The crunch years


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So what do employers need to know about under 18's?

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The crunch years

  1. 1. The crunch years:What employersneed to knowabout under-18sNew research by communicationsspecialist SAS discovers a shiftin how under-18s see their futurecareer choices.Who is SAS?SAS is an award-winning digital marketing and design agencythat helps organisations attract great people. We craft attractiveemployer brands through simple, authentic and emotivedesign. From in-school competitions to online talentcommunities, we build brands in the minds of candidatesthrough compelling content and integrated campaigns.Young talent is the new frontier. And our years of work withschools students and graduates means tangible insights intothe minds of emerging job seekers. In April, we partnered withThe Student Room to survey 1,000 UK students about careerchoices and attitudes.   Get in touchMeet us in person. We’re in Central London,moments from Hyde Park or at the end of a phone.Get to know SASWant to know more about our research or work with school leavers?Here’s where you can find us online:SAS6 Salem RoadLondonW2 4BUW: www.saslondon.comT: @sas_insightsT: @sas_creativeV: BarfieldT: +44 (0)20 7243 3232lbarfield@saslondon.comThey’re notwho you thinkthey areMost alreadyknow what jobthey want to doChances are theyhaven’t thought aboutworking for youThey want straight,honest answers to theircommon questionsThey’re alreadylooking outside ofschool for answersThey’re most familiar with…What they want most out of a career is… But above allthey want…What wouldI do on anaverage dayat work?Will I still stand achance of gettinghired if I don’t getstraight A’s?Could I bepromoted withintwo years?Five? More?Is it better todo a summerinternship or asandwich year?What subjectsshould Istudy for thejob I want?“ enjoywhatIdo.”83%Doctor10%Lawyer8%Teacher7%of GCSE and A levelstudents know whatthey want to doA. IndustriesB. RolesC. EmployersAB CPrestigeStudents say traditional professions are the most popularAnd the employers they mentionmost are big, well-known brandsBut…StabilityOpportunitiesto progress34%can’t name a specificemployer they wouldwant to work for75%don’t get the careersadvice they’re lookingfor at school42%browse news sitesfor careers-relatedinformation34%would talkto a parentbutonly16%would talk to acareers advisor45%say they readcareers blogsThey’re highly connectedspend over 10 hoursa week online74%are frequentdual screeners78%browse using amobile phone.2 3rdsStudent Beans, “Youth Insight Report”, 2012-13.They worry about the future“I’ve seen how difficultit’s been for my olderbrother trying to finda decent graduate job.We all know it’s reallydifficult out there.”Student, state school, 16 years oldThey’re self-reliant and matureAgree that it is ultimately downto you whether you succeed in life.54%42%Want to own a house.2%Want to be famous.Rough Hill, “The Youth of Today”, 2013.