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Update on the Community Initiatives Fund Grant - ToothFairy


Published on

October 24th 2017

Published in: Healthcare
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Update on the Community Initiatives Fund Grant - ToothFairy

  1. 1. Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition and Canada’s Tooth Fairy Our Vision is to create a world where no Child suffers from preventable tooth decay Collaborative ~ Diverse ~ Leaders ~ Proactive ~ Respectful Joining Forces
  2. 2. Tooth Fairy 101 Community Education Kit • Double-sided magnetic display board • Magnets • Giant toothbrush • Laminates • 12 - lesson curriculum
  3. 3. • The kit enables all children to grasp the concept of how cavities are caused • ESL students found the concepts easy to follow
  4. 4. SCHOOL SELECTION • 25 Additional Schools were chosen for the CIF Dental Project based on their high risk, as identified by the Saskatoon Health Region - Oral Health Program (SHR-OHP) • As well, 18 schools were revisited from 2016 and retrained to participate in the program a 2nd year.
  6. 6. IMPLEMENTATION • 31 schools were visited between February and May • 136 students in the 6th,and 7th grade were trained to use the Educational Kit • Presentations were given to Kindergarten through Grade 4 classes
  7. 7. Students distributed 3100 toothbrushes during their presentations
  8. 8. Compliments of the Saskatoon Health Region – Oral Health Program TOOLS
  9. 9. The students were excited, enthusiastic, and very eager to learn. The children had fun preparing to do the presentations
  10. 10. Sharing their knowledge with the magnetic tooth!
  11. 11. Great Learning Experience and Leadership Role
  12. 12. The schools were excited to offer their students this learning opportunity Kits will remain in the school libraries.
  13. 13. Feedback was collected in the form of written comments and testimonials as well as photos of the students doing the presentations.
  14. 14. Integrating the Toothfairy101 Educational Kit was an exciting project
  15. 15. Dental Project A report has been submitted to the Community Initiatives Grant fulfilling the grant expectations. We hope to receive another grant from CIF next year!
  16. 16. • The Tooth Fairy Dental Project was funded by a Dakota Dunes Grant in the Spring of 2016. • CIF funded the Spring of 2017 Grant • A second grant was successful from Dakota Dunes for the Fall of 2017 • Total number of participating schools… 63 SUMMARY