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Top 10 smile :) form hollywood


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Top 10 smile :) form hollywood

  1. 1. Hollywood Actress TOP 10 smile of
  2. 2. Megan Fox No. 10 Megan has transformed into celebrity stardom with her beautiful looks, but look at that smile! We love her small laterals; it’s a very feminine look. Her gum line is slightly off though.
  3. 4. Julia Roberts No. 9 It looks like the wine and coffee have finally gotten to Julia’s smile. Her times are over in reaching the top ranks of smile ubiquity. We’re still giving her a spot though - it’s beautiful nonetheless.
  4. 6. Jennifer Garner No. 8 We’re fans of this one… an attractive smile for an attractive lady.
  5. 8. Katherine Heigl No. 7 Katherine’s smile is unique in that her 2 front lateral incisors flare forward. It has bags of personality! It is similar to Kirsten Dunst’s… smile.
  6. 10. Kate Beckinsale No. 6 A wonderful warm smile. But what we want to know is, how is it possible that she can smoke like a chimney and still manage to have teeth as white as snow? Oh wait… teeth whitening! Duh!
  7. 12. Rebecca Gayheart No. 5 Even though Rebecca has one lateral incisor longer than a central incisor, her smile is beautiful. Note that a smile does not have to be perfectly symmetrical - nature is not perfect.
  8. 14. Scarlett Johansson No. 4 Scarlett Johansson’s smile just oozes red carpet glamour. Notice how her plump lips frame the smile beautifully. This is an important feature in a female smile.
  9. 16. Gisele Bundchen No. 3 Do you see that smile? That’s because according to Forbes Celebrity 100, she is the highest paid model in the whole wide world. And we still love your smile!
  10. 18. Bridget Moynahan No. 2 Her smile works beautifully with her facial features: high cheekbones, deep brown eyes, and subtle sultriness. Her front centrals only show slight wear.
  11. 20. Jessica Alba No. 1 Jessica Alba’s smile shows closest to the golden proportions and gleams pearly white! It looks great at just about any angle! Just take a look at the pictures!