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From Open Acces to Open Collections to Open Minds


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Keynote presentation in Belgrade on December 15th, 2016 about museums and the challenges of open access and how the Rijksmuseum dealt with this during the last decade.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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From Open Acces to Open Collections to Open Minds

  1. 1. Belgrade – 15/12/2016 – Conference Museums and the Challenges of Open Access From Open Access to Open Collections to Open Minds Saskia Scheltjens Head of Research Services
  2. 2. Previous & Current Workplace Rijksmuseum / NetherlandsGhent University / Belgium
  3. 3. From Open Access to Open Collections Stilleven met vergulde bokaal, Willem Claesz. Heda, 163 -
  4. 4. Facts and Figures Rijksmuseum building By architect Pierre Cuypers 44,500 msq floor space 14,500 msq exhibition space 1885 2,8 mio guilders 2003-2013 375 mio euros Between 2003-2013 (10 years!) closed due to extensive renovations almost no exhibition space available
  5. 5. Facts and Figures Rijksmuseum collection National Museum of Art ánd History Largest art historical collection online Physical Collection Collection of ~1,200,000 objects Print collection ~700.000 prints Artworks on display ~8.000 (in flux) Famous for its collection of Dutch Masters of the Golden Age (Rembrandt, Vermeer, …)
  6. 6. REFOCUS ON COLLECTION • By 2008, start of a new Collection Management department • Focus on complete collection registration (minimal level) -> ambition is to have complete collection online by 2020 • Start of first large digitisation projects (Print Room Online, …) • Discussions about the need for a Digital Asset Management system • First iterations of the Rijksmuseum website & collection data online
  8. 8. Regaining control by sharing
  9. 9. 2003-2010 • Discussions curators & administration about opening up the object collections via the website • Reorganisation of collection departments • Co-operations with universities re digital heritage data Beginning of 2011 • Choice for CC-BY licence for object images • Limited selection of the collection online for free • Discussion with Europeana on how to deal with licences • Diversification: different uses, different sizes
  10. 10. CC BY SA Attribution-ShareAlike) licenses/by-sa/4.0 CC BY (Attribution only) licenses/by/4.0 CC0 waiver publicdomain/zero/1.0 Overview: Most frequently used OA licenses
  11. 11. End of 2011 • Participation several hackathons (Open Cultuurdata, …) • First (de facto) Open Data Policy Rijksmuseum • Images available on a very high resolution (300 dpi) • Europeana White Paper about Open Access businessmodels (Verwayen 2011)
  12. 12. Knowledge needs to be shared Taco Dibbits Director Rijksmuseum Core of current de facto Open Data Policy
  13. 13. 2012 • New mission ‘The museum links individuals with art and history’ • New digital strategy • New website of the Rijksmuseum • Core: Rijksstudio • Tactile and visual • Target audience ‘culture snacker’ • Mobile • Stimulation of remixing via ‘Rijksstudio Award’
  14. 14. Beginning of 2013 • Reopening of the physical museum End of 2013 • Creative Commons 0 licence for the whole collection • Reduction of revenu for digital images sales • Increase of income due to reopening and funding • Focus on larger digitisation funds instead of image sale • API (application programming interface) for the whole website • Persistent identifiers (PID) for all objects in the collection • ‘Democratising the Rijksmuseum’ – Europeana report (Pekel 2013)
  15. 15. 2014 • Research projects about semantic crowdsourced tagging • Public high profile annotation events for niches • Wikipedia edith-a-thons 2016 • Co-operation with Google Art Institute with VR • Tests with Linked Data & Tripple Store for collection data
  16. 16. BUT
  17. 17. RIJKSMUSEUM RESEARCH LIBRARY National Art Library of the Netherlands ~450.000 volumes of art books, auction catalogues, periodicals Non-stop acquisition since 1885 Opened up long before the object collection did Metadata accessible via open API’s since 2008 - Uses an Open Database License (ODbL) and CC0 since 2008 - Runs open source Koha library software since 2011 - Founding member OCLC Art Discovery Group Catalogue 2014 -
  18. 18. RIJKSMUSEUM ART DOCUMENTATION ~1 km of documentary data (vertical files) about art objects Not yet digitized but very important for curators Completely unknown & underused Complicated re copyright Increasingly hybrid (digital & print)
  19. 19. RIJKSMUSEUM RESEARCH DATA Heterogeneous (digital) research data From researchers & curators, technical art researchers, conservationists, restauration departments ….. Upgrade to a formal data policy planned in 2017 Plans for the building of a digital institional repository
  20. 20. A shift in research output and methodologies
  21. 21. Panpoeticon Batavûm, hypothetical 3D reconstruction of a wooden cabinet by Lieke Van Deinsen (Rijksmuseum Fellow) & Timothy De Paepe
  22. 22. Increasingly, focus on data driven research
  23. 23. Paint Sample Database (not yet released)
  24. 24. Paint Sample Database (not yet released)
  25. 25. Paint Sample Database (not yet released)
  26. 26. Former (sub)departments involved in reorganisation ‘Research Services’ department • Rijksmuseum Research Library • Collection Documentation • Application IT & Collection Data Management • Study Room / Print Room • Stacks
  27. 27. REORGANISATION Take off Research Services (June 1st, 2016) • Centralisaton of different departments & new mission • 30 FTE (information specialists, IT, …) • Focus on interdisciplinary data - & information management • Support research & develop innovative new services
  28. 28. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Consolidating integrated semantic collection data infrastructure Data Modelling EDM & CIDOC-CRM Semantic open collection data (LOD) Extending & Communicating Open Collection Data Strategy Focus on research data & institutional repository infrastructure
  29. 29. • Openingsspeech by Taco Dibbits, director Rijksmuseum (2016)
  30. 30. From Open Access to Open Collections to Open Minds Stilleven met vergulde bokaal, Willem Claesz. Heda, 163 -
  31. 31. Contact information Let’s talk! Saskia Scheltjens @saschel This presentation only uses images with an open licence