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America's Tooth Fairy and Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition


Published on

Oct 24th 2016

Published in: Healthcare
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America's Tooth Fairy and Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition

  1. 1. .Aggressively responding to the #1 chronic childhood disease
  2. 2. & Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition Making a difference in the lives of at-risk children
  3. 3. National Children’s Oral Health Foundation was created to eliminate children’s preventable suffering from tooth decay and ensure they can access the comprehensive care they need for healthy, happy, and productive futures.
  4. 4. The NCOHF Oral Health Zone Program® is a comprehensive, community-based approach to promoting oral health
  5. 5. Engaging all community stakeholders in eliminating pediatric dental disease
  6. 6. . University Dental & Dental Hygiene Programs Stand Alone Dental Clinics Mobile Units Community Health Programs Partnerships Hospital-based Programs School Programs
  7. 7. Highlighting caring practices who support the delivery of oral health services to children within their communities Practices with a Purpose
  8. 8. Volunteer dental hygiene professionals and students educating children and families on good oral health practices • Community Education Kit provided for volunteers and dental hygiene programs • Participants in all 50 US states, Canada and abroad • Founded with generous leadership gift from Esther Wilkins RDH, DMD
  9. 9. • Professional and Collegiate level Student volunteers provide preventive services, oral health education and raise funds for local service delivery • Grant to establish chapter activities • Community Education Kit provided for chapters/clubs • Fundraising templates to help attract community support
  10. 10. Encouraging good oral health practices for children and families Fun tips, educational activities and personalized letters from the ToothFairy!
  11. 11. • Community Education Kit provided for chapters/clubs • Online portal for lessons, instructions, and peer communications • Fundraising templates to help attract community support High school student volunteers provide oral health education for young children HIGH SCHOOL 500+ high school chapters and growing!
  12. 12. Integrates oral health mentoring in leadership activities in existing youth organizations and networks • Reaches underserved with vital oral health education • Uses bi-lingual educational materials • Existing partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America provides channel for engaging youth mentors • Girl Scouts, Family Resource Centers • School Nurses
  13. 13. Girl Scout/Boy Scout Patch • Three Activities: • Discover • Connect • Take Action • Uses bi-lingual educational materials • 1,000 troops and 19,000 Scouts have earned patches through this initiative
  14. 14. • Prenatal through young adult learning levels • Topics include nutrition, germ transmission prevention and oral hygiene (biofilm control) • Successfully used for over 6 years by community partners • Utilized in schools, health fairs, clinics and lobby learning • Lessons used in Canada, all 50 US states and locations around the world EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS
  15. 15. • Password Protected Portal with: • Youth Activities Guide • Display Board Kit and Health Fair Materials • Access to Dental Career Exposure Opportunity Request Form • Teacher/Youth Leader’s Introduction Guide • Other Resources/Materials to Engage Youth in Oral Health EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS
  16. 16. Together, we can give vulnerable children the building blocks they need for happy, healthy futures! & Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition