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  1. 1. Russia Climate Regions BY ERIN AND PAIGE
  2. 2. TUNDRA PLANTS AND ANIMALS • Plants include fungus of grasses and shrubs.The moose is the largest member of the moose family.
  3. 3. Tundra plants and animals • Plants grow low to the ground. Hairs have very long hind legs and long ears. Linches grow their animals. Plants come out in the summer
  4. 4. TUNDRA LAND FORMS • Growing season is usually 6 to 10 weeks. In summer the hard soil thaws out. The Tundra covers most of the northern part of Russia. The Tundra is close to the North Pole. There are not many trees in the Tundra. Most of the land is flat. There are mountains in some places of the tundra.
  5. 5. TUNDRAS CLIMATE• Winters are long and summers are short in the Tundra. The tundra is the coldest place in Russia. There are 1,000 to 4,000 above the sea level. There are four seasons, the main ones is are winter and summer. The tundra has more wind than snow.
  6. 6. Taigas climate
  7. 7. Long , cold winters and short ,warm summers go by quickly. The chilly bitter cold weathercauses forced wind to go by in the taiga.
  8. 8. TAIGA’S PLANTS AND ANIMALS • Trees like spruce, hemlock, pine, and fir trees are fond in the Taiga’s forest’s. Trees in the taiga are cone shape so snow will slide off and so the the branches on the trees don’t fall off. Many animals live in the taiga because it has many plants to eat and trees to live in.
  9. 9. TAIGAS LAND FORMS • The Taigas land form is very grassy and has many mountains called the Ural mountains. There are a few small lakes and three rivers called the Ob, Lena, volga rivers.
  10. 10. STEPPE PLANTS AND ANIMALS• There are many • The animals live in plants and grasses the trees and swim in the steppe even and bath in the though the soil is rivers very poor. There are many animals including bears, birds, and some fish that live in the rivers.
  11. 11. Steppe land forms • The land forms are very flat and there are a lot of big open fields. The grass turns yellow because it is so hot there.
  12. 12. Mixed Forest Plants & Animals• There are lots of trees in the Mixed Forest. Animal include cardinals, snowy owls, and woodpeckers and white tailed deer,raccoons. It is also very grassy
  13. 13. MIXED FOREST LAND FORMS • It is very hilly but also flat. No other climate can pass the tree line in the mixed forest or else… … … history will be made!
  14. 14. MIXED FORESTS CLIMATE• The mixed forest is a little colder than New England. There are 4 main seasons which are Winter Fall Summer & Spring. The main temp. Is 46 degrees.
  15. 15. STEPPE CLIMATE• The steppe is a very warm place and the main seasons are winter, summer, and fall. Also sometimes the Steppe is over 100 degrees! There also sometimes fires in the steppe even though the trees stay alive they still stop growing.