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Opening sequence


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Opening sequence

  1. 1. Opening sequence: Scream 4
  2. 2. The first 10 seconds of the opening of the Scream 4 consist of the production company. This is the first ting you see as you begin to watch the film as it places emphasis on the importance of the production company. The font is simplistic, and the bright blue and white writing stand out against the black background.The Transition of the writing is smooth and consist of a ray of lightrunning through it, almost as if the writing is shinning, giving theletters a texture image. Whilst the audience are focused on theproduction company it is soon interrupted by the non digeticringing of a telephone that you are unable to see yet, putting theaudience on edge, and leaving the anticipating what will happenafter the production company.
  3. 3. At 10 seconds the transition into the firstscene is smooth yet abrupt. We are clearlythrown into the middle of a house, and cannow see the telephone that has beenringing.At 13 seconds is when we are first introduced to thefirst character within the film. However the deepdark evil sounding voice on the other end of thephone creates suspense and worry for the audience,as we know that this person will be evil.We are able to hear both sides of the conversation,as we are able to hear the murderous voice on theother side of the phone. This gives us a two sidedstory, and a clearer understand of what ishappening.
  4. 4. 23 seconds we are introduced to the second female character. Mise en scene allows us to get the view that they are within a kitchen, this follows the conventions of a teen horror, were it follows their lives and activities. Being set within a home should mean safety for these girls, but with a murdering knowing the home number, home dosnt seem so safe.Following the typical teen horror conventions, this films starts with two females.Females are usually seen as being vulnerable and weak so straight away the audienceget a feeling that something will happen to them. The females are very attractive andlikable, allowing many teenagers to relate to them. They are very typical femalecharacters who connote that they are popular and well liked within there social group. Ironically the girls Once again this is ironic that the start speaking character picks about horror up a large movies, and the knife, considering gruesome the audice know that the film is a murders within slasher. them.
  5. 5. Having the female partaking in stereotypical teenage activity like texting and talking about face book, relates to there target audience. Allowing teenagers to become engaged and interested in the film. 1:18 is when the suspicion begins to build within the film and within the audience, when she realizes her “stalker” is using pictures of actors pretending to be him.1:21 the sound of the non digetic phone begins toring once again, this time raising suspicion. Thistime when she answers the phone and we hear themurderous voice once again. It creates fear for theaudience as we now have a sense of what mighthappen. The anonymous speaking on the phoneleaves the audience in suspense and wonder as towhat happens next.
  6. 6. From 1: 35 until 1:45 shows the angression of the personon the other side of the phone. They soon becomeviolent towards the girls when she goes to hang up. Thisshows the disturbed mental state of the murderer whichis important to highlight as he goes on a murderous spreeof teenagers. Close ups of the girls faces shows their discomfort and fear that is building up in them. Within a lot of horrors close ups of the victims faces are used to show their emotions leading up to their murder. The idea of the girl putting the phone down and dismissing the call as a prank leaves the audience in question of what is about to happen
  7. 7. In conclusion with the opening 2 minuets of Scream 4, it only focuses on two teenagers rather than the main group of teenagers that the film will be focusing around. Scream 4 however doesnt follow the conventions of the teenagers looking for trouble, but rather trouble coming for them. However the fact that the girls kept answering the phone may lead to the entertainment of the murderer. Yet by doing so it creates tension and suspense within the audience.Scream 4 follows the convention of a teen horror by the opening being set within the teenagers house, and them being alone in there without being able to get help. This creates a sense of discomfort for the audience as many believe that your house provides you with safety and security, yet the security and safety has been demolished.The murder takes place at 3:37, meaning for 3 minutes the producer have been building up suspense and anticipation as to what is going to happen to these girls. Having the first murder so early within the film keeps the audience gripped and intrigued within the film. The action is almost straight away within the film which creates excitement.