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Extensive reading


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An explanation of the benefits of extensive reading for English learners and how to use

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Extensive reading

  1. 1. Extensive Reading Assignment
  2. 2. Intensive vs. Extensive Reading Intensive reading – reading in detail with specific learning aims and tasks. • This is what we will do in class. Extensive reading - reading longer texts (e.g. books) for pleasure and to develop general reading skills. • You will do this by yourself outside of class.
  3. 3. Benefits of Extensive Reading • increase reading speed • improve reading comprehension (understanding) • development of grammatical and vocabulary knowledge • improvement of writing skills • improvement of listening & speaking skills
  4. 4. Benefits of Extensive Reading
  5. 5. Assignment During the semester: • read 50,000+ words (approximately five intermediate level books) • minimum four books (but you can read more!) • ‘graded readers’ – short books (fiction & non-fiction) with different levels of difficulty
  6. 6. Which level? To improve your reading speed and enjoyment: • choose books where you know about 95% of the words • about 1 in 20 words should be unfamiliar (1 word every 2 or 3 lines) • too easy  boring! • too difficult  not enjoyable to read, and too much time stopping to look up words in the dictionary
  7. 7. Where? Borrow them from: Yonsei Central Library Humanities Books section – 2nd floor OR Buy them from: Yonsei bookstore, Kyobo, Bandi & Luni’s etc…
  8. 8. Grades Worth 10% of your final grade • 2 points per 10,000 words • 20,000 words before midterm exam period; total 50,000+ by the end of the semester How to get points: • pass the book quiz on (DO THIS BY YOURSELF!) • only one chance to do the quiz • 15 minutes per quiz (you can look at the book while doing the quiz) • DON’T open the quiz until you are ready to do it!! • maximum one quiz every 24 hours
  9. 9. Don’t Cheat! • The goal of the Mreader quiz is to check your reading comprehension – therefore you must do the reading quiz by yourself!! • Don’t get help from a friend or help a friend to do the quiz – this is cheating. • I can track cheating, and if you cheat, you will not get points for reading the book – this means you could lose up to 10% from your final grade!! • Important: I won’t tell you during the semester if I catch cheating – you will only find out at the end. You won’t get a chance to make up the missed points.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Register Access code: find it on Your ID number: Yonsei ID # (e.g. 2103123456) ** Your login will be: YON-[ID #] (e.g. YON-2013123456) **
  12. 12. Student page
  13. 13. View available quizzes You can search books by: genre, publisher, fiction/non-fiction, images/words and level Images:
  14. 14. View available quizzes Words:
  15. 15. Happy reading!