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Innovative Pro Bono


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Luncheon talk 18 Aug 2016 by Jessica Marsh, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Published in: Law
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Innovative Pro Bono

  1. 1. WHAT WE DO TrustLaw is the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono service that connects NGOs and social enterprises with the best law firms and in-house legal teams around the world.
  2. 2.  2200 connections in places like Kenya, Nepal, Colombia, Mauritius, Cambodia, Egypt, and Indonesia. A GLOBAL NETWORK  60% of connections outside traditional pro bono markets (e.g. Bhutan, Alaska)  Over $70million in pro bono for our network
  3. 3. TYPES OF PRO BONO LEGAL SUPPORT  Day-to-day corporate/commercial needs  Cross-border research to support high impact advocacy and policy change:  Human Rights  Trafficking  Corruption  Microcredit  Health  Energy/Environment  Social enterprise  And many more...
  5. 5. TRUSTLAW INDEX OF PRO BONO 2016 Launched 27 JULY 2016 This year the respondent firms represent over 64,500 lawyers working in 75 countries. These lawyers performed over 2.5 million hours of pro bono work in 2015, with lawyers on average undertaking a staggering 39.2 hours of pro bono. 2016 data suggest significant positive growth in pro bono across the Asia Pacific region. PRO BONO IN ASIA “Countries including Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam have already implemented such [aspirational pro bono] targets and other countries will likely follow. ” Cate Martin, Pro Bono Director, Asia- Pacific, DLA Piper
  6. 6. IN-HOUSE CORPORATE COUNSEL •Many of Fortune 500 companies and a majority of Fortune 100 companies have either set up or are moving to establish formal pro bono programs for the lawyers in their legal departments •Tailored to fit company’s CSR objectives •TrustLaw January 2016: 44 in-house legal teams (incl HSBC, JP Morgan, Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and General Electric)
  7. 7. THE BUSINESS CASE FOR PRO BONO •Interesting opportunities for lawyers •Enhanced Inside/Outside Counsel Relationships •Enhance professional skills •Corporate Social Responsibility •Global network •Supporting innovative & high impact initiatives •Driving social change The involvement of a company's legal department in pro bono service can add value and breadth to the company's corporate social responsibility profile and activities, as well as improve the quality of life and stability of clients and the community at large, making an important contribution and creating a better business climate.
  8. 8. SUSTAINABLE PRO BONO – BEST PRACTICE  A strong social justice and pro bono culture supported by management  A dedicated pro bono leader  Broad awareness of the pro bono program within the firm  Broad engagement of staff and appropriate training  A pro bono policy and strategic plan  Performance of pro bono legal work to the same standard as commercial work  Adequate crediting and recognition of pro bono legal work within the firm  Setting a firm-wide pro bono target and budget  Strong and deep relationships with community partners  A strategic risk management plan including accurate record keeping and a regular evaluation process.
  9. 9. Pro Bono + Sustainability •TrustLaw Lawyer of the Year Award Nominee: Joanna Zhou, DLA Piper Australia •Client: Global Nonprofit – Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) •Project: Advise on climate change negotiations - lead up to Conference of Parties (COP) 21, Paris, December 2015 •Aim: 7 core proposals to be included in final Paris Agreement on Climate Change “Joanna and DLA Piper brought tremendous expertise, professionalism and humility to their collaboration with us. They never made us feel like "clients" but rather as true partners in co- creation and impact….They were totally invested in this project and shared the vision of success and push for outcomes that we cared about. This made the relationship less transactional and far more collaborative. I believe this - along with their undoubted legal skill - contributed greatly to our shared success.”
  10. 10. Pro bono in other fields / corporate volunteering
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