Employee Volunteer Programs: Empowering Workplace Innovation, Oct 2013


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Since 2008, Hattaya Wongsaengpaiboon has been working at VSO, an international development charity whose volunteers work with local organizations to improve poor people’s lives.

Working with professional volunteers, migrant community members, community based organizations, international organizations and Thailand’s Ministries, Hattaya brings corporate experience to the development field where is has found her passion. She will be addressing the benefits of corporate volunteering; including staff motivation, team spirit and employee retention, as well as community impact.

Hattaya holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from Thammasat University.

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Employee Volunteer Programs: Empowering Workplace Innovation, Oct 2013

  1. 1. Employee Volunteering programme 19 Sep 2013 at SCSM
  2. 2. Voluntary Organizational Contribute labor and time Not for Profit Charitable Volunteer What is Volunteering?
  3. 3. • Develop their soft skills – leadership, time management, problem solving skills Impact on employee • Refine existing skills and gain new knowledge • Improve mental and physical health • Motivation
  4. 4. • Increasing employee productivity and loyalty Impact on company • Aligning positive outcomes for poor people with strengthened business supply chains • Demonstrating your business understands its role in society and its place in the community
  5. 5. Impact on people’s lives • Volunteer employees sharing their skills with developing communities is a catalyst that enables people to help themselves out of poverty.
  6. 6. The important benefits of employee volunteering come not from the fact that it exists, but from the way in which it is carried out.
  7. 7. What? VSO is a development organisation that fights poverty through volunteers. Vision: Our vision is for a world without poverty. Mission: Our mission is to bring people together to fight poverty including education, health, secure livelihoods, gender equality and advocacy. When? VSO began in 1958, 16 young British volunteers to teach English. So far more than 40,000 VSO volunteers of 94 nationalities have made a difference in 90 countries.
  8. 8. The VSO ripple effect
  9. 9. VSO Volunteering
  10. 10. VSO Volunteering
  11. 11. Accenture - VSO
  12. 12. Google – VSO (UK and India) • Google linked with VSO and their employee volunteering programme • sent employee volunteers from USA and placed in India through VSO • VSO India organised In Country Training, short term placement for Google employees with local partner organisations.
  13. 13. Google - VSO India
  14. 14. P&G - VSO China • P&G has been making donations to build Hope Schools in China for 15 years • VSO provided “Preparing to Volunteer” training to mobilize and equip P&G employee volunteers to provide help for Hope School student’s ‘Live, learn and Thrive’
  15. 15. Lenovo - VSO China • Lenovo has become the largest PC maker in the world and its corporate volunteering strategy in China incorporate its business and people strategy • VSO China supported Lenovo China Volunteer Association in capacity building and strategic planning
  16. 16. • Consultation • Tailored Trainings – Volunteer programme development and management – Working with NGOs – Volunteer pre-departure VSO in Thailand
  17. 17. Hattaya.Wongsaengpaiboon@vsoint.org Hattaya.w@gmail.com www.vsointernational.org VSO office : Sukhumvit 13 02-651-2610-2 VSO in Thailand