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Student Participation in Oral Health Promotion Activities


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Oct 26th 2015

Published in: Healthcare
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Student Participation in Oral Health Promotion Activities

  1. 1. Student Participation in Oral Health Promotion Activities October 26, 2016 Brenda Udahl
  2. 2. Dental Hygiene Community Activities Long Term Care Interprofessional Experiences
  3. 3. Guidelines, Standards, Competencies • Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) National Competencies • Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada Requirements (CDAC) • National Dental Hygiene Certification Exam (NDHCE) Blueprint • Saskatchewan Dental Hygienists Association (SDHA) Practice Standards • Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SPT) Practice Standards – SDHA, Saskpolytech, College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan
  4. 4. Overarching Competencies • Apply Code of Ethics • Use effective communication • Apply evidence-based decision making approaches • Apply quality assurance standards • Maintain a documents and records • Assess the clients’ learning style • Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented clinical therapy
  5. 5. Community Health • Recognize the influence of determinants of health • Collaborate with partners • Select and implement appropriate health promotion strategies • Advocate for healthy public policy • Use measureable criteria in the evaluation of outcomes • Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity • ADPIE
  6. 6. Progression of Learning Year 1 • Determinants of Health • Community Health Strategies • Presentation Skills • Design Table Clinics Year 2 • Epidemiology • AD • Literature Review • P • I • E
  7. 7. Mother Teresa Middle School • MTMS serves highly motivated, economically disadvantaged, grade 6 – 8 students whose potential for success has been compromised by social and economic factors affecting them and their families. • Dental hygiene students: – Apply determinants of health – Collaborate with teachers – Use EBDM skills to suggest interventions – See advocacy in action
  8. 8. Elementary School Activities Group Activity Outcome K Brushed doll’s teeth Used tbr when playing Gr 1 Dressed up in lab coats Decreased fear Gr 3,4 Identified indicators of oral health Improved attitudes toward oral health Gr 5,6 Used Trivia game to learn about gingivitis and periodontitis Increased knowledge Gr 8 Practiced technique Improved plaque/biofilm scores
  9. 9. Shirley Schneider Support Centre • This school facility for pregnant and parenting young women is provided so each student may continue her education and receive counseling and support services in an atmosphere of warmth and understanding. • Dental Hygiene students: – Apply determinants of health – Identify barriers – Act as mentors
  10. 10. Pregnant Teens, Teen Mothers Goals • Provide information on oral health and pregnancy, teenagers, babies • Demonstrate and practice oral care techniques – for self and baby • Opportunity to assume responsibility for baby • Opportunity to develop competence • Increased confidence speaking with health care personnel • Act as a mentor/role model
  11. 11. Supported Living, Transition House, Addictions Treatment Centres Activity Outcome PP on oral health Increased knowledge and demonstration of positive behaviours Teach and model specific skills Residents and workers involved in making a change Students use research skills, identify barriers and health issues in need of advocacy, observe examples of advocacy, identify determinants of health, consider the role of governments, recognize political, social and economic health issues
  12. 12. Community Activities • Develop skills be able to: – Act as a professional – Collaborate – Think critically – Advocate – Coordinate – Educate – Promote health
  13. 13. Requirements • 3 ‘volunteer’ activities – Brownies, Gr 1, CSI, Career Day – Submit brief Needs Assessment, Plan, Outcome, Evaluation • 1 major project – Assess, plan, implement and evaluate a community oral health activity for an under-serviced group – Submit Literature Review as part of needs assessment (also used as credit for DHYG 269 Lit & Stats) – Develop written and oral report
  14. 14. Activities on the Go Semester 1 • HLTH 274 – Identify underserviced group – Complete review of literature on barriers – Assess and plan intervention • Projects – ‘Gift from the Heart’ April 9, 2016 – Free Dental Day May 6 – Regina Open Door Society – North Central Family Preschool – nursing students
  15. 15. Long Term Care • Respect autonomy of clients as partners in decision making • Design and implement services tailored to unique needs • Share information with other health professionals • Identify issues in need of advocacy • Contribute to actions that will facilitate access to care • Use principles of ergonomics
  16. 16. William Booth Special Care Home • Provide oral care • Recommend daily mouth care procedures • Record findings and recommendations in resident’s medical charts • Consult with family
  17. 17. Long Term Care Volunteer Activity Major Project Teach CCAides Review literature on Alzheimers, zerostomia, attitudes towards oral care, relationship between oral health and systemic diseases, or commonly prescribed drugs Provide information to adults in independent living centres Knowledge and skills Evaluate and report
  18. 18. Interprofessional Activities • Share information with other professionals about scope of practice • Promote team relationships to support client services • Function effectively within interprofessional teams and settings • Model good citizenship • Apply principles and theories of political action • Contribute to a healthy work environment
  19. 19. Interprofessional Opportunities • SEARCH - Student Energy in Action for Community Health • SPICE • EAL • SCBScN
  20. 20. Dental Assisting • Must have experiences in health promotion for varied target populations • Must have a functional relationship with at least one health care facility or community agency • Educate a community health audience to increase awareness or oral health issues and interests
  21. 21. Qu’Appelle House • Students are partnered with residents to assess, plan implement and evaluate daily mouth care procedures
  22. 22. Community Activities • Provide oral health information to children in an elementary school setting • Apply pit and fissure sealants to children in an elementary school or community clinic setting • Participate in CSI activities at Saskatchewan Polytechnic to promote oral health
  23. 23. Goals • Provide opportunities to participate in community health activities to prepare students to initiate and/or participate when they become practitioners • Select effective health promotion/education activities • Describe the provision of oral health services in Saskatchewan • Identify oral health issues in need of advocacy • Act as an advocate