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Created for EME2040 class assignment.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Constructivism Created by: Sashana J.
  2. 2. Jerome Bruner • Believed that learning was a participatory process. • Advocated that the teacher’s role should be to encourage curiosity and exploration. • Students, with the help of their teacher, should build upon what they already know.
  3. 3. Lev Vygotsky • Developed Social Cognition because of his interest in children’s cognitive development. • Believed that students should work collaboratively to share different ideas and to negotiate.
  4. 4. John Dewey • An advocate for child centered instruction. • Believed that learning was a social process. • Created the Laboratory School in 1896. • Also associated with Progressive Education and Pragmatism.
  5. 5. Jean Piaget • Believed that children were active learners who did not need motivation from adults to learn. • Advocated that children learned differently than adult.
  6. 6. Key points of the theory  Constructivism teaches that students learn by doing.  Students actively participate in the learning process; therefore, the learning process is hands-on.
  7. 7. What the teacher does under this theory (with and without technology) With Technology Without Technology  Create Web Quests  Develop a spiral curriculum.  Utilizing Educational Video Games in the Classroom  Organize Students into Collaborative Learning Groups
  8. 8. What the students do under this theory (with and without technology) With Technology  Web Quests  Play educational video games  Using digital media and the internet to research information . Without Technology  Participate in scavenger and treasure hunts
  9. 9. Content Credits  Shelly, Gary B., Glenda A. Gunter, and Randolph E. Gunter. "Learning Theories and Educational Research." Teachers Discovering Computers: Integrating Technology in a Connected World. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2012. 266-80. Print.
  10. 10. Graphic Creits  Slide 2,   Slide 3,   Slide 4, 
  11. 11. Graphic Credits  Slide 5,   AAU/1WLYkdNIUxg/S755/JeanPiaget.jpg Slide 7,  onstructivismv2.png