides abstracts and an appraisal of the quality of articles comparing the costs and outcomes of healthcare interventions. How can I do advanced searching? Within the other sections of the Library, you won’t be able to access the full-text directly, Click on the link to ‘Advanced search’ below but you may still be able to view the item the search box. online if the NHS subscribes to the journal. Visit the NHS Journals site at journals. If you login with your NHS Athens account, you’ll be able to check whether the journal title you want is available online, or held in your local health library. The advanced search option allows you to build complex searches using Boolean (And, Or, Not), to use MeSH thesaurus terms, to specify the field(s) you wish to search, to view your search history, and more. April 2010