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Ibm cognos 10

  2. 2. CONTENTCognos10: Intelligence UnleashedSmarter Decisions , Better Results Magic Quadrants Breadth of analytic IBM Cognos10 : Capabilities Trade up Opportunities Case Study Conclusion
  3. 3. Cognos10: Intelligence Unleashed Smarter Decisions , BetterResults to Think : Unified workspace All time horizons Progressive interaction Connect with Others Decision networks Business context Accountability and Simply Do Mobile and Disconnected A revolutionary BI workspace Integrated delivered on a proven platform Real-time with seamless upgrade.
  4. 4. Magic Quadrants Source : Gartner Aug 2011
  5. 5. Freedom to think analytics everyone can use to answerkey business questions• Cognos 10 advances – Combine data from any source and explore it from any perspective without limitation – Analyze facts and anticipate outcomes simply by shifting perspectives and time horizons. – Expand expertise beyond traditional BI capabilities without switching tools – Enable business to increase their personal productivity and independence from IT• Key features – Intuitive, appealing Web 2.0 interface – Personalized, progressive interaction – Drag-and-drop, free-form assembly – Search-assisted authoring The new BI workspace supports – Wizard-driven external data the way you think, so you don’t – Automatic access to SAP BW queries have to interrupt your train of – In-space access to planning, scenario modeling, thought to fit the software real-time monitoring and predictive analytics
  6. 6. Unified workspace with greater power, intuitivenavigation and cleaner lookIBM Cognos Business InsightIntuitive and easy to use, ait is the single place that you go to find answers to keybusiness questions Solution Highlights Pre-assembled workspace content Search assisted authoring Drag and drop assembly Dynamically filter Quicker and deeper insight into data Seamless graduated experience
  7. 7. Breadth of analytics across historical, real-time andpredictive information Unified Workspace delivering breadth of analytics Analytical Reporting Real-Time Scenario Modeling Advanced Analytics Drill What is What-if What might be
  8. 8. Easy data inclusion by the business from one value, toentire data sets and external filesExternal Data : Combine external, departmental, and your own data tocorporate information resulting in broader perspectivesSolution Highlights• Import external data sources into reports or query subjects• Leverage external data as report filters• Publish for reuse and update• Provide IT governance
  9. 9. Collaborative BI through built-in collaboration and socialnetworkingIBM Cognos Collaboration :Quickly find the people and expertise you need. Discuss and refine ideaswith colleagues, partners, and customers.Solution HighlightsEmbed of Lotus ConnectionsPost messages, share files and links to web content (both BI and external)Create and assign to-do itemsWork within Business Insight workspace to drive activities or requests for actionSend email notifications directly from an activity
  10. 10. and Simply do actionable insight everywhere at the pointof impact Cognos 10 advances  Adopt mobile to accelerate delivery of interactive analytics to executives and the frontlines  Address challenges of compressed decision cycles with real-time analytics  Integrate analytics in everyday work and in workflow to inform business processes Key features Mobile, real-time, and portable BI  Mobile interaction on iPhone and iPad transforms BI from a separate task, to  Interactive, disconnected reports BI informing everything you do  Real-time monitoring of in-flight information  Mashups  Business-driven workflow
  11. 11. Platform advances to simplify and cost-effectivelyscale enterprise analytics IBM Cognos 10 delivers platform advances to:  Optimize performance with in-memory processing  Accelerate model design with guided workflow-driven modeling  Enhance system management with more granular visibility and control  Streamline lifecycle management with the ability to seamlessly upgrade 1
  12. 12. Casual Users Executives Financial Analysts Customers & Partners Business Managers Professional Authors Common Business Model Data Analyst Application & Web Servers Data Modeler IT Tools Security Providers & Firewalls Shared Set of Purpose-Built Services Business Content Administrator Data Integration & Data Quality Services Tools API Platforms & DatabasesSystem Architect Open Data Access Developer IBM Cognos 8 Architecture Modern and Legacy Sources Message Sources Relational Sources Application Sources OLAP Sources
  13. 13. Faster performance with in-memory processing 20+ NewIBM Cognos Platform Common Business Model Patents Query Service IT with Dynamic Query CapabilitiesDeliver optimized access to all data Query Tools Cache Visualizati Hybridregardless of where it resides on Logs OLAP Open Data Access Relational Solution Highlights Adapters Adapters TM1 SAP BW DB2 Teradata Enhanced Query Service with Dynamic Query: Cubing MSAS Informix SQLServer Services Essbase Oracle ODBC  64-bit in-memory optimized query generation PowerCube JDBC… with pattern intelligence to improve performance against complex heterogeneous data Messa ge  In-memory calculations and aggregate operations Source Relational Application OLAP Modern and s Sources Sources Sources Legacy Sources for faster compute time  New optimized caching for hierarchies, members, facts, calculations and prompts for improved report performance  Initial conformance is for OLAP sources: SAP 3x faster query BW, TM1 and Essbase.
  14. 14. Expanded deployment options include Cloud, System z,and Power Optimized Business System Virtualization Fast to install and Optimize use of run IBM Smart Private e.g. Cloud resources e.g. Cognos 10 Analytics System Standardize Enterprise Software on System z & share costs e.g. IBM Smart Public Leverage existing Analytics Cloud on Cloud IT investment System z Provision with shift e.g. IBM Cognos 10 of CAPEX to on supported OS e.g. IBM Cognos 10 OPEX and hardware deployed on IBM Cloud
  15. 15. IBM Cognos10 capabilities Dash-boarding  Collaboration Ad-Hoc Reporting  Metadata Modeling Analysis  OLAP Modeling Statistics  Planning and budgeting Score-carding  BI Extensions - mobile, search 20
  16. 16. Example of Trade-up Opportunities for Consumptionand Authoring Level Roles Administer BI Administrator BI Professional Author BI Advanced Business Author Business Author Business Analyst BI Enhanced Consumer Consume BI Consumer BI Recipient21 21
  18. 18. CONCLUSION In the past 5 years, IBM has invested US$ 14 billion in the acquisition of 24 software companies. With Cognos being one of them, the overall offering starts to clearly benefit from some of these new technologies. Following the consolidation in the Business Intelligence market a few years back, when IBM acquired Cognos and SAP acquired Business Objects, Cognos clearly seems to digest well the transition into the IBM family. However, all in all, one can say that IBM Cognos 10 offers an extremely complete, mature, enterprise BI solution, built from the ground up on a SOA Architecture, and clearly sets a new standard for end-to-end performance management solutions