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Mtv india ppt

  1. 1. MTV India: Balancing Globaland local marketing Submitted By : ABHISHEK SASAN LALEET GROVER MUNISH KUMAR
  2. 2.  It is about TV popular music channel worldwide. How it entered in Asian pacific market specially in India Reason for its failure first time Re launch of MTV India with regional approach H0w it became successful from its competitors
  3. 3. About MTV•It is a division of Viacom•Broadcasting in more than 170countries in 32 languages•136 distinct Mtv channels and230 web sites•It is more widely viewed thanany other global network•Target basically youth.
  4. 4. History•It is originally created as basic cablechannel dedicated to music in US•It first went international in 1987with launching of MTV Europe.•They decided to target youth of agebetween 15-34 which is about 1 out of4 people around the world
  5. 5.  The MTV Logo was designed in 1981 by Frank Olinsky, Pat Gorman, and Patty Rogoff.The original design consisted of a Block 3D “M “with a small graffiti “TV “on the top of it. The very first moments of MTV Logo was an adaptation of the first landing on the moon, directly from NASA this idea was from Seibert’s.
  6. 6. Branded television channels inthe Asia Pacific region
  7. 7. MTV USERS(in %)
  8. 8. MTV USERS(in %)
  9. 9. Famous brands on face book
  10. 10.  It is a division of Viacom Broadcasting in more than 170 countries In 32 languages 136 distinct Mtv channels and 230 web sites It is more widely viewed than any other global network Target basically youth.
  11. 11.  It is originally created as basic cable channel dedicated to music in US It first went international in 1987 with launching of MTV Europe. They also came in Asia pacific region specially in India, Pakistan . They decided to target youth of age between 15-34 which is about 1 out of 4 people around the world
  12. 12. “THINK GLOBALY AND LOCALY ANDACT ACORDINGLY” After flourished in US, Brazil, and UK Mtv struggled to find niche in Asia specially in India. They want to target 470 million people between ages 10 and 34. Economic Liberalization made it easy to enter foreign business in India
  13. 13.  MTV entered with agreement with Hong Kong’s Star TV MTV management developed a regional marketing strategy by delivering a pan-Asia music channel. But later Star TV was sold to the news corporation, the media giant owned by Rupert Murdoch. They had there own music channel named as [V]
  14. 14.  There are nearly 100 distinctive channels. Competition is intense and profit margin is thin. Indian family watching TV together, so it is difficult for advertiser to isolate target audience.
  15. 15.  Star TV ended its partnership with MTV Hired staff of MTV for Channel [v] and it managed to capture much of MTV’s market share. [V] adopted a different approach to accommodate the preference of customer in individual Asian market
  16. 16. • India’s 2 biggest Music channels have turned into youth entertainment and reality• In last 3 years the gap between the search trends for the 2 brands have increased manifold and MTV has completely out written channel V• MTV reality shows are the major searches and completely out shadow channel V shows• In year 2007 and 2008 the successful introduction of sequence of reality shows Roadies, splitsvilla and stunt mania are the major reason for increased search• In last 1 year ever since roadies 8 started the online search trend for MTV shows a steep upward trend
  17. 17.  MTV in India continue to follow a regional marketing approach. English speaking host. Basically deal with Hollywood music. Create blunder by saying that bollywood music was no cool enough for teen market. So MTV rating suffered.
  18. 18.  Late 1990 MTV opted for more localized approach and began adapting its programming Launched MTV India based Mumbai. Include more bollywood music Host began to speak both English an Hindi dubbed “HINGLISH”. Organized Cricket matches and fashion shows.
  19. 19.  They instead of exporting US programs, developed programs according to culture of India. Localization worked well. Latest strategy is to develop uniform programming that sells in multiple country to get economies of scale.
  20. 20.  MTV’s International President has done a great job in listening to the countries needs and adjusting their programming to satisfy that country. In the end, all the hard work, patience, and listening to customers needs, has paid off in a big way. The company is now owner of 33 distinct channels, with over 18 different languages, in over 160..
  21. 21.  MTV Networks India - Managing Director - Amit Jain in concerns of videos. “ Our strategies emanate on coordinating with the various record labels and companies so that we could acquire the most number of videos possibble, thus, attracting your attention since the videos that the latter prefers are aired on tv. Also, our channel are creating quite a number of variety shows and programs that satisfy the taste and preferences of the viewers”
  22. 22.  As part of the deal, MTV Networks will also sell episodes of its programs through Google Video, as it does via AOL and iTunes
  23. 23.  Successfully marketing a product lies in satisfying one or more of the target audience’s emotional needs. The first step in successfully marketing to a specific group is defining what the strategy will be directed towards- understanding what makes them tick. Some examples of these needs in relation to today’s youth are: acceptance, belonging, pride, and security. MTV has especially tapped into the need for belonging and acceptance by giving youth something common to talk about and experience together- something specifically created with them in mind.
  24. 24.  After identifying the needs of the target audience, MTV marketing strategists must devise a method of satisfying those needs. In an interview from entitled “The Merchants of Cool: Interview Todd Cunningham,” the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning for MTV calls the method a “feverish addiction to research and understanding young people.”
  25. 25.  MTV target segment is huge and growing youth market abroad Indeed about one in four people around the world is between 15 and 34 years old. Management requires that about 70 percent of its programming be developed or adapted for each of the youth segments that it targets abroad