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Making the Healthy Choice the easy choice


Published on

October 24th 2017

Published in: Healthcare
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Making the Healthy Choice the easy choice

  1. 1. Making the Healthy Choice the easy choice Presenter: Chelsea Brown, RD Public Health Dietitian Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region
  2. 2. We have a shared goal: ★Better nutrition = Better oral health
  3. 3. Public Health Nutrition
  4. 4. What do we do? • Work to make the healthy choice the easy choice in the places we live work learn and play. • Build capacity in our members and others – education, mentorship and training. • Work with and through partnerships (schools, community organizations, child care facilities, University, etc.) • Do community assessments, program planning, research and evaluation of current conditions. • Collaboratively respond to Health Canada in review and consultations for healthy public policy. • Develop resources that are used provincially. • Try to break down barriers to healthy eating for all
  5. 5. The Food Environment
  6. 6. The Food Environment Why do we care? = Has a greater impact on the food choices we make than an individual’s knowledge about healthy eating.
  7. 7. How has your food environment impacted your food choices? Lets find out….
  8. 8. Lets take a poll… 1. On your phone’s web browser enter the address: 2. Then enter the game code that pops up on the screen…
  9. 9. ...had doughnuts at a staff meeting?
  10. 10. ...had healthy snacks brought in to a staff meeting?
  11. 11. ...wanted healthy food when donuts was all there was?
  12. 12. ...have an area in your office where people leave leftover goodies to 'help yourselves'
  13. 13. ...brought leftover healthy snacks to share at the office.
  14. 14. ...had a cookie or pastry at an organization’s open house or community event.
  15. 15. ...had veggies at an organization’s open house or community event?
  16. 16. ...bought a chocolate bar at a store even if that’s not what you went into the store to get?
  17. 17. …have seen a checkout counter that looked like this?
  18. 18. ...seen healthy options at a child’s sporting event?
  19. 19. ...more commonly see these types of options?
  20. 20. ...gotten a healthy meal or snack from a refrigerated vending machine?
  21. 21. ...had chips and a pop for supper because that’s all that was available...
  22. 22. plant baskets for a school or program fundraiser.
  23. 23. chocolates as part of a fundraiser.
  24. 24. ...ate Halloween candy for a full month before Halloween at work, home, mall...etc.
  25. 25. ...gave away or received non-candy giveaways at Halloween.
  26. 26. ...had unhealthy foods at a health fair?
  27. 27. ...had healthy foods at a health fair
  28. 28. Ever noticed that this is very cheap and easily accessible…
  29. 29. …would like to see more of this around?
  30. 30. ...have received candy as a reward for good behaviour?
  31. 31. …rewarded children with non-food rewards, e.g. frisbee, colouring book, activities, etc.
  32. 32. ...purchased a box of cereal with a cartoon character on the front for a child?
  33. 33. …think this cereal has the same target audience?
  34. 34. ...been able to smell fast food from at least 2 blocks away
  35. 35. So what can you do?? • Bring healthy foods to meetings and community events instead of sweets. • Ask for healthier foods – the more demand there is the more likely people will be to offer them. • Support local fresh food businesses. • Do not give candy out as a reward or incentive. • Suggest non-food or healthy food fundraisers • Do what you can to help make the healthy choice the easy choice not only for yourself but those around you. • Lets work together to promote the message and normalcy of less sugar and food with low nutrition for better oral and overall health.
  36. 36. How can we work together? Better nutrition helps support better oral health. • Oral health and nutrition status in older adults go hand in hand. • We both work with schools and school age kids, so lets support each other. • Oral health and nutrition are both common concerns in those new to Canada. • Infant feeding practices and infant oral health are commonly linked (open cup, bottle propping, juice, etc.) • Eating disorders impact on teeth, nutrition and body image. • Improving Food Security can help to improve oral health and overall health. • If you need any information, resources, research re: Nutrition or healthy eating come to us!
  37. 37. ★We can each work to share, support and advocate for that consistent message: healthier foods and beverages for healthier bodies, teeth and mouths. One of the biggest ways we can impact eating habits and in turn oral health, is by impacting our food environments to support making those healthy choices.
  38. 38. Contact Information Chelsea Brown, RD Public Health Dietitian Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region 306-766-7157