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Jan Rezab Socialbakers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Jan Rezab Socialbakers

  1. 1. Digital Branding 2012 Moscow Optimizing Social Media ToIncrease Customer Engagement Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers @janrezab
  2. 2. About Socialbakers› Offices in Prague, San Francisco, “We are a „customer developed‟ company,” London, Munich, Paris said Jan Rezab, who is the CEO and co- founder of Socialbakers. “Our customers kept telling us the metrics they wanted to see.”› 400,000 marketers across 100+ countries October 31, 2011› Launched platform in 2010, currently 120+ employees Used by Leaders› Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, one of 7 in the world that have 3 competence badges
  3. 3. Visit
  4. 4. Previously Facebakers...
  5. 5. Content is King – Newsfeed & Timeline
  6. 6. Timeline content – „Social by design“
  7. 7. Application Content
  8. 8. Application ContentPUMA 400 000 users 3 weeks
  9. 9. Application & Timeline Content
  10. 10. Microformat Content
  11. 11. Microformat Content
  12. 12. Microformat Content – Reaching more fans
  13. 13. Page content “On average a page reaches 10 – 25% of its fans daily”
  14. 14. Analytics – Metrics
  15. 15. Metrics in social media – ENGAGEMENT RATE
  16. 16. Metrics in social media – ENGAGEMENT RATE
  17. 17. Metrics in social media – ENGAGEMENT RATE
  18. 18. RANKING companies around the world Not in this rank? Suggest it on!
  19. 19. Analytics – Comparisons
  20. 20. Analytics – Benchmarks
  21. 21. Analytics – Response Rates
  22. 22. What is Brand Rater?
  23. 23. BRAND-RATER – SOCIAL NPS Automobile Brand Ranking (1st week) Ranking (3rd week)Porsche 7,4 8,7Jeep 5,8 8,5Ford Motor Company 6,2 7,7Toyota USA 5,4 7,5Volvo 7,4 7,3Chrysler 4,9 7Mercedes-Benz 7,3 6,8Jaguar 7,1 6,7Chevrolet 5,7 6,5Ferrari 6,8 6,3Nissan 5.9 6,3Audi USA 6,7 6Range Rover 6,7 6Škoda 6,4 6Mazda 5,4 5,3BMW 7,9 5,3Honda 6,2 5,3Citroën 3,3 4,7Peugeot 4,1 4Opel 4,1 3,7
  24. 24. byTrack Performance Compare Performance Improve PerformanceGet early warning Spy on competitors Optimize your socialsigns for trouble and and benchmark performance, increaseidentify catalysts for performance against engagement rates andrapid social media industry standards and generate graphicalgrowth. regional norms. reports. Start Measuring and Maximizing Social Media ROI Today
  25. 25. by
  26. 26. by
  27. 27. CASE STUDY Henkel Maximizes Return on Integrated Social Media Campaigns “Socialbakers has developed an application that makes it easy for us to get sophisticated Get Results with Socialbakers metrics on our performance through Facebook.” Fortune Global 500 Company Has more than 45 Facebook —Felix Schmidt, Global Digital Marketing Manager Pages Serving Customers in for Henkel Henkel AG & Co. KGaA 125 Countries Prior to Socialbakers Now with Socialbakers › Needed a way to track and measure › Able to track and analyze social social performance for Henkel brands performance trends for informed › Needed to understand performance decision making relative to competitors › Gain competitive insights for Henkel › Needed to report on social brands based on competitor’ social effectiveness performance › Generate customized reports
  28. 28. CASE STUDY Agencia Riot Deploys Analytics PRO to Demonstrate Social ROI Growth for 80+ Clients “The Analytics PRO application organizes sophisticated metrics into easy to understand Get Results with Socialbakers dashboards. This is powerful because brands can compare social media effectiveness to others in Representing More Than 80 their industry.” Clients in 6 Countries, Agencia Riot Is the Largest Social Media —Marcelo Lemmi, Head of Business Intelligence at Agência Riot Agency in Latin America Prior to Socialbakers Now with Socialbakers › Needed to show ROI for their clients’ › Able to determine ROI for social social media campaigns media campaigns for 80+ clients › Required multiple tools to monitor › Able to use KPIs to effectively track social media performance for clients social performance › Needed to create reports that showed › Ability to benchmark clients’ social how clients were faring against performance against competitors and competitors across industries
  29. 29. SayItSocial Improves Visibility toCASE STUDY ROI for Clients’ Social Media Campaigns “Analytics PRO allows brands to compare their social media efforts to other competitors in their industry. Get Results with Socialbakers This gives our clients a competitive edge for their business resulting in increased customer acquisition Created an industry-wide rates, augmented customer relationships, and higher social media study of 150 US levels of brand awareness.” hotels for the hospitality —Josh Harcus, Director of Business Development at SayItSocial industry Prior to Socialbakers Now with Socialbakers › Needed a way to better audit and › Able to track progress for clients’ develop effect social media social media performance and campaigns for clients determine ROI › Needed to produce monthly reports › Able to compare their clients’ social that showed social media ROI performance to others in their industry
  30. 30. Recent Case StudyJan 2, 2012Socialbakers publishes Infographic for US ElectionsJan 3, 2012AdAge reports President Obama’s family picture ismost viral on FacebookFeb 21, 2012Washington Post reports President Obama selectsfamily photo for re-election ad
  31. 31. Summary 1. Choose the right metrics to monitor = Helps understand success in social media 2. Build great content for your social presence = Helps build a good following 3. Make sure you do both proactive and reactive engagement in social media = Helps build community 4. Use the right tools and partners = Helps to do it faster and easier
  32. 32. M: +420 724 095 217Link me: Like&Friend me: Follow me @janrezab(anytime) (meet me first) (when you want)