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Oral health coalition priorities identified – november 2010


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May 11th 2011

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Oral health coalition priorities identified – november 2010

  1. 1. Oral Health Coalition Priorities Identified – November 2010 1. Oral Health of Older Adults/Older Adults in LTC/Older Adults in Acute Care. (34) 2. Support Mobile Dental Bus. (27) 3. Toothbrushing Programs in Community Schools. (19)
  2. 2. Oral Health Coalition Priorities Identified – November 2010 4. Free dental work for working poor/low or no income. (15) 5. SHR Senior Care Strategy – Oral Health. (13)
  3. 3. Oral Health Coalition Actions Two Community Wellness Grants applied for in January 2011: 1. LTC Oral Health Coordinator – Approved  $20,000 – University of Sask., College of Dentistry Partners: SHR – Continuing Care & Seniors Health SHR – PHS – Oral Health Program (Priority # 1)
  4. 4. Oral Health Coalition Actions 2. Smile! Toothbrushing Programs in all SHR Community Schools – Not approved  $10,000- Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Partners: Saskatoon Public School Division PHS – Oral Health Program (Priority # 3)
  5. 5. Oral Health Coalition Actions Will submit another application for October 2011, clearly stating who employs the Smile coordinator, and partners’ specific roles. Are there other groups who would like to partner with us? CUMFI? PHS – BHE?
  6. 6. Oral Health Coalition Actions • Stobart Elementary School (Duck Lake) has started their own toothbrushing program. • GSCS wants to fund a pilot program in a few community schools in partnership with the Oral Health Program. (Priority #3)
  7. 7. Oral Health Coalition Actions • Master of Public Health student hired by College of Dentistry for practicum • June /11- August/11 Focus of practicum is to draft a proposal on oral health care/programming for LTC residents in Saskatchewan . (Priority #5)
  8. 8. Oral Health Coalition Actions • College of Dentistry, West Side Community Dental Clinic Fully equipped and soon ready for clients. When operational, how can we promote to seniors to access services? (Priority #4)
  9. 9. Oral Health Coalition Actions • Mobile Dental Bus No action yet. How can we move this forward?
  10. 10. Outcomes • Community support for families with children who have had dental treatment under general anaesthesia. Ethics approval submitted for a research project. The project is to follow up with children and their families in the community after dental treatment under general anaesthesia.
  11. 11. Outcomes Objective is to support family, so that good oral health practices and dental care can be implemented for the entire family. Goal is to reduce and/or eliminate repeat general anaesthesia for same child, and also any siblings.
  12. 12. Outcomes Lead: Dr. Nagle Others: Dr. Hamilton PHS – Oral Health Program (Priority #8)
  13. 13. Outcomes • Oral Health Program is working collaboratively with the College of Dentistry, Pediatric program and schools, to increase the number of children receiving preventive services (fluoride, sealants) and treatment services – Fall 2011.
  14. 14. Outcomes • April 1, 2011 implementation of PHN’s in rural health centres providing fluoride varnish to children ages 1-5. (Priority #10)
  15. 15. Outcomes • Marcella Ogenchuk, College of Nursing, linked with Dr. Uswak to provide dental presentations to 3rd year nursing students at Prince Albert’s Victoria Hospital. • Focus was on basic information on early childhood dental disease. This included teaching Lift the Lip, fluoride varnish, referrals to dental home, etc.. The students then set up lectures for pediatric ward staff.
  16. 16. Outcomes Unique to have non-dental health professionals advocating for oral health. Dr. Uswak provides similar presentations to 3rd year nursing, pharmacy, and nutrition U of S students.
  17. 17. Outcomes • Strengthened linkage with Health Bus. PHS – Oral Health Program to be available one day/month for consultations at Ave. M & 20th Street location, from May-September, 2011. • Priority: To identify point of contact for vulnerable populations.
  18. 18. Oral Health Coalitions What’s Next • Arkansas • • Florida • • Services/oralhealth Massachusetts •
  19. 19. Oral Health Coalitions What’s Next • New Hampshire • • New York state • • North Dakota •
  20. 20. Oral Health Coalitions What’s Next • • • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania •
  21. 21. Oral Health Coalitions What’s Next • • Texas • Utah • • Washington state • • Oral Health Coalitions - Portal •
  22. 22. What’s next? • How can we build capacity? • Advocacy Skills – Priority # 7 (11) • How should we proceed?
  23. 23. What’s next? • Social Media – How should we engage? Could include dental messages/resources/ OHC updates?  Blog? Website? Facebook?
  24. 24. What’s next? • How to establish shared goals? • Future agendas – time for partners to share updates
  25. 25. Thank you for your participation today!! Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 8:30 am – 12:00 pm