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Positive Letter Of Response


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Published in: Travel
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Positive Letter Of Response

  1. 1. Tel: 0129876543 45 Skinner Street Fax: 0121234567 PRETORIA 0001 7 November 2009 P. O. Box 8765 PRETORIA 0001 Dear Ms. S. Gordon, RE: EQUIRY: HONEYMOON RESERVATIONS: Thank you for your enquiry about honeymoon reservations. We enclose brochures with details of the different possibilities available to you. You can contact me directly with any other queries. The reservations will require a 50% deposit within 60 days and because it is your honeymoon, we are including a 10% discount. Please note that the discount is not yet included but will be included as soon as you make the reservations. Please see answers to your questions below: 1. You can rent a car in South Africa in Komatipoort. It is a four-by-four and the cost is R200.00 per day. You need to take out travel insurance of R30.00 per day. The total cost for two weeks will be R3220.00. 2. You can stay on the beach as there are many lodges along the coast. Please see the attached brochure with prices. I recommend Long Island Beach Lodge which is R500.00 per couple per night. Please let me know how many nights you would like to stay on the beach front. 3. If you travel from Maputu to the north, you will travel 1000km's. Your total distance will then be between 2000km's and 3000km's. Your petrol consumption will cost approximately R3000.00. 4. I can work out an itinerary for you based on the information that you supplied but would prefer meeting with you first. Please let me know when will be a convenient time for you to meet. 5. Unfortunetly, you won't be able to pay out-of-season rates for the whole two weeks but we will make sure that you can pay out-of-season rates for a part of your honeymoon. If you need any other information, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you for selecting our company. I am looking forward to doing business with you. Kind Regards, _________________________ Mrs. P Sepedi Travel Consultant.