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Parkridge centre oral health update for sohc meeting


Published on

May 12th 2014

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Parkridge centre oral health update for sohc meeting

  1. 1.  secure oral hygiene products for residents’ oral health kits.  develop oral health protocols.  promote the importance of daily oral care among staff.
  2. 2.  The oral health kit is based on the model used @ Deer Lodge facility in Winnipeg.
  3. 3.  April & May 2014 › In one Parkridge Centre neighborhood, Saskatoon Health Region – Oral Health Program dental health educators (DHE’s) are providing:  initial oral health assessments using the Oral Health Assessment Tool (OHAT)  Hands-on instruction for daily care.
  4. 4.  Next Steps › DHE’s training Clinical Nurse Educators (CNE) on assessments and daily oral care. Better Oral Health in Long Term Care training module is being used. › CNE’s will train Continuing Care Aides (CCA’s)
  5. 5.  CNE’s are using mannequins with oral cavities and teeth, to help staff become comfortable in providing oral care.
  6. 6.  Adjustments will be made to processes, training and resources as required, until everything flows well.  CNE’s will continue adding neighborhoods and training front-line staff, until daily oral care is fully implemented.
  7. 7. • This resource was distributed to residents and their families during April.