Ikea in the kitchen final


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Ikea in the kitchen final

  1. 1. Projectbackground
  2. 2. We wanted to create a digitalkitchen tool enabling a brandexperience as close as possibleto real life
  3. 3. Three objectives1 2 3To make IKEA the To position IKEA as being To develop a kitchen tool thatindisputable Kitchen on the front of design, combines inspirational contentleader on the Russian modernity and function with interaction.market with a clear with a price tag thatdistance to competitors. makes the dream possible Demonstrating style width andTo increase awareness of for the many people smart functions, reinforcingIKEA kitchens relevant and affordable solutions on small space
  4. 4. AudiencePrimary SecondaryThey are on the stage of active Do not consider to buy a completeevaluation in the consumer kitchen in the near future, but:journey: 1. Interested what’s going in the1. Have an intention to buy kitchen in kitchen market in case if they are goingthe nearest future 2. Gathering to buy it later 2. Interested in kitcheninformation of different brands accessories(where IKEA is a part of their set ofconsideration)
  5. 5. We focused onfive kitchensfrom the smallest 8 m kitchen 2to a 20 m studio with integrated 2kitchen
  6. 6. The project
  7. 7. IdeaWe created an interactive story wherevisitors could travel through five kitchensby switching from one character toanother
  8. 8. IdeaTransmigration allowed us to showfunctional features from differentperspectives: with the eyes of agrandma, a three-year-old, a catand even a fly
  9. 9. Five families, one story loop
  10. 10. IKEA featuresplay naturalroles in each story A POV character using IKEA pull out tab while dancing
  11. 11. ChallengesVideos in each kitchen were shot to runseamlessly in parallelSwitching videos in real time requiredperfect syncing through multipleviewpoints
  12. 12. Website executionB-Reel London was chosen as a digitalproduction company. Their expertisemade the video intensive website workflawlessly.
  13. 13. Media Support
  14. 14. Support overview IKEA groups Kitchenview.ru Banners on ikea.ru extraordinary experience PR support (social medias and kitchen- related sources) External banners 2.Kitchen and design sites 3.High traffic / high affinity platforms
  15. 15. PR supportby media Social Online Print
  16. 16. External bannersupport Two weeks
  17. 17. Results
  18. 18. Site usage as of firstfive monthsVisits 1 221 345Unique visitors 982 820Time on site 03:36Page views 2 842 595Returning visitors 21%
  19. 19. Creativecommunityappreciation andbuzz
  20. 20. Ad festivals awards ADCR Bely Kvadrat festival KIAF IdeaLaunch Today Future
  21. 21. Thank you