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At a glance: G20 agreement

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At a glance: G20 agreement

  1. At a glance: G20 agreement
  2. Extra $US1 trillion ($1.43 trillion) for international bodies, including trebling of International Monetary Fund financing to $US750 billion ($1.08 trillion)
  3. G20 nations expect to have spent $US5 trillion ($7.17 trillion) battling the economic crisis by the end of 2010
  4. Extra $US250 billion ($358.6 billion) for trade finance
  5. Agreement to shame and name blacklisted tax havens
  6. New rules on pay and bonuses for corporate chiefs
  7. IMF will sell billions of dollars of gold reserves to help poor countries
  8. Financial regulation and oversight will be extended to all financial institutions, instruments and markets
  9. Although there is no new fiscal stimulus, Gordon Brown said G20 countries are already implementing "the biggest macroeconomic stimulus the world has ever seen" - an injection of $5tn by the end of next year
  10. Additional resources of $6bn from agreed IMF gold sales will be made available for lending to the poorest countries
  11. The G20 has pledged to resist protectionism
  12. The G20 also supports increased lending to the world's poorest countries of at least $100bn by the multilateral development banks
  13. G20 leaders will meet again in New York in September, when the IMF will report on the impact of the spending to date.

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