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India, Britain and U.S. Education Ranking Systems


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This presentation explores the higher education ranking systems in India, Britain and the United States.

By Sasha Harrison

Published in: Education, Technology
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India, Britain and U.S. Education Ranking Systems

  1. 1. India, Britain, and the United States: A Comparative Analysis of University Ranking Systems By Sasha HarrisonI explore the differences between University ranking systems in threedifferent areas of the world and analyze these findings against the trend ofglobalization.
  2. 2. Review My goal is to catalyze further critical analysis onhow to solve contemporary issues of educationalelitism at the forefront of Higher Education today.I examine the ranking systems in India, Britain andthe United States in order to compare the differentmethodologies involved in this system.
  3. 3. India: University Education RankingsThe top 10 Universities in India1. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT)2. Indian Institute of Technology Madras 1. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 2. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 3. University of Delhi 4. Anna University 5. Amity University 6. University of Mumbai 7. Manipal University 8. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 9. (University Web Rankings: Top Colleges and Universities in India, 2011)
  4. 4. Britain: University EducationRankingsThe top universities in 2011 for Britain are asfollows: 1. Cambridge 2. Oxford 3. Imperial College London 4. London School of Economics 5. Durham 6. St Andrews 7. University College London 8. Warwick 9. Lancaster10.Bath (The Complete University Guide, 2011)
  5. 5. United States: University EducationRankingsListed below are the top 10 University ranks for2011 for the U.S.: 1. Harvard 2. Princeton 3. Yale 4. Columbia 5. California Institute of Technology 6. Massachusettes Institute of Technology 7. Stanford 8. University of Chicago 9. University of Pennsylvania 10. Duke University (U.S. News and World Report: National Rankings, 2011)
  6. 6. ProblemsHigher Education - today such asinequality of Education, elitism, braingain and brain drain as well as capitalism.
  7. 7. Proposed SolutionsNeed to define parameters ofcontemporary values of citizenship,include social justice and bilingualeducation in curriculums globally andteach empathy and human rights for all.