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The heat is on


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This Presentation is about how FIFA world cup 2010 will benefit South African economy.

On Slide # 10: its total number of television view from first match to last match .

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The heat is on

  1. The Heat is on <br />
  2. 11 June 2010<br />
  3. 736 Players<br />
  4. 64 matches<br />
  5. 32 Nations<br />
  6. 1 <br />Dream<br />
  7. The greatest show on earth will KICK OFF in<br />
  8. South Africa<br />
  9. an estimated 2.7 million spectators will watch the FIFA World Cup<br />
  10. And when the final is shown, ,a television audience of up to 28 billion people will have their eyes glued on South Africa<br />
  11. Its imagined to pump $7.46 billion (55 billion rand) into the South African economy<br />
  12. …and has generate about 415,000 new jobs<br />
  13. The country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be boosted by 33 billion rands in direct spending on stadiums and infrastructure<br />
  14. Country has spent about $ 4.6 billion on infrastructure including the renovation and construction of 10 breath-taking stadium<br />
  15. Even before first goal of the game scored. Fifa has raised closed to $ 3.3 billion by selling television rights and sponsorships, thus making it the highest revenue generator for any sporting event…<br />
  16. Its expected soccer fanatics will spend some 8 billion rand and tickets sales will generate 6 billion rand<br />
  17. S.A government would earn about 19 billion rand ($2.51 billion) in tax revenue<br />
  18. South Africa can expect up to a 100 000 tourism arrivals and a revenue generation of $200 million if all the enablers are in place. <br />
  19. An additional $1.1 billion is expected through the retailers in and around the various match venues and city canters<br />
  20. It is expect additional 30 million beer bottles be sold during world cup <br />
  21. As many as 40,000 women has enter South Africa to work as prostitutes during this World Cup<br />
  22. And when the last goal is scored and the dust settles on the tournament, it would have changed the perception about this emerging giant, thanks to the world class infrastructure it will leave behind.<br />
  23. Get Ready <br />
  24. For this mega event <br />
  25. To cheers your nation<br />
  26. To support your favorite player <br />
  27. Thank You <br />
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