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  1. 1. TITLING RESEARCH 3: ZOMBIELAND The title is a big give away for this film, and tells you the genre and what the film will be featuring. straight away from the advertising poster there is a big indication of the destruction and terror that is going to happen within the film
  2. 2. The opening credits start of with this image of an American flag, straight away indicating to the audience, were the film is set, and that it has been made by an American production company.Almost straight away you arethrown into contact with azombie eating another human.This creates the first dose ofterror for the audience, andgives them and insight into thegruesome nature of this film.
  3. 3. These opening credits connotes to the audience the destruction of the earth due to this zombie take over.The creates discomfort and horrorfor the audience, and the earth is avery personal and close thing formany people, as everyone shares itas a home.
  4. 4. The opening titles are set out as aguide book of how to surviveagainst the zombies. This creates asense of comedy and humour forthe audience within the openingcredits. This lightens theatmosphere of a zombie horror,and portrays a humorous side tothe film.
  5. 5. The opening credits being used as a guide book on how to stay alive, shows the death of innocent people who arent yet zombies, who provide the examples for the guidebook.The use of the bright red blood, iseye catching and disturbing towardsthe audience. Red is a very dominantcolour throughout the film, as it is asymbol of blood and danger , andthe film contains a lot of blood andgore, due to the zombies eatingpeople.
  6. 6. The production company is in bold, bright red writing which contrasts with the brown black blood that convers the zombies. The Red is bright and stands out, to capture the audiences attention against the graphic scene of death, and murder.Throughout the whole of thefilm and the opening creditsblood is a very dominantfeature in the film. Howeverrather than having theconventional red blood, a lotof the blood featured in thefilm is dark red or almostblack/ brown in colouring. Thismakes it even moredisturbing, and it almostmakes the blood look diseasedand more dangerous andterrifying than conventionalred blood.
  7. 7. Within all of these opening titles, as an audience we are clearly able to see the true horrorand terror that are captured on these peoples faces as they try and escape the zombies.These emotions are then reflected onto the audience, as they feel sympathetic towards theinnocent members of the public trying to survive.
  8. 8. The use of camera angles in theopening credits plays a vital role,as they include the audiencewithin the film. Making theaudience feel on edge and buildup a sense of terror. This iscreated by the way it looks as ifthe zombies are running towardsthe audience. Here we areclearly able to see the mansmashing through a window toescape the zombie, this iscaptured in slow motion as wesee the shattering of the glass,and the shattering of the letters.The camera angles capturing itfrom the other side makes theaudience feel as if the man insmashing through the screenand coming at them. This createsanticipation for the audience, aswe never actually see is he outruns the zombie.
  9. 9. Once again comedy is entwinedwithin this horror. Having a nakedstrip dancer chasing a fat man withmoney in his hand is very comicaland funny for the audience tolighten their mood. Once againwith the credits being in slowmotion we are clearly able to seethe, pain, horror, and terror withinthese peoples faces as they run fortheir lives.The zombie being covered in bloodis symbolic to show that she hasalready murdered to be covered inblood, which makes the audiencefeel fearful for the survivors.
  10. 10. Once again, we are able to see the innocent people trying to out run the zombies.However this is almost portraying dramatic irony as we are able to see the horror of thezombies coming up behind the people, and knowing that there is no escape for them.The writing of the credits is in bright red, which is symbolic as it conveys the danger anddeath of the zombies, and the horror that the film will portray.
  11. 11. The comical zombiebeing on fire and yetstill chasing a fireman,is ironic and yet stillhumours for theaudience.
  12. 12. The final of the openingcredits is a zombiecrashing through a carwindscreen . This iscapture in slow motion,and positions theaudience as if they aresitting in the car. Thiscreates tension for theaudience as almostimmediately they feelinvolved within the film,and feel afraid andanxious when they comeinto close contact withthe zombies.