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SCSM year-end report 2014


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SCSM year-end report 2014

  1. 1. | 2014 Year-end Report 1
  2. 2. | Greetings from After 3 years of establishment through the collaboration between Sasin and the Corporate Responsibility & Ethics Association for Thai Enterprise (CREATE), Sasin Center for Sustainability Management (SCSM) has been recognized as the driver of embedding sustainability management throughout the Sasin curriculum, making a splash in corporate training/advisory, and promoting sustainability to the general public. We have a wide and growing network of professionals and students coming together at our monthly events under Net Impact Bangkok Professional Chapter at Sasin, including luncheon meetings featuring world-class speakers, visits, networking nights, and film screenings. We are happy to share our third dynamic year with you in this year-end report, and look forward to inspiring everyone in the pursuit of sustainability; the long-term well-being of our society, economy, environment, and each individual. We wish you Happy New Year and look forward to engaging you in 2015! Nick Pisalyaput Director, SCSM SCSM 3.0 2
  3. 3. | 8 executive workshops SCSM’s 2014 at a glance 40 public events Overall attendees to our events 1,484 Sasin community members 329 130 Sasin students experienced the sustainability workshop 6,162 people in our network 50% increase in network members 3
  5. 5. | Our Network CSR Thailand 5
  6. 6. | Contents Curriculum………………………….……...........7 Training/Advisory………………………………13 Events…………………………………...............21 Partnership………………………………….......40 Contact ………………………………….............42 6
  7. 7. | Curriculum Development Embedding sustainability into the Sasin DNA Sustainability & Social Innovation in the Sasin MBA Program 2014 ELECTIVES:CORE COURSE: Sustainability Management II (Practicum) Nick Pisalyaput & SCSM team Sustainability Management I (Theory) Stephen B. Young & Nick Pisalyaput • Doing well by doing good & how to be good • Asset Approach to Business: Good Trusteeship • Measuring asset quality • Reporting on governance results • Governance : Duties of Trusteeship Panel Discussions 1. Food Security 2. Energy Security 3. Waste(less) Opportunities 4. Risk Management Student Projects 1. Consulting assignment for a company 2. Community project 3. Case study Strategic Performance Management (Formerly Financial Planning and Governance) Nandu Nagarajan Sustainability Reporting and Analysis Mark Finn Leadership and Business Ethics Sarote Phornprapha, Nick Pisalyaput, Alexander Paufler ORIENTATION: Sustainability Keynote Alan AtKisson Sustainability Management Workshop SCSM and Affiliates Exhibits SCSM, Net Impact, Sasin Oath 7
  8. 8. | Sasin Orientation: Sustainability Workshop On 27 April 2014, SCSM ran “sustainability day” for 130 incoming Sasin class of 2014 student. The day began with a keynote address by Sustainability Hall of Famer, Alan AtKisson, followed by a workshop. Workshop leaders included Alan AtKisson (AtKisson Group), Axel Klimek (Center for Sustainability Transformation), and Robert Steele (Systainability Asia) aided by SCSM. Click to watch Alan’s TEDx talk 8
  9. 9. | Sustainability Management Core Course Panel Discussions 2014 Food Security Wednesday 10 September 13:00 – 16:30 Craig Dunn General Manager, Monsanto Thailand Kritsana Kaewplang Sustainable Markets Products Manager, WWF ML. Dispanadda Diskul Chief Development Officer, Mae Fah Luang Foundation Patcharaporn Sagulwiwat General Manager, CSR & Sustainable Development, CPF Energy Security Wednesday 17 September 13:00 – 16:30 Somnuk Jindasup Chief Asset Management Officer, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Peerasut Thirakomen VP, Goldmarktech Peter du Pont VP – Govt. & Clean Energy Consulting, Nexant Asia Waste(less) Opportunities Wednesday 24 September 13:00 – 16:30 Sangob Auloong VP Operations, InterfaceFLOR Wimonrat Santadvatana International Coordinator, Wongpanit Recycling Dr. Manaskorn Rachakarakij Deputy Director, Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management, Chulalongkorn University Risk Management Monday 29 September 13:00 – 16:30 Mark Devadason Group Head of Sustainability, Standard Chartered Dr. Luis Danai Kristhanin Leadership Consulting, Aon Hewitt Pran Siamwalla Industry Specialist, Risk Management, Krungsri Bank 9
  10. 10. | Sustainability Management Practicum Student projects and partners Work with Sasin Building & Compound to propose and implement green campus initiatives to the Sasin community. Assist EnerGaia with the go-to market strategy for a Spirulina (high protein algae) fettuccini. Set the standard for ethical business management at Sasin for the long run as part of a student-initiated leadership movement started after the 2008 Financial Crisis. Working with the Sasin IT Committee in analyzing data, surveying various stakeholder groups within Sasin. Reviving the Net Impact Sasin Student Chapter and planning for its sustainability (ie. engagement and succession). Assisting fair-trade lingerie company Try Arm in creating a long-term plan to continually strengthen financial management, design, material sourcing, branding, marketing, as well as employee ownership and motivation. Helping the co-inventor, Prof. Dusit Suksawat, in business planning for the Thai-made enteral feeder pump, in terms of stakeholder assessment and impact, as well as market research and strategy. Gathering information from Minor and other public sources to research and write a case study on Minor’s strategic CSR approach to business Studying the context of the city and the canal networks, opportunities for communities and businesses in Huaykwang. Canal Transport and Community Business Development 10
  11. 11. | Sustainability & Social Innovation Elective: Leadership & Business Ethics In November, SCSM contributed to Sasin’s Leadership through Business Ethics class. Prof. Nick Pisalyaput ran a workshop originated by Babson College’s Professor Mary Gentile called Giving Voice to Values. Khunying Jada Wattanasiritham of Siam Commercial Bank PCL) and David Lyman of Tilleke & Gibbins, among others, also spoke. Khunying Jada Wattanasiritham Prof. Sarote Phornprapha David Lyman Prof. Nick Pisalyaput Phra Pandit Bhikkhu Prof. Alexander Paufler Click to watch the panel discussion 11
  12. 12. | Sasin MBA Oath Ceremony We held Sasin’s first Management Oath ceremony on 7 June 2014. The Sasin Oath, drafted by Sasin students and supported by SCSM, reads “As a Sasin graduate, I will adhere to the principles of INTEGRITY, HONESTY and ACCOUNTABILITY, demonstrate them through LEADERSHIP and conduct myself in a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE manner in my professional and personal life.” Click to watch the oath ceremony 12
  13. 13. | Executive Training/Advisory Workshops Advisory Projects Assessments SCSM provides various training workshops and advisory projects to corporations and organizations, starting with the Board of Directors and Executive Management. Sustainability Management Vision/ Strategy/Roadmap Stakeholder Engagement eg. employees, internal units, suppliers, customers, NGOs, civil society Master Class Sustainability Management Implementation Facilitation Sustainability Reporting eg. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) advisory Change Management & Coaching Organizational Sustainability Assessment eg. organization, stakeholder, benchmarking Sustainability Report Review Research/ Case Study Sustainability Framework Mindful Leadership Change Management Facilitating corporate/organizational vision for sustainability and change management 13
  14. 14. | Master Class for Sustainability: Tools and Skills for Leading Change SCSM, the Center for Sustainability Transformation, and Systainability Asia organized a Master Class for Sustainability: Tools and Skills for Leading Change, a 5-day workshop with global sustainability experts Alan AtKisson, Axel Klimek, and Robert Steele on 28 April-2 May 2014. We had 27 attendees from 7 countries around the world. View testimonials by Andy (consultant), Kate (educator), and Khun Promtida (Thai Oil). “We were looking for the right system or framework for our group of companies. We found the Master Class for Sustainability offered a simple approach to send the message to our employees and how to apply it.” - Ibrahim Al Fouzan, CSR Committee Chairman, Al Sayer Group, Kuwait 14
  15. 15. | Sasin Executive Education: Sustainability Workshop for SMBS As part of the annual Sasin Executive Education program, SCSM ran a sustainability workshop for the University of Salzburg Business School’s Executive MBA class on 22 May 2014. 15
  16. 16. | Office of Civil Service Commission Training: New Wave ASEAN Leadership Commissioned by Thailand’s Office of Civil Service Commission (OCSC), on 8 September SCSM facilitated a Government Social Responsibility and Ethics workshop for the New Wave ASEAN Leadership Program. Workshop participants were government officers from Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, and Indonesia. The workshop encouraged a broader view of sustainability and stakeholder relations. Highlights included the Buddhist principles of a righteous king and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, which are applicable across cultures. 16
  17. 17. | New Capitalism Workshop at the Bank of Thailand (BOT) On 19 September 2014, SCSM Co-Chairman and Caux Round Table Executive Global Director Stephen B. Young presented “New Capitalism” at the Bank of Thailand (BOT) to Governor Dr. Prasarn Trairatvorakuland and about 30 executives and managers. 17
  18. 18. | SCB Sustainability Workshops As part of our sustainability capacity building project for Siam Commercial Bank, we facilitated a CSR Board Dialogue, Executive Oversight Orientation, and Operations Orientation in September. Each session involved structured brainstorming to develop the Bank’s long-term sustainability strategy. 18
  19. 19. | Sasin Executive Education: Tesco Lotus Retail Academy On 1 November 2014 at Sasin, SCSM facilitated a sustainability workshop for Tesco Lotus Thailand’s suppliers. Tesco Lotus sponsors Executive Education for their local suppliers, mostly Thai SMEs, every year at Sasin. 19
  20. 20. | Sustainability Accelerator Workshop On 24-26 November 2014, SCSM and Systainability Asia organized a Sustainability Accelerator Workshop with Robert Steele at Sasin. The workshop is an intensive training in a sustainability framework and change management. 20
  21. 21. | Events Luncheon Talks Visits Networking Nights Film Screenings Conferences & Seminars Community Outreach To promote sustainability in society at large, SCSM hosts monthly Net Impact events and participates in various sustainability-related events in Thailand and abroad. Since 2007, the Net Impact Bangkok Professional Chapter is administered by CREATE and hosted by SCSM, in partnership with Sasin Alumni Association. We host a luncheon meeting every third Thursday of the month, monthly trips, and alternate a networking night with a film screening every two months. Net Impact is a society of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals, students, and concerned citizens who come together to share best practices and to help spread the CSR mantra to all corners of the business world. Net Impact's mission is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of new leaders who are using the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact. With over 10,000 members affiliated to more than 300 student & professional chapters on 6 continents in 90 cities and over 150 of the world’s leading graduate schools, a central office in San Francisco, and partnerships with leading for and non-profit organizations, Net Impact enables members to use business for social good in their graduate education, careers, and communities. Get your FREE membership today at and get discounts for our events in 2015. Knowledge exchange, partnerships, and networking 21
  22. 22. | Luncheon Talks 20 February 2014 20 March 2014 15 May 2014 “Action2020: A Global Sustainability Agenda for Business” By Rosalind Yunibandhu, Manager, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC “Sustainability and CSR Action in A Thai Hotel Chain” By Indra Budiman, Chief Executive Officer, Hansar Hotels Group View vdo and download presentation “The True Cost of Water” By Michael Poonpipat, Business Development Director, Veolia Water View vdo and download presentation 19 June 2014 “Sustainable Leadership through Creativity and Innovation” By Professor Alexander Paufler, Faculty, Management and Strategy, Sasin View vdo and download presentation 21 August 2014 “Strategic CSR: The Minor Way” By Sukich Udindu, Vice President, CSR, Minor International PCL View vdo and download presentation 17 July 2014 “Driven: The Formula for Sustainable Success” By Saengchai Lee, Founder of Urban Concept and People Approach View vdo and download presentation 18 September 2014 16 October 2014 “Creating Shared Values Through Supply Chain Management” By Dr. Wit Soontaranun, Sustainability Director, TUF View vdo and download presentation “Pranda Jewelry: Pride Through Passionate People” By Prida Tiasuwan, Chairman, Pranda Group View vdo 20 November 2014 “Interface’s Sustainable Carpets: Zero Waste” By Sangob Auloong, Vice President of Operation, Interface Thailand View vdo and download the presentation 18 December 2014 “Estate Planning” By Dr. Suvarn Valaisathien, Founder of Dr. Suvarn Law Offices View vdo and download presentation 22
  23. 23. | Monthly Visits Double A's sustainable business initiative, paper from KHAN-NA, is a unique and sustainable agro-forestry project, whereby rice farmers grow paper trees along their paddies and supply Double A with short-fiber raw materials in making high quality paper. This initiative has been recognized by international award-giving bodies for its contribution in alleviating poverty among Thai farmers. Ampol Food Processing Ltd. operates with high technology and international standard certifications. On this tour we saw the sustainable operation of a global food company and a presentation on their research & development center in Nakornpathom. In this tour, we learned about Hansar Hotels Group’s sustainability strategy and operational excellence through partnership with Synergy Complete. Paper Tree Tour: Visit to Double A Saturday 22 March 2014 Visit to Hansar Hotel Bangkok Saturday 24 May 2014 Visit to Ampol Food Processing Wednesday 26 February 2014 23
  24. 24. | Monthly Visits "Pranda is seemingly a shining example of how corporate social responsibility might begin in-house, i.e. caring for the livelihood of their employees and their families, educating people in financial and technical skills, and sharing risk through programs such as ESOP and co-op bank. Thus they may extract the most value out of the entire team for the benefit of all corporate "stakeholders. Thanks to SCSM for continuing to organize such worthwhile events.” - Alex Chou, VP of Product & Market Development, Riceland International Ltd. The Agri-nature Foundation is a research and training center for sustainable farming under the Sufficiency Economy Principles. Guided by a monk, our group learned about a sustainable community, ranging from making chemical-free soap to pig farming to making biofuel in Chonburi. Natural Energy Development (NED) supplies 55MW of electricity from photovoltaics. In this tour we learned about solar energy at the GreeNEDucation Center, a renewable energy learning center designed to educate the public on the Lopburi heritage, global warming, renewable energy and stakeholders with interactive media and hands-on learning. Bling Tour: Visit to Pranda Jewelry Thursday 28 August 2014 Solar Farm Tour: Visit to NED Saturday 5 July 2014 Farm Tour: Visit to Agri-nature Saturday 14 June 2014 24
  25. 25. | Monthly Visits Interface is a world leader in design and sustainability, and the first innovative creator of carpet tiles, which save resources, energy, and waste. On this trip, Net Impact Bangkok Professional Chapter members and guests visited the Interface factory in Amata Nakorn Chonburi, personally guided by VP of Operations Khun Sagnob Auloong. Our Net Impact group visited Fai-Fah, Chan Center, TMB's innovative CSR program aimed to empower youth from lower socio-economic backgrounds through the arts and life-skills. It is an inspirational platform for TMB volunteers, customers and artists to work collaboratively with youth to improve and inspire their communities on both a practical and aesthetic level. We visited CPF's chicken factory, which exports chicken all over the world. The facilities are of international standards, including a slaughtering process that complies with halal food (Islamic) requirements. Aladdin’s Green Tour: Visit to Interface Carpet Wednesday 17 December 2014 Food Factory Tour: Visit to CPF, Saraburi Tuesday 18 November 2014 Sidewalk by Catwalk: Visit to Fai Fah Saturday 27 September 2014 25
  26. 26. | Film Screenings27 June 2014 22 August 2014 8 October 2014 Click to watch the panel discussion 27 April 2014 In 2014, we hosted four film screenings, featuring documentary films ranging from the topic of sustainable fishing to sustainable urban lifestyle to the impact of corporations to energy development in the Mekong region. Many of our film screenings were followed by lively and informative Q&A sessions with both business and NGO professionals. We also always feature various local sustainable business vendors before the start of the film. 26
  27. 27. | Networking Nights Click to watch Alan singing about GDP A Journey In Sustainability with Alan AtKisson Friday 2 May 2014 Awakening the Green Self by CB Bhatthacharya Friday 18 July 2014 Uncovering Life's Sustainability One Experience at a Time by Stephen B. Young Friday 19 September 2014 Networking Nights, organized every two months, are an informal get- together with a presentation by a featured speaker and heavy finger food at Roadhouse BBQ on Surawong Road. 27
  28. 28. | � �� �� ����- Inheritance Tax Panel Discussion Tuesday 7 October 2014 at Sasin SCSM partnered with Social Venture Network (SVN) to host a panel discussion on a hot topic in 2014: inheritance tax. Panelists included Dr. Chirmsak Pinthong, Dr. Bandid Nijathaworn (IOD), Khun Teera Phutrakul (Thai Financial Planners Association), and Khun Sirikanya Tansakul (Thailand Future Foundation). Our moderator was former SVN President Khun Suthichai Eamcharoenying. The discussion illuminated essentials of the inheritance tax in various countries, and brought up other issues relevant to the Thai situation. Click to watch the panel discussion (in Thai) 28
  29. 29. | Panel Discussion: Fueling the Future Wednesday 26 November 2014 SCSM in collaboration with the Sasin MBA2014 and EMBA2014 classes hosted the panel discussion "Fueling the Future: ����������.....��������������������“. Our panelists included Dr. Piyasvasti Amranand (Chairman, PTT PCL), Dr. Twarath Sutabutr (Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy), Khun Chen Namchaisiri (Vice Chairman, The Federation of Thai Industries) and Peter Du Pont (Vice-President, Government Services & International Development Nexant Asia). Click to watch the panel discussion 29
  30. 30. | Free Workshops 19 June 2014 Geoffrey presented cost savings through better resources management. View vdo and download presentation 21 August 2014 Nick presented Giving Voice to Values (GVV), an innovative, cross-disciplinary business curriculum and action-oriented pedagogical approach for developing the skills, knowledge and commitment required to implement values-based leadership. View vdo and download presentation “Green Supply Chain: How To Make a Profit Through Procurement” By Geoffrey Storey, Your Supply Solutions (YSS) “Giving Voice to Values”9 By Nick Pisalyaput, Director, SCSM Robert discussed how embedding a sustainability mindset can benefit your company and stakeholders in the long term. View vdo and download presentation “How a sustainability mindset can make your company stand out ”9 By Robert Steele, Director, Systainability Asia 16 October 2014 30
  31. 31. | Hosting Conferences @ Sasin Through SCSM, Sasin welcomed Peter Sands, Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered PLC, to a “Global Leader Talk” with the Sasin community and guests. The discussion, facilitated by Dean Outerson, Sasin’s Head of Marketing, covered the global economy as well as Sands’s personal journey. The BBC, created in 2002 to encourage entrepreneurship among post-graduate students, is Thailand's only global business plan competition. SCSM not only selects sustainability experts to sit on judging panels, but also comes up with the sustainability judging criteria. Global Leader Talk by Peter Sands 19 March 2014 Bangkok Business Challenge (BBC) 1 March 2014 Prae was a co-commentator covering the BBC for Money Channel 31
  32. 32. | SCSM in collaboration with the School for Wellbeing and Suan Spirit, organized the Right Livelihood Lecture 2014: How Green Can We Make The "Green Economy"? The keynote Shaping The Future We Want was by Dr. Hans R. Herren, recipient World Food Prize 1995; President Millennium Institute, Washington DC; recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (the "Alternative Nobel Prize") 2013. Click to watch vdo Hosting Conferences @ Sasin Right Livelihood Lecture 4 July 2014 On 5 March 2014, Stephen B. Young presented the Anglo-American tradition of constitutional jurisprudence as codified in John Locke's Second Treatise on Civil Government and the Federalist Papers of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Download Steve’s presentation Constitutional Sustainability 5 March 2014 32
  33. 33. | On 5 November 2014, the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD), Sasin and another 6 academic institutions organized the first Research Alliance Dialogue on Corporate Governance to disseminate the academic papers on Corporate Governance (CG) among the business community and universities in Thailand. Hosting Conferences @ Sasin Research Alliance Dialogue on Corporate Governance 5 November 2014 On 16-17 November 2014, Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Association for Thai Enterprise (CREATE) hosted a Village Governance Seminar & Workshop at Sasin for heads of local administrative offices and civil society organizations from various provinces in Thailand. Prof. Suchit Boonbongkarn, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, was present as a keynote speaker. Click to watch vdo Village Governance Workshop 16-17 November 2014 33
  34. 34. | Hosting Conferences @ Sasin: Engaging Gen-Y SCSM supports future leaders in Generation Y through co-hosting events with various partners to give undergraduates and first jobbers exposure to career perspectives and sustainability issues. Sasin cooperated with the Global Shaper Community (Bangkok Hub) of the World Economic Forum on sharing basic knowledge on personal finance to Gen Y, as well as the First Jobber Guide workshop. Sasin provided the venue for giving exposure to undergraduate students in career development and sustainability in partnership with AIESEC for Youth to Business 2014, as well as Career Visa and WonderMe for Life After College Bootcamp, both events attended by 100-200 students. Click to watch vdo FIT Finance 101: Pave the way First Jobber Guide: Winning path to your first dream job Life After College Bootcamp Youth to Business 2014 34
  35. 35. | Contributing to Conferences SCSM was invited to give a presentation on sustainability management at 13 events in 2014, including a sharing session at SCG on 24 September, 2014 , “The New Sustainable Development Agenda” between SCG, SCB, and Crown Property Bureau, “The Business Case For Sustainability” at SCG's SD Best Practice Forum, at an event for senior officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, moderated by Dr. Chirayu Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, and “Is this CSR, or not?” at Keen Conference organized by the Rotary Club of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi. Sharing Session at SCG 24 September 2014 SCG SD Best Practice Forum 20 October 2014 Spreading Sufficiency Economy Abroad, MFA 20 December 2014 Rotary Club Seminar “ Is this CSR, or NOT?” 12 March 2014 35
  36. 36. | Contributing to Conferences Alex represented Sasin at the International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM) of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) 2014 in Singapore and represented Chulalongkorn University and CREATE at the Southeast Asian Sustainability Network’s second Board meeting. He also joined the Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Development workshop. Alex and Prae attended the annual Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR) hosted by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Manila, the Philippines. The Forum focused on community resilience which requires a continuous process of improving preparedness. Alex moderated the panel “Strategic Partnerships for Disaster Risk Management”. Alex facilitated a five-day orientation course in sustainability management for professors of the University of Dhaka at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). AACSB ICAM 7-9 April 2014 AFCSR 2-3 September 2014 Workshop for University of Dhaka professors 6 June 2014 SEASN 3-5 December 2014 36
  37. 37. | Contributing to Conferences Prae attended the Net Impact Conference in Minneapolis. Keynotes included Unilever CEO Paul Polman, and Monsanto VP Sustainable Agriculture Partnerships Natalie DiNicola. The conference focused on leadership for change and sustainability. Prae presented in the Professional Chapter Leaders Session on the Bangkok Chapter and SCSM’s progress in Thailand. View Prae’s blog on NI14 Prae was invited to give a presentation on sustainability management at Wonderfruit Festival in Chonburi, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program in International Trade, and the International Masters Program in Hazardous Substance and Environmental Management at Chulalongkorn University. Pernod Ricard launched a $1 million fund to support up-and-coming social entrepreneurs competing in a business plan competition “The Venture”, where Alex contributed as a juror. Net Impact Conference: Breaking Boundaries 6-8 November 2014 Wonderfruit Festival 20 December 2014 Lecture for HSM 28 December 2014 Lecture for BBA 19 April 2014 The Venture 15 October 2014 37
  38. 38. | Contributing to Conferences Director Nick gave a presentation on 20 March 2014 titled "Future Leaders & Responsible Business: An Example From Sasin" during a panel session of The International Labour Organization (ILO) and Employer’s Confederation of Thailand (ECOT)’s “Future and Current Business Leaders’ Summit”. On 27 November 2014, Alex and Nick attended Thailand NGO Awards ceremony at Amari Watergate. Nick served as a national juror for the fourth year, and Alex was an assessor for the central Thai region. The Thailand NGO Awards are a unique, national competition that aims to celebrate and reward the best non-governmental and non-profit organizations by showcasing examples of best practice and successful resource mobilization. Future and Current Business Leaders Summit 20-21 March 2014 Thailand NGO Awards 2014 Ceremony 27 November 2014 38
  39. 39. | Attending Conferences Chief of Operations Alex Mavro attended the CSR Asia Bali Forum “The Future of CSR Communications: GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting and Beyond” and training for CSR Communication and Reporting and Sustainability Reporting Guidelines GRI G4 on 5-6 February 2014 in Bali, Indonesia. On 27 March 2014, our Sustainability Manager, Prae Piromya attended the Executives Breakfast Talk and Seminar on Energy Efficiency organized by K Bank. Attendees included key figures in energy efficiency in Thailand such as Dr. Piyasvasti Amranand and Khun Arthit Vechakij. On 16-17 September 2014, Vasu Srivibha, SCSM research analyst attended the CSR Asia Summit 2014 at Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong. On 14 November 2014 at Plaza Athenee Hotel Bangkok, SCSM attended Siam Cement Group’s annual Sustainability Development Symposium. On the following day, Prae Piromya joined the off-site tour of the SCG Heim in Saraburi, a new hi-tech modular home factory with 80% robot production. On the same day, Vasu Srivibha joined the tour of SCG Experience in Bangkok. Alex Mavro attended the 5th Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Regional Forum Asia Kuala Lumpur 2014 held at Seri Pacific Hotel on 12–14 November 2014. On 16 October 2014, Alex attended the "5th National Conference on Collective Action Against Corruption” hosted by The Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD). In 2014, SCSM helped to link Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC), initiated in 2010 by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), with the Bangkok Hub Global Shapers (an Initiative of the World Economic Forum) to study existing digital applications for anti-corruption and propose a system for Thailand. The Global Shapers presented the study and proposal on 16 December 2014 to the CAC members at the JW Marriott Hotel. 39
  40. 40. | Partnerships Silver Sponsorship • External organizational sustainability assessment • Recognized as supporter of our regular outreach activities (about 40/year) Gold Sponsorship • External and internal organizational sustainability assessment • Recognized as supporter of our regular outreach activities (about 40/year) Platinum Sponsorship • One-day executive vision workshop and report • External and internal organizational sustainability assessment • Contribution to academic case study on organization • Recognized as supporter of our regular outreach activities (about 40/year) SCSM welcomes ideas for cooperation on events and projects. We also offer sponsorship packages to corporations and organizations. Sponsorship of SCSM is a highly valuable contribution to the business community and academia in Thailand as well as business schools world-wide. It also enables corporations to receive tax deduction on donations to academic institutes such as Sasin. Cooperation and Sponsorship 40
  41. 41. | We look forward to hearing from you! Nick Pisalyaput Director Prae Piromya Sustainability Manager Alex Mavro Chief of Operations Ratchada Sungkeetanon Administrator Prof. Toemsakdi Krishnamra Honorary Chair Stephen B. Young Honorary Co-Chair Vasu Srivibha Research Analyst 41
  42. 42. | Contact Us SasinSustainability Visit us on the 3rd floor at Sasin, room 303. Like us on Facebook. Join our LinkedIn group. Check out presentations, videos, upcoming events on our website, YouTube, and Eventbrite. See you at our Net Impact talks, trips, films, and networking nights! Get your FREE Net Impact membership for discounted rates at our events! 42