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Year-end Report
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After only four years of having been e... | |
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Our Core Activities
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CSR Thailand
Our Network
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Curriculum………………………….……......... | |
Sustainability & Social Innovation in ... | |
Sasin Orientation: Future Fit Business... | |
Food Security: Sustainable Fisheries
W... | |
To formulate a methodology to
develop ... | |
On 19 November, SCSM contributed to Sa... | |
Sasin Founder and former Director pres... | |
Executive Training and Advisory
Facili... | |
As part of our sustainability capacity... | |
In response to popular demand, SCSM or... | |
As part of the annual Sasin Executive ... | |
Office of Civil Service Commission Tra... | |
Social Business Launch Pad @ Yunus Cen... | |
One Young World 2015 Bangkok
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Chulalongkorn New Faculty Orientation
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Visits Networking
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15 January 2015
19 February 2015
19 Ma... | |
On 11 March 2015, we visited The Good ... | |
Monthly Visits
During this factory tou... | |
Monthly Visits
The learning center tar... | |
Monthly Visits
Sasin students, busines... | |
Film Screenings
25 March 2015
27 Augus... | |
Somporn Kamolsiripichaiporn
Friday 20 ... | |
26 February 2015
Alex presented the nu... | |
On 25 Jan and 18 April 2015, we
discus... | |
Hosting Conferences @ Sasin
The mai
Ba... | |
Hosting Conferences @ Sasin
Drafting R... | |
On 10 November 2015, the Thai Institut... | |
SCSM supports future
leaders through g... | |
SCSM, in collaboration with the Centre... | |
SEASN 3-5 December 2015
SCSM Chief of ... | |
THINK.EAT.SAVE 3 December 2015
Wonderf... | |
On 26-28 November 2015,SCSM Director
N... | | 39
Net Impact Conference 2015: Game On... | | 40
• External organ... | |
Nick Pisalyaput
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SCSM Year-end report 2015


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SCSM Year-end report 2015

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SCSM Year-end report 2015

  1. 1. | | Year-end Report 2015 1
  2. 2. | | After only four years of having been established through the collaboration of Sasin and the Corporate Responsibility & Ethics Association for Thai Enterprise (CREATE), our Sasin Center for Sustainability Management (SCSM) is today recognized as the driver for embedding sustainability management thinking into business functions. We have a wide and growing network of professionals and students who come together at our monthly events under Net Impact’s Bangkok Professional Chapter at Sasin, including luncheon meetings featuring world-class speakers, site visits, networking nights, and film screenings. We are happy to share our forth dynamic year with you in this annual report and look forward to inspiring everyone in the pursuit of sustainability - the long-term well-being of our society, economy, environment, and each individual. We wish you Happy New Year and look forward to engaging you in 2016! Nick Pisalyaput Director, SCSM Greeting from SCSM 2
  3. 3. | | 7 executive workshops 49 public events Total attendees, all our events 1,547 Sasin community members 391 130 Sasin students experienced the sustainability workshop 6,823 people in our network 10% increase in network members SCSM’s 2015 At a Glance 3
  5. 5. | | CSR Thailand Our Network 5
  6. 6. | | Contents Curriculum………………………….……..............7 Training/Advisory……………………….….……13 Events………………………………….................21 Partnership………………………………..….......40 Contact.…………………………………..............42 6
  7. 7. | | Sustainability & Social Innovation in the 2015 Sasin MBA Program ELECTIVES:CORE COURSE: Sustainability Management II (Practicum) Nick Pisalyaput & SCSM team Sustainability Management I (Theory) Stephen B. Young & Nick Pisalyaput • Doing well by doing good & how to be good • Asset approach to Business: good trusteeship • Measuring asset quality • Reporting on governance results • Governance : duties of trusteeship Panel Discussions 1. Food Security 2. Waste and Water Management 3. Sustainable Tourism Student Projects 1. Consulting assignment for a company 2. Community project 3. Case study Strategic Performance Management (Formerly Financial Planning and Governance) Nandu Nagarajan Sustainability Reporting and Analysis Mark Finn Leadership and Business Ethics Sarote Phornprapha, Nick Pisalyaput, Alexander Paufler ORIENTATION: Future Fit Business Workshop Robert Steel & SCSM Affiliates Curriculum Development Embedding sustainability into the Sasin DNA 7
  8. 8. | | Sasin Orientation: Future Fit Business Workshop On 3 May 2015, SCSM ran a “workshop day” for 130 incoming Sasin students led by Robert Steele of Systainability Asia, aided by SCSM. 8
  9. 9. | | Food Security: Sustainable Fisheries Wednesday 5 August 13:00 – 15:40 Waste and Water Management Monday 10 August 13:00 – 15:40 Sustainable Tourism Monday 24 August 13:00 – 15:40 Bill Marinelli Owner Marinelli Shellfish and Ikan Segar Bali Tara Buakamsri Country Director Greenpeace Southeast Asia M.L. Dispanadda Diskul Chief Development Officer Mae Fah Luang Foundation Dylan Jones Chef Bo-Lan Restaurant Pongporn Sudbanthad Chairman Huaykwang Community Dr. Preeyaorn Prompitak Senior Official Department of Environmental Quality Promotion Tanaporn Wittayasiripaiboon Manager Bangkok Tree House Kiattisak Loruthai Production Support Development Manager SCG Arnfinn Oines Social & Environmental Conscience Soneva M.R. Srichalerm Kanjanapoo Director at Office Chaipattana Foundation Somsak Boonkam Founder Local Alike Sustainability Management Core Course Panel Discussions 2015 9
  10. 10. | | To formulate a methodology to develop youth to be able to make it on their own and then go back home to contribute and develop their hometown To clarify the skill set required to be employed in various sectors. To propose a social business plan which will allow Go Organics to create social change while financially sustainable without having to rely on donations. To help the hotel to be more sustainable by becoming zero-waste. To identify alternative methods and materials for product packaging as a cost effective solution for sustainable and/or biodegradable packaging to reduce economic and environmental impact To identify the conditions and opportunities to enable the active mobilization of thousands of people aimed at improving the quality of urban life and individual lives using an urban food system and sustainable consumption as the entry points. To design a playground to meet the needs of children and parents in low-income communities which provides fun activities but also educates and further develops children into quality citizens. To design a CSR/Sustainability program to benefit all sides and identify the benefits of these projects to the hotel brand and stakeholders. How to operate projects and training effectively while considering the requirements and constraints from the participants Sustainability Management Practicum Student projects and partners 10
  11. 11. | | On 19 November, SCSM contributed to Sasin’s Leadership Program through a Business Ethics class. Prof. Nick Pisalyaput ran a workshop originated by Babson College’s Professor Mary Gentile called Giving Voice to Values. Dr. Bandid Nijathaworn of Thai IOD, Vichai Bencharongkul of Benchachinda Holdings, Colin Hastings of BigChilli Magazine, and Phra Pandit spoke to the topic as panelists. Dr. Bandid Nijathaworn Colin Hastings Phra Pandit Bhikkhu Click to watch the panel discussion Vichai Bencharongkul Sustainability & Social Innovation Elective: Leadership & Business Ethics Panelist 11
  12. 12. | | Sasin Founder and former Director presided over Sasin’s second Management Oath ceremony on 19 September 2015. The Sasin Oath, drafted by Sasin students with the support of SCSM, reads “As a Sasin graduate, I will adhere to the principles of INTEGRITY, HONESTY and ACCOUNTABILITY, demonstrate them through LEADERSHIP and conduct myself in a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE manner in my professional and personal life.” Click to watch the oath ceremony Sasin EMBA Oath Ceremony 2015 12
  13. 13. | | Executive Training and Advisory Facilitating corporate/organizational vision for sustainability and change management Workshops Advisory Projects Assessments SCSM provides training workshops and advisory projects to corporations and organizations, starting with the Board of Directors and Executive Management. Sustainability Management Vision/ Strategy/Roadmap Stakeholder Engagement e.g. employees, internal units, suppliers, customers, NGOs, civil society Master Class Sustainability Management Implementation Facilitation Sustainability Reporting e.g. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) advisory Change Management & Coaching Organizational Sustainability Assessment e.g. organization, stakeholder, benchmarking Sustainability Report Review Research/ Case Study Sustainability Framework Mindful Leadership Change Management 13
  14. 14. | | As part of our sustainability capacity building mission for Chulalongkorn University, we facilitated a workshop for University executives on 7 March. The workshop involved a structured brainstorming exercise to develop the University’s long-term sustainability strategy. Chula Sustainability Workshop 14
  15. 15. | | In response to popular demand, SCSM organized a one- day Stakeholder Engagement How-To workshop led by our Chief of Operations, Alex Mavro, on 24 March 2015. Stakeholder Engagement Workshop 15
  16. 16. | | As part of the annual Sasin Executive Education program, SCSM ran a sustainability workshop for the University of Salzburg Business School’s Executive MBA class on 21 May 2015. Sasin Executive Education: Sustainability Workshop for Salzburg Management Business School 16
  17. 17. | | Office of Civil Service Commission Training: New Wave ASEAN Leadership On 20 Aug 2015, Commissioned by Thailand’s Office of Civil Service Commission (OCSC), SCSM facilitated a Government Social Responsibility and Ethics workshop entitled "Bureaucrats and Social Responsibility“ for the New Wave ASEAN Leadership Program. Government officers from Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, and Indonesia participated. The targeted objective was a broader view of sustainability and stakeholder relations. Highlights included a summary of the Buddhist principles of a righteous king and an explanation of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy – topics that are both relevant and applicable across cultures. 17
  18. 18. | | Social Business Launch Pad @ Yunus Center SCSM Director Nick was called upon as a resource person to the Social Business Launch Pad program held over 3 weekends on in September 2015, and organized by the Yunus Center at AIT and the Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO). The professional training program invited current and aspiring social entrepreneurs to create, design and develop implementable purpose-driven business plans. Nick lead workshops on 12 & 18 September on general entrepreneurship, social new venture formulation, strategic and sustainable scaling of social businesses, and pitching to potential investors. 18
  19. 19. | | One Young World 2015 Bangkok Business Model Training On 3 Oct 2015, in response to an invitation from the Thai Social Enterprise Office, SCSM team offered training on “Social Enterprise business model and business planning” during the Thai Young Leaders Camp at C-ASEAN, Cyber World Tower. The Thai Young Leaders Camp is an associated event of the One Young World 2015 Summit held in Bangkok. The most promising social business initiatives developed during the camp were presented during the One Young World Summit and presented with awards from Professor Muhammad Yunus, pioneering social entrepreneur and recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. 19
  20. 20. | | Chulalongkorn New Faculty Orientation As part of our sustainability capacity building mission for Chulalongkorn University, SCSM facilitated an orientation workshop for new faculty on 23 December 2015 at The Amari Hotel, Pattaya. The workshop introduced sustainability, stakeholder engagement, and the “perfect Chula” exercise as vehicles to help clarify long-term objectives. 20
  21. 21. | | Luncheon Talks Visits Networking Nights Film Screenings Conferences & Seminars Community Outreach To promote sustainability in society at large, SCSM hosts monthly Net Impact events and participates in various sustainability-related events in Thailand and abroad. Since 2007, the Net Impact Bangkok Professional Chapter was been administered by CREATE and hosted by SCSM, in partnership with the Sasin Alumni Association. We host luncheon meetings every third Thursday of the month, monthly trips, and alternate a networking night with a film screening every two months. Net Impact is a society of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals, students, and concerned citizens who come together to share best practices and to help spread the CSR mantra to all corners of the business world. Net Impact's mission is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of new leaders who are using the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact. With over 10,000 members affiliated to more than 300 student & professional chapters on 6 continents in 90 cities and over 150 of the world’s leading graduate schools, a central office in San Francisco, and partnerships with leading for and non-profit organizations, Net Impact enables members to use business for social good in their graduate education, careers, and communities. Get your FREE membership today at and get discounts for our events in 2016. Events Knowledge exchange, partnerships, and networking 21
  22. 22. | | 15 January 2015 19 February 2015 19 March 2015 “Doing Good By Simple Traveling” Somsak Boonkam, Local Alike View VDO and download presentation “Is There Such A Thing As Ethical Journalism?” Voranai Vanijake, GQ Thailand View VDO “Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Thailand” Christopher Seeley, CEO, Climate Change Solutions Ltd. View VDO and download presentation 21 May 2015 “The Ten Ways Ethics Adds Value to You” Andrew Stotz, CFA, CEO, A. Stotz Investment Research President, CFA Society of Thailand View VDO and download presentation 18 June 2015 “Talent Succession” Dr. Luis Danai Kristhanin, Director and Executive, Eureka International View VDO and download presentation 16 July 2015 20 August 2015 “Disruptive Thinking: Enough Words, More Actions” Toon Hiranyasap, Director, Youth Civic Media Learning Center View VDO and download presentation “The Better Cotton Initiative” Brad van Voorhees, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability, VF Corporation View VDO and download the presentation 17 September 2015 “Toyota Social Innovation: Experience to Society” Vudgihorn Suriyachantananont, Senior Vice President, Toyota Motor Thailand View VDO and download the presentation 19 November 2015 “The Important of Social Enterprises in Alleviating Rural Poverty” Spencer Leung, Founder, Go Organics Thailand View VDO and download presentation 15 October 2015 “FedEx Citizenship and Social Responsibility Goals ” David Carden, Managing Director, Thailand and Indochina FedEx Express View VDO and download presentation 17 December 2015 “Are Children Your Business” Nazia Ijaz, Corporate Alliance Specialist, UNICEF Thailand View VDO and download presentation Luncheon Talk 22
  23. 23. | | On 11 March 2015, we visited The Good Space, a child-friendly space allocated within Sansiri’s construction sites for children of construction workers. Children of any nationality up to 14 years of age can use this space for learning and playing. Sansiri, a prominent property developer, is a pioneer in providing safe space for children at risk-prone construction sites. Working with UNICEF and Kids Home Foundation, as well as its construction partners, Sansiri has created 15 of these Good Spaces at their construction sites around Thailand. Over 30 students from Sasin and Kasetsart U., plus businesspeople and NGO professionals, rode public transport including a long-tail boat to the Bangkhuntien mangrove forest on the Gulf of Thailand to experience a fishing community’s life with the guidance of the social enterprise , Local Alike. Our group visited EnerFaia’s site at Bang Krachao. The company produces fresh and sustainable algae products. By focusing on making Spirulina a part of our daily diet and utilizing otherwise wasted space to cultivate healthy food, Energaia is leading the way towards tackling nutritional and environmental problems that plague cities around the world. Visit to Sansiri’s The Good Space Wednesday 11 March 2015 Visit to EnerGaia Facilities Saturday 21 February 2015 A Day as A Fisherman Saturday 31 January 2015 Monthly Visits 23
  24. 24. | | Monthly Visits During this factory tour and inspection of demonstration homes, we learned that while prefabricated buildings are more expensive than traditional structures, they are also of a more consistent quality. SCG has added this marketable product to its line in order to benefit from the basic technologies it has mastered through the years. Aside from the product design and quality, we saw firsthand the safety standards of an industry leader at work. All in all it was a fascinating insight into what could prove to be the future of mass-market homebuilding We visited Huaykwang Community aboard a canal boat to observe community development and talk to residents. We saw an informal education classroom with a class of diverse students. Child Care Centers, a Community Relief Center, and other projects help improve lives. There was a demonstration of how the Effective Microorganism (EM) process converts dirty black canal water to green and clean. Thanks to Ajarn Pongporn Sudbanthad, the community has learned how residents can help each other grow sustainably. SCSM and Net Impact Members, along with Sasin Alumni, visited Sahaviriya (SSI) Group's Cold Rolled Steel Factory and the local community in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. We learned how communities can become independent through the strength of both leaders and followers. SCG Heim Factory Tour Thursday 9 July 2015 Visit to Sahaviriya Group and Communities Friday 26 - Saturday 27 June 2015 Canal Tour: Visit to Huaykwang Community Tuesday 19 May 2015 24
  25. 25. | | Monthly Visits The learning center targets schoolchildren, so it is decorated by cartoon characters representing such values as moderation, intellectual development, and kindness. Students who visit the center all get to play "treasure hunter." In the center’s farm section, students learn about growing rice and rice processing, compost-making, chicken farming for eggs, raising pigs, converting wood to charcoal, and making biodiesel. SCSM and Net Impact members visited the Naturally Organic Gardening Learning Center of Laksi District Office Rooftop Agricultural Garden where the Sufficiency Agriculture Theory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is practiced. The center is run by an all-female housekeeping and gardening staff. It is self- funding though the sale of agricultural products raised without any external funding required. SCSM and Net Impact members visited the Toyota Ban Pho Plant, where Toyota Motor Thailand manufactures trucks. The factory is located in Ban Pho, Chachoengsao Province. It is only a 90-minute drive from Sasin. After we entered the factory and climbed to the sky walkway, we could see how well organized everything was. We were able to follow the entire production process including frame assembly, engine installment, body and interior finishing, and all-around quality control. Sufficiency Economy Learning Center Thursday 29 October 2015 Toyota Ban Pho Plant Visit Thursday 10 September 2015 Rooftop Garden Tour: Laksi District Office Thursday 27 August 2015 25
  26. 26. | | Monthly Visits Sasin students, businesspeople, and NGO professionals rode long-tail boats to the Bangkok Tree House Hotel. Participants were greeted by Khun Tanaporn Wittayasiripaiboon, Manager/Owner of the resort. He presented the history of the establishment which was followed by a Q&A session. Participants were intrigued and had many questions regarding the business and the sustainability of the resort. We visited the Royal Chitralada Projects at Dusit Palace. The project's tour guide led participants to view various royal projects within the palace grounds during the half-day tour. The displays included a wide range of products and services such as milk pasteurizing, rice milling, fruit juice processing, clean energy use, wood charcoal, organic fertilizer, milk farming, aquaculture, spirulina seaweed products, mushroom farming, tissue cultures, and ceremonial candle production. There was also an exhibition in the royal stable showing His Majesty the King's royal elephants and their history. Visiting The Royal Chitralada Projects Tuesday 15 December 2015 Bangkok Riverside Eco-Dream Hotel Wednesday 18 November 2015 26
  27. 27. | | Film Screenings 25 March 2015 27 August 2015 Click to watch the panel discussion 15 January 2015 In 2015, we hosted six film screenings of documentary films on topics ranging from sustainable fishing to financial scandals, and climate change. We routinely follow these screenings with lively and informative Q&A sessions involving both business and NGO professionals. We also feature selected local sustainable businesses offering their products before the films start. 22 June 2015 Click to watch the panel discussion Click to watch the panel discussion Featured vendors 22 October 2015 Click to watch the panel discussion 16 December 2015 Click to watch the panel discussion 27
  28. 28. | | Somporn Kamolsiripichaiporn Friday 20 February 2015 Sarinee Achavanuntakul Friday 29 May 2015 Patrick O’ Sullivan Thursday 2 July 2015 Pongporn Sudbanthad Thursday 24 September 2015 Sunit Shrestha Friday 27 November 2015 Networking Nights 28 Networking Nights, organized every two months, are informal get-togethers featuring informal presentations by sustainability professionals. The heavy finger food offered by Roadhouse BBQ on Surawong Road makes for a perfect evening meal.
  29. 29. | | 26 February 2015 Alex presented the nuances behind stakeholder theory . View VDO 18 June 2015 Patrick demonstrated innovative measure of societal and economic progress. View VDO and download presentation “Stakeholder Workshop” By Alex Mavro, Chief of Operations, SCSM “The Social Progress Index”9 By Prof Patrick O’Sullivan, Grenoble Ecole de Management & University of Warsaw Mohi showed how technological innovations can help enhance CSR or Sustainability Management. View VDO and download presentation “Technology Innovations and CSR ”9 By Mohiuddin Babar, Chief Executive, BizCare Bangladesh 10 September 2015 David gave a hands-on understanding of the social business model, and how to scale it up. View VDO and download presentation “Modeling and Scaling Social Entrepreneurship”9 By David Galipeau, Founder, The United Nations Social Impact Fund 17 December 2015 Free Workshops 29
  30. 30. | | On 25 Jan and 18 April 2015, we discussed the sustainability transformation and visited an urban aquaponics farm behind Pladib restaurant. Sustainability Breakfast 30
  31. 31. | | Hosting Conferences @ Sasin The mai Bangkok Business Challenge @Sasin 2015 12-14 February 2015 31 The BBC, created in 2002 to encourage entrepreneurship among post-graduate students, is Thailand's only global business plan competition. SCSM not only selects sustainability experts to sit on judging panels, but also generates the sustainability judging criteria adopted since 2011 in an effort to bring sustainability concerns to the mainstream.
  32. 32. | | Hosting Conferences @ Sasin Drafting Retreat Workshop 16 August 2015 On 17 August 2015, Sasin hosted the Symposium on Sustainable Development: Lessons Learned, organized by the Caux Round Table, Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation , and SCSM, with the support of the Thai Institute of Directors, Thailand Development and Research Institute, and Thai Chamber of Commerce. The Symposium brought to the fore integrated perspectives on the ethical foundations for sustainable development, forged in a Thai setting but widely and internationally applicable. Venerable Phra Anil Sakya, Deputy Rector for Foreign Affairs, Mahamakut Buddhist University, gave the opening address, whilst Jan Peter Balkenende, the former Prime Minister of The Netherlands (2002-2010) gave the keynote address. During the Symposium, SCSM’s Honorary Co-Chair and CRT’s Global Executive Director, Stephen Young, unveiled the White Paper and Call to Action, drafted at Sasin on 16 August by international leaders and experts that include rapporteurs of roundtable discussions held in 20 different cities worldwide. The document was subsequently presented to the Chair and executives of the United Nations’ ECOSOC in October, shortly after the UN Sustainable Development Goals were endorsed by the UN General Assembly. View VDO and presentation | Download CRT White Paper & Call to Action Symposium on Sustainable Development 17 August 2015 32
  33. 33. | | On 10 November 2015, the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD), Sasin, and another six other academic institutions organized the National Research Alliance Dialogue on Corporate Governance to disseminate academic papers on Corporate Governance (CG) among the business community and universities in Thailand. National Research Alliance Dialogue on Corporate Governance 10 November 2015 On 29 March 2015, Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Association for Thai Enterprise (CREATE) hosted a Village Governance Seminar at Sasin for heads of local administrative offices and civil society organizations from various provinces in Thailand. Prof. Suchit Boonbongkarn, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, was the keynote speaker. Village Governance Workshop#2 29 March 2015 Hosting Conferences @ Sasin 33
  34. 34. | | SCSM supports future leaders through generation Y by co-hosting events with partners in order to offer undergraduates and first jobbers exposure to career perspectives and sustainability issues. In 2015, Sasin regularly cooperated with Career Visa and WonderMe to provide a venue for undergraduate students to experience career development opportunities. Passion Decode Ep1: Marketing 29 March 2015 Passion Decode Ep2: Digital 25 April 2015 Passion Decode Ep3: Social enterprise & Sustainability 30 May 2015 Hosting Conferences @ Sasin 34
  35. 35. | | SCSM, in collaboration with the Centre for European Studies at Chulalongkorn University, organized the EU “Yellow Card” Crisis and its effect on Thai Fisheries Academic Seminar Series at Dipak C. Jain room, Sasa International House on 7, 14, and 28 September 2015. The first seminar was for stakeholder engagement and included a wide variety of participants including coastal fishermen, ocean fishermen, small-scale fishermen, fish product plants, policymakers, NGOs, international organizations, academia, and government policy enforcers. The second seminar was a closed-door deliberation for academics to brainstorm and make Policy Recommendations. The third seminar was public, to present findings and to release EU “Yellow Card” Crisis and its effect on Thai Fisheries”. Results were sent to all stakeholders in the hopes that the findings and recommendations could help the country resolve this crisis. Co-Hosting Conference 35
  36. 36. | | SEASN 3-5 December 2015 SCSM Chief of Operations Alex Mavro represented Chulalongkorn University and CREATE at the third board meeting of the Southeast Asian Sustainability Network (SEASN). Initiated by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), SEASN provides an academic platform for ASEAN Community members to collaborate and to exchange ideas. AFCSR 8-9 September 2015 SCSM team provided support to the Manila-based Asian Forum on Corporate Responsibility which organized its annual conference in Bangkok, this year. Both Director Nick and Chief of Operations Alex were featured speakers at the Forum. Contributing to Conferences 36
  37. 37. | | THINK.EAT.SAVE 3 December 2015 Wonderfruit 19 December 2015 The Venture 15 October 2015Chivas initiated an ambitious program to energize youthful entrepreurship efforts. The parent company, Pinod Ricard, brought in SCSM for expert guidance, facilitation, and judging roles. SCSM supported the ThinkEatSave Bangkok event at Parc Paragon. Sirasa Kantaratanakul, Sustainability Manager, joined the panel discussion to help create awareness of food waste and to propose solutions on how to reduce it. SCSM also joined the Wonderfruit Festival at Siam Country Club in Pattaya. Sirasa Kantaratanakul, Sustainability Manager, and Vasu Srivibha, Senior Research Associate, gave a talk entitled "Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life," where daily choices were discussed, showing how common everyday activities and decisions involve considerations of sustainability. . Contributing to Sustainability Events 37
  38. 38. | | On 26-28 November 2015,SCSM Director Nick was invited to participate the Social Impact Assessment Workshop organized by the Thai Social Enterprise Office and National University of Singapore at Glowfish co-working space. One Young World Summit 2015 Social Impact Assessment Workshop 26-28 November 2015 Contributing to Sustainability Events 38 On 1 – 30 Oct 2015, Vasu was invited to coach team “Bezide”, a finalist in the One Young World 2015 Bangkok Thai Young Leader Program Social Enterprise Competition.
  39. 39. | | 39 Net Impact Conference 2015: Game On From 5-7 Nov 2015, SCSM’s Senior Research Associate and Strategic Coordinator Vasu Srivabha attended Net Impact annual conference at Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA. The conference promotes a collaboration of global community to tackle social and environmental issues. SCSM’s Sustainability Manager Sirasa Kantaratanakul attended the CSR Asia Summit, themed “Strategic Value Creation,” and associated training on Creating Shared Value and Reporting & Materiality on 7-8 October 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Summit focused on development challenges; human resources and workplaces; and the environment and sustainability. Attending Conferences
  40. 40. | | 40 Silver Sponsorship • External organizational sustainability assessment • Recognized as supporter of our regular outreach activities (about 40/year) Gold Sponsorship • External and internal organizational sustainability assessment • Recognized as supporter of our regular outreach activities (about 40/year) Platinum Sponsorship • One-day executive vision workshop and report • External and internal organizational sustainability assessment • Contribution to academic case study on organization • Recognized as supporter of our regular outreach activities (about 40/year) SCSM welcomes ideas for cooperation on events and projects. We also offer sponsorship packages to corporations and organizations. Sponsorship of SCSM is a highly valuable contribution to the business community and academia in Thailand as well as business schools world-wide. It also enables corporations to receive tax deduction on donations to academic institutes such as Sasin. Partnership Cooperation and Sponsorship
  41. 41. | | Nick Pisalyaput Director Sirasa Kantaratanakul Sustainability Manager Alex Mavro Chief of Operations Ratchada Sungkeetanon Administrative Officer Prof. Toemsakdi Krishnamra Honorary Chair Stephen B. Young Honorary Co-Chair Vasu Srivibha Senior Research Associate and Strategic Coordinator 41 We look forward to hearing from you!
  42. 42. | | 42 SasinSustainability Visit us on the 3rd floor at Sasin, room 303. Like us on Facebook. Join our LinkedIn group. Check out presentations, videos, upcoming events on our website, YouTube, and Eventbrite. See you at our Net Impact talks, trips, films, and networking nights! Get your FREE Net Impact membership for discounted rates at our events! CONTACT US