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sleep at night
wake up in the morning
wake up late
take a shower
make breakfast
eat breakfast
drink coffee
brush your teeth
floss your teeth
get dressed
put on your shoes
leave the house
drive to work
arrive at work
start working
Morning activities
Morning activities
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Morning activities


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In the morning......I have to, I want to, I need to (мне надо), I like to, I love to, I can (Я могу) (без "to")..............(+ глагол)

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Morning activities

  1. 1. sleep at night
  2. 2. wake up in the morning
  3. 3. wake up late
  4. 4. take a shower
  5. 5. make breakfast
  6. 6. eat breakfast
  7. 7. drink coffee
  8. 8. brush your teeth
  9. 9. floss your teeth
  10. 10. get dressed
  11. 11. put on your shoes
  12. 12. leave the house
  13. 13. drive to work
  14. 14. arrive at work
  15. 15. start working