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The use of ethnography in public relations research


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Research paper on the use of ethnographic research methods in public relations

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The use of ethnography in public relations research

  1. 1. The use of ethnography in public relations research SARAH WILLIAMSMANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY SARAH.WILLIAMS@MMU.AC.UK
  2. 2. Lack of ethnographic research in PR“anthropology and the ethnographic tradition offers public relations alternative lines of enquiry that canreveal the „public relations in everyday life‟ both of its practitioners and in the multiple con texts within which it operates” L‟Etang, 2011: 24
  3. 3. Observation and/ or participationAngrosino (2007: 6) identifies four main positions: The complete participant  Participant-as-observer  Observer-as-participant  The complete observer
  4. 4. „schism‟ contextualising practice  Moving PR scholarship “away from the centre and towards the margins”, Brown, 2012: 98
  5. 5. Limitations Ethical considerations  The role of the researcher
  6. 6. TIME Willis & Trondman‟s premise that theory should be used to illuminate the data A means of investigating and finding answers to myriad questions which lie on the margins of normative PR theory
  7. 7. Reflections and possibilities