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deque and it applications


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deque and it application

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deque and it applications

  1. 1. deque And Its Applications B.Manoj - 13MX27 M.Parthiban - 13MX32 R.Sathasivam - 13MX41 G.Sivanantham - 13MX45 N.TamilArasan – 13MX49
  2. 2. What is deque ?  A double-ended queue is an abstract data type that generalizes a queue, for which elements can be added to or removed from either the front or rear.  It is also often called a head-tail linked list.
  3. 3. Types Input-restricted deque Deletion can be made from both ends , but Insertion can be made at one end only. Output-restricted deque Insertion can be made at both ends , but Deletion can be made from one end only.
  4. 4. Operations pushRear() - Insert element at back pushFront() - Insert element at front popRear() - Remove last element popFront() - Remove first element isEmpty() – Checks whether the queue is empty or not.
  5. 5. Example of deque Operation Operation deque Contents Return Value isEmpty() [] True pushFront(‘a’) [‘a’] pushFront(‘b’) [‘b’ , ‘a’] pushRear(‘c’) [‘b’ , ‘a’ , ‘c’] popFront() [‘a’ , ‘c’] ‘b’ isEmpty() [‘a’ , ‘c’] False popRear() [‘a’] ‘c’
  6. 6. deque Applications Palindrome Checker Madam, Radar, Malayalam are some examples for palindrome
  7. 7. deque Applications A-Steal job scheduling algorithm – The A-Steal algorithm implements task scheduling for several processors(multiprocessor scheduling). – The processor gets the first element from the deque. – When one of the processor completes execution of its own threads it can steal a thread from another processor. – It gets the last element from the deque of another processor and executes it.
  8. 8. deque Applications Undo - Redo operation in software applications
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