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Japan earthquake

Japan earthquake in numbers. lets stand for japan.

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Japan earthquake

  1. JAPAN<br />Calling for help..<br />
  2. 2011-03-11<br />The date that will be remembered for the occurrence of the most devastating natural disaster in Japanese history<br />
  3. 8.9<br />The magnitude of the earthquake that triggered the tsunami. This is the greatest magnitude earthquake to hit Japan since records have been kept.<br />
  4. 9.5<br />Magnitude of the world's largest recorded quake, which took place in Chile on May 22, 1960, according to the USGS.<br />
  5. 8<br />Estimated number of feet that Japan’s main island shifted as a result of the earthquake.<br />
  6. 8,133<br />People were confirmed dead by police, quoted by Kyodo news agency, as of 20th March,2011.<br />
  7. 15,000<br />Number of dead there would exceed <br />
  8. 12,272<br />People are still missing<br />
  9. 362,877<br />People have been evacuated and are staying at shelters<br />
  10. 200,000<br />Rough number of people – living near the distressed Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture <br />
  11. 2,367<br />Shelters created so far<br />
  12. 249,879 <br />Households in the north were without electricity<br />
  13. 1.04 million<br />Households in 11 prefectures were without running water<br />
  14. 117,274<br />Buildings have been damaged, with at least 14,407 completely destroyed<br />
  15. 15 trillion yen<br />Barclays Capital estimates economic losses. That's roughly 3 per cent of Japan's GDP. <br />
  16. $100 billion<br />Minimum estimate of losses of the quake, tsunami and fires, According to catastrophe modeling firm Eqecat.<br />
  17. $40 billion<br />Damage to infrastructure such as roads, rail and port facilities.<br />
  18. $15-35 billion<br />Estimated amount of losses caused by the earthquake alone that may be covered by insurance, according to AIR Worldwide.<br />
  19. 14% to 17%<br />The estimated amount of Japanese businesses and homeowners with earthquake insurance<br />
  20. 1,000 times<br />Radiation levels inside the plant are more than normal levels, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency<br />
  21. $23 million<br />Donations to help Japan in fast 2 day, according to an early tally by the American Red Cross and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, a newspaper covering nonprofit organizations.<br />
  22. More than $150 million<br />Amount raised for relief within four days of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy<br />
  23. 116 <br />Countries and 28 international organizations had offered assistance to Japan<br />
  24. Donation<br /> single stop Information website<br />
  25. Credit<br />Pictures : Boston Big Pictures<br />Numbers: BBC News, Reuters ,CNN , National Police Agency of Japan <br />Note: Numbers till 20th march,<br />Feedback |<br />More Presentations|<br />