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Large Scale Web Applications Using WordPress


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Large scale web application

Large set of users x multiple interactions x large data
A web application

Web Software that is created for a specific purpose/objective
Any web application can be logically seperated into
Content – Data the application contains
Users – types of users that uses the application and access/contribute content
Interactions – way in which user access/contributes content

Mapping of the application's 3 areas (specified in the previous slide) logically makes it easy to decide WordPress can be used to develop the application
Example for logical mapping

A Job Board broadly consists of the following content/users/interactions

1. Job Postings
2. Employee
3. Employers
4. Post a Job
5 Apply for a job
6. Search for a job
Another Example for logical mapping

A Real Estate Portal broadly consists of the following content/users/interactions

1. Properties
2. Builders
3. Buyers
4. Enquiry
5 Post Properties
6. Search Properties
Who decides the platform

1. Website owners or product owners
Typically non technical website/product creators are influenced by what is said to them
Major objectives of the the product owner
1. Fast Development
2. Scalability
1. Fast development – As WP is a framework which is ready with basic functions, it is the fastest way to get started
2. Scalability – When the application's data/users/interactions goes beyond certain WP can scale, is the best example with 74 million blogs running on it.
What developer should see to choose WordPress to develop
1. Application Logic which is the application itself
2. Infrastructure that can support scalability
3. Database Structuring
Foundation Logic
1. WordPress framework makes it possible to implement any application logic
Scalability can be supported with proper Infrastructure
Database Structuring
Optimized database structure, DB Caching makes it feasible to create large apps with WP
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Large Scale Web Applications Using WordPress

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  5. 5. Job Board Job Postings Employee Employer Post a Job Apply for a Job @sathishn
  6. 6. Job Board Job Postings - Content Employee } Users with roles } Interactions Employer Post a Job Apply for a Job @sathishn
  7. 7. Real Estate Portal Properties Builders Buyers Enquiry Post Properties @sathishn
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