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Caroline gracefinal


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Caroline gracefinal

  1. 1. Russia’s Climate Regions Tundra,Taiga,Steppe,Mixed forest
  2. 2. TundraPlants And Animals- Climate and Land forms-Poppies,moss,and shrubs are In June and July the soil on the plants that live in the ground thaws and there are Tundra. also cold Winters and warm Summers.Mosquitoes,deer flies,black Tundra is a frozen land the biome flies,and deer are animals is made of frozen flat land. that live in the Tundra.
  3. 3. TaigaPlants and animals- Land Forms and Climate-Brown Mountains,deserts,tropical bears,beavers,deer,elk,lynx, forests,swampy wood reindeer,rabbits,squirrels. lands,and poor marshyBright yellow l7and. waddlers,cedar,fir,pine,and In the Taiga the Winter is spruce. much colder than it is here in Wellesley.
  4. 4. SteppePlants and animals- Land Forms and Climate-During Russia’s long and cold Grasslands occur when it is too wet Winters Brown bears go into for deserts but too dry for hibernation.Ungulutes, and deer forests.Tropical grasslands are live in the grassland.There are hot all year long.In the Summer bison,and horses too.There are it can sometimes get over 100° tall grass praries,sunflowers,and f.It can get much colder Santa also many plants in the Steppe Barbra in the Winter.It gets the main ones are different types really cold in the Winter and of grass. really hot in the Summer.
  5. 5. Mixed ForestPlants and Animals- Land Forms and Climate-The bushy tailed fox is a meat There are very cold grounds eating mammal the Dhole is with frozen soil called a wild dog in Asia.A newt permfrost.The tempature is is a bright colored always changing.Average salamander.Conifers,aspen, tempature in the Winter is birch tree,elm,maple,oak 82.4°. tree.