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Facebook never needed adoption O365&SP Connect 15 November 2018


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session about managing a change project for Office 365 at O365&SP Connect in Haarlem on 15 November 2018.

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Facebook never needed adoption O365&SP Connect 15 November 2018

  1. 1. Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365? Sasja Beerendonk| 15 November 2018 | Philharmonie Haarlem © Copyright & proprietary Silverside B.V.1 @sbeerendonk
  2. 2. 22 @sbeerendonk
  3. 3. Introduction 3 © Copyright & proprietary Silverside B.V. Sasja Beerendonk Change consultant @ Silverside @sbeerendonk ‘Work is expending effort on things we don't want to do. Passion is expending energy on things we love to do. The goal is to do no work’ – Simon Sinek I help organisations to become a more collaborative business. The PACE methodology helps to make change easy. Some international, national, large and small clients Sasja worked with include SES, Omron, Saxion University, SKG, NN Group, Belastingdienst, Flanderijn, Attero, LIPS+. @sbeerendonk
  4. 4. 4 Technology Governance Set the right PACE Culture & Behaviour 4 People @sbeerendonk
  5. 5. 5 @sbeerendonk
  6. 6. 6 @sbeerendonk
  7. 7. 7 @sbeerendonk
  8. 8. 8 @sbeerendonk
  9. 9. User Adoption Strategies 9 @sbeerendonk
  10. 10. 10 2,5% 13,5% 34% 34% 16% I don’t need all that! Things are fine the way they are OK, so we are oing to use this. Just tell me how! Let’s make solid agreements about what and how we do things. Cool! I’m going to use that! I’m curious how I can apply this to my work? @sbeerendonk
  11. 11. 11 P A EC 25% specialism 75% tooling or ‘extra resources’ 2,5% 13,5% 34% 34% 16% @sbeerendonk
  12. 12. Run the PACE Plan PACE Sequences activities for the project Prepare Activate Capitalise Enhance 12 @sbeerendonk
  13. 13. Finding your Champions 13 @sbeerendonk
  14. 14. Finding your Champions 14 @sbeerendonk
  15. 15. Finding your Champions 15 @sbeerendonk
  16. 16. Finding your Champions 16 @sbeerendonk
  17. 17. Illustrate your scenario Name Target audience Goal Need for Change WIIFM Description Behaviour/ agreements Tools Who are involved, and in what role?What is the context, issue, task, etc.? What is the necessary outcome? Keep the ‘Why’ in mind! What advanteges are there for me? Desctibe work processes, in more detail. Describe: • Actions employees do, with whom • Communication-matrix • Document types • Workflows What agreements, guidelines, etiquette are important? ‘ Stop with / Start doing’ patterns What tools are used? What problem will it solve? WIIFU What advantageS are there for other people involved / the team / the organisation? 17 © Copyright & proprietary Silverside B.V.@sbeerendonk
  18. 18. Me – We - Key 18 Personal productivity Daily collaboration in groups Structured and formal information for the entire organisation 1:1 collaboration & personal choice Top-down & formal governanceCommunity of peers & flexibility Outlook, OneDrive, Chat, OneNote, Office, To-Do SharePoint Communication Hubs, Knowledge Centers, BI, Reporting Teams, Planner, OneNote, Flow @sbeerendonk
  19. 19. Me – We – Key Scenarios 19 Online and offline access to my files Collaborate as a team Sharing knowledge Mobile access to my files Co-authoring documents Running formal & complex projects Finding expertise Smarter meetings Smarter decisions Personal Email / Calendar productivity Running a project Onboarding employees General Office productivity Smarter actions Profiling Expertise @sbeerendonk
  20. 20. Training for: ⌾ Productivity: WE ⌾ Target: Ambassadors ⌾ Training Collaborate as a team 20 WHY HOW WHAT @sbeerendonk
  21. 21. Training for: ⌾ Productivity: ME ⌾ Target: Knowledge workers ⌾ Training Outlook 21 WHY HOW WHAT @sbeerendonk
  22. 22. Transform from email to a more collaborative culture 22 @sbeerendonk
  23. 23. Transform from email to a more collaborative culture 23 @sbeerendonk
  24. 24. Teaching a dog to switch the light 24 @sbeerendonk Click Treat
  25. 25. Success 25 What we think How it really is @sbeerendonk
  26. 26. Find more If you would like to know more about Silverside’s PACE methodology for change: PACE whitepaper Ebooks 26 © Copyright & proprietary Silverside B.V. Workshops Meet us at ESPC @sbeerendonk
  27. 27. Are you experienced in user adoption? Are you running IT Change projects? 27 +31653289966 @sbeerendonk Join our 2-day exclusive PACE workshop
  28. 28. Propose a journey of transformation for the firm – why business change is essential Advise on the best platform / tools, and acquire / deploy. Assemble an adoption framework. Create new ways of working by putting the adoption framework into practice Enhance the journey, and evaluate changing business, technology and market conditions Business Change Technology Change Work Practice Change Ongoing Change PREPARE ACTIVATE CAPITALISE ENHANCE 28 @sbeerendonk
  29. 29. PACE methodology Recruit the Core Project TeamProject Guidance Form Steering Committee Align with Governance Channels Embed into Wider Planning Cycles Scope the Business CaseOutcomes and Results Shape Early Usage Patterns Capture Momentum Cadence Report and Benchmark KPIs Prepare Activate Capitalise Enhance Learn from Spotlight People and TeamsScope and Scale Enable Controlled Release Extend to General Availability Make Collaboration a Shared Habit Experience Productivity ScenariosProcess Impacts Select Target Situations Broaden Target Situations Push the Boundaries Create a Heatmap of the CultureCulture & Behaviour Develop Collaboration Competencies Cultivate Team Collaboration Practices Champion New Cultural Practices Understand Vendor Product CapabilitiesTechnology Align Internal Technology Delivery Coordinate Capability Demands Leverage Changing Capabilities Identify Actors and Work RolesPeople Equip Support Accelerators Facilitate Shared Learning Opportunities Share the Journey Beyond your Firm Explore Adoption StrategiesAdoption Approaches Create and Test Adoption Resources Execute Learning & Development Program Monitor Ongoing Applicability OutputofthePreparePhase=PACEPlan 29 @sbeerendonk
  30. 30. 3030 @sbeerendonk